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First casks in 3 months! Feels like longer. #indianapaleale #casketale #esbcbrews

This UK beer Facebook group was not amused. #ukbeer #beer #craftbeer #casketale #hopsareapreservative

Today's cask: Stony Joe on coconut primed with chocolate syrup! #cocochocojoejoe #casketale #stonycreekbeer #CTbeer #craftingbeerdaily

The Devonshire Arms casket ale. True metal beer!! 🎉
#thedevonshirearms #casketale #thedev #camden #camdentown

Stolen from @ocbeerblog. What do you guys think?


This message wasn't sent to me. I honestly don't even know what the level of trolling was so this response is out of context, but I would suggest blocking them maybe? There are plenty of things you can do to stop trolls. This isn't one of them. This is how you make more trolls. You don't have to worry about getting them wet or feeding them after midnight, but definitely don't respond. @wickedweedbrewing #wickedweedbrewing Edit: ‪I'm told that this was in response to a joke about WW having Clydesdales and beechwood‬

There are two types of people in this world. Draft and draught. You think you're fancy? Fuck off.


There are no mirrors at GBH

What are you waiting for?

Some interesting feedback on the @sonsbeer untappd #sonsbeer

I don't post a lot of beer pics because nobody gives a shit what I'm drinking. I try to keep that on my story, but I have to make an exception here, because something happened I've been begging for. We're finally starting to get some legit #labeer 6 packs. I love grabbing the occasional bomber, but I need to stock my frig. I'm a serious beer drinker. This isn't a hobby bro. I don't have one beer a week because I want to get crazy. I need a bit of volume and until now I've been filling that void with Pizza Port. Don't get me wrong, still love that brewery, but I'm a local first kind of guy and I plan on upping the volume of @esbcbrews I drink tremendously. The only question now is can they keep up with our demand.

@scofflawbeer has an interesting relationship with their customers.

Here we see how our alien overlords at InBev consume craft beer. @bluepointbrewing #bluepointbrewing @businessinsider #businessinsider

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