The reviews are in for GRBs new hazy beer

‪Not only a legend, but the cofounder of one of the @LABrewers breweries @BraveryBrewing

‪This came from the comments on GI’s post about being “Official craft beer partner of the White Sox”‬ ‪I’ve been trying to figure out what @GooseIsland means by this. Maybe @RevBrewChicago can tell us? ‬

You have to know the law. Even the dumb ones.

This is the same ZY Ventures that invested in @readoctober. One more reason not to support @readoctober or @goodbeerhunting for that matter.

Stay in your car

Love these labels by @breaksidebrews

Well, this happened...

If you’re in the in the LA/OC/SD area and you’re looking for something to do next weekend check out @firkfest. It’s put on by my buddy @ocbeerblog and it’s one of the most unique beer fests you could ever go to. Check it out! I’ve been and I really enjoy it. It’s not super crowded, the brewery list is great, and the casks are made special for this event. #thisisnotapaidadvertisement #firkfest #casketale #thatshowitsspelled

Tonight I’m drinking a beer from @esbcbrews #esbcbrews called “gotta get it”. Aside from the spelling errors this #indianapaleale isn’t bad. It’s not very pale, but I’ve grown to be forgiving in my old age. I was a little afraid to buy this beer because it has drug references on it (@dopeanddank). I don’t know how that relates to beer. I called the police and they seemed upset when they showed up to the liquor store. They said there was nothing illegal about I so I bought it. #ultimatebeerexpertrating 6/20 which as you know is incredibly high. I can tell the hops were mashed well and it has notes of carbonation. It doesn’t smell like dope so that’s a plus. #elsegundobrewing #beer #craftbeer #beerporn #craftbeerporn #beertography #photography #professionalphotographer #beerstagram #instabeer #jesuswasagreatamerican #casketale #educateyourself #yourpicssuck #worstbeerblog

There was probably already a line outside

Edit: just found out that this was at @madewestbeer. I saw it on reddit and it had no source.

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