Hey guys!! Just thought I'd share this yummy @foragerproject plain cashewgurt parfait with a crumbled pb and j muffin, mango, banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, cacao nibs, and choc chips which I forgot to add until after;)🍌🥜🥄🍫while I take a break from homework/procrastinate ahah😅😉do you guys have any tips to get homework done without procrastinating!?😂🙏

#mondaymorning #whiskeyglasses repurposed for #dairyfree breakfast ••• #portioncontrol looks like a cup to me ••• #maplepecan flax crunch #gingerhemp #granola #cherries🍒 and #cashewgurt ••• @micheles_granola @naturespathorganic @foragerproject ••• if I stage it on a blue plate, does that make it a #blueplatespecial ?

#Cashewgurt. It's...not awful. I taste a faint hint of cashew. The things you only find at #GroceryOutlet. #YogurtAlternative

☼ Another beautiful Sunday, another beautiful breakfast ☼
Weekends are a such fun time to get creative with new breakfast ideas if your normal oats on the go is boring you during the week. It has been on the weekends that I have discovered more delicious (and simple) vegan breakfasts that give me the #plantbased fuel to tackle Monday morning! This delicious combo of flavors is not only #weightloss friendly but also keeps me satisfied for hours into the morning! Don’t get me wrong, smoothies will probably always be my ride or die breakfast, but especially if you are newly transitioning to the vegan lifestyle and asking yourself, “What about my greek yogurt I have for breakfast?” I got you covered with this one! 👍🏻
YUMMY cherry berry yogurt with a crunch recipe: 🍒 ❂ 1 cup plain non-dairy yogurt of choice (this recipe will have other sweet flavors mixed in so I recommend cutting down on sugar by going with a plain yogurt- @foragerproject cashewgurt is my absolute fave & it’s so versatile!)
❂ 1 TBSP ground flaxseed (make sure to get ground, as whole flaxseed doesn’t get digested by the body)
❂ 2 TBSP vegan granola of choice (there are TONS of options on the market nowadays, I like @purely_elizabeth because it is also grain-free & sweetened with coconut sugar not cane sugar)
❂ aprox. 1/2 cup fresh raspberries
❂ aprox. 1/2 cup fresh cherries (chopped in half, pitted)
❂ sprinkle of cacao nibs

Place yogurt into a small/ medium size bowl. Top with flax, granola, cacao nibs, raspberries, & cherries. Stir & enjoy! (after your take a ‘gram pic of course) 💁🏼‍♀️
This is something SO easy that you can take out the door with you to work or school (it took me about 5 minutes to put together) and will help start your day right with your #healthgoals all while being #vegan! What more could you ask for!?

Testar ett nytt recept på cashewnöts -yoghurt med vår levande bakteriekultur och Äppelcidervinäger med moder! #reneevoltaire #cashewgurt #plantbased #godabakterier #probiotics

✨RECIPE OF THE WEEK✨ Strawberry Cashewgurt® Popsicles 🍓
Ingredients: •2 cups vanillaCashewgurt® •2 cups diced fresh strawberries •3 tablespoons honey •¼ tsp fine sea salt •2–3 extra strawberries, to slice into rounds for garnish, if desired •Special equipment: Popsicle molds.

1. In a blender place 1 cup strawberries, Cashewgurt®, honey, and sea salt and blend for 1 minute until smooth.

Place a strawberry slices in popsicle molds.

3. Fill each cup 3/4 of the way full with the strawberry Cashewgurt® mixture and place them in the freezer.

4 . Let freeze for 4–6 hours. #Forager100ways

I promise, there are #proteinwaffles under there somewhere 🍽🍓🙈 .
#strawberryseason is the best season ☝🏼FYI .
squeeeeeezed a lottttt of good good in these monsters! 😍 sources tagged ♥️ #stayvital #paleowaffles #cashewgurt #pbfit #seedyoursoul #mammachia

I can’t tell you how much I love grocery shopping...I mean LOVE it. 💕💕💕 In middle school/junior high my dad would drop me off and let me shop for the family. I have a dear friend who hates it and I would totally shop for her too if only we lived closer. It’s a game of discovery and creativity (Oooohhh! What can I make with that?) and it’s one of my favorite parts of the week. It’s a weird sort of therapy that Zens me out and puts me in “the zone.” (It could be the twilight zone. You can judge.) Alright, that’s enough quirk sharing for now. #eatmoreplants #organicproduce #plantpowered #vegan #veganism #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #longevity #cashewgurt #udisglutenfree

Happy hour can start earlier when it’s healthy 😉 #foragerproject

I love @foragerproject’s Dairy-Free #Cashewgurt!

YASSS!!!! I have been working on eating healthier (I had a donut yesterday😂) but I love yogurt! And this, this is the best "yogurt" I have ever had!!!! Its #cashewgurt by @foragerproject ! Seriously, so good and healthy!! Plus, it has #probiotics
I bought mine at safeway, I highly recommend you go buy some.
#organic #dairyfree #probiotics #cashewgurt #thisistheshit #sogood#healthyliving #usdaapproved #plantbased #soexcitedrightnow #ineedmore #gobuysomenow

🎶 I am Chi-chia Banana and I come to say, bananas have to ripen in the usual way 🎶
I like to think Carmen Miranda would be proud of this use of bananas in a #chiapudding , though I can’t say she’d be thrilled about dancing around with it on her head... But, what do I know?
Anyhow, it’s delicious and good for a day when you want something a little sweeter than usual for #breakfast but that will still give you sustained energy like the #warrior you are. 💃 #totallygrody #fruitfirst #fruitandfat .
The goodies inside:
#foragers #cashewgurt / #chiaseeds / #banana / #blueberries / and #coconutshreds .
#nutritioncoach #fruitforbreakfast #fatforbreakfast #plantbased #plantbasednutrition #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree #glutenfreevegan #healthyeating #cleaneating #healthyfats #goodfats

My morning setup 🌱☀️🤩
Loving this book so far, it feels like I haven’t read a book since high school so I’m trying to read more because I miss it 😓 anyone have good book recommendations?
#vegan #morning #healthy #cashewgurt #is #meh #preferalmondmilkgurt #books #reading #inspo #fitness #swag #peace

decisions, decisions 🍓... #cashewgurt

@foragerproject cashew based yogurt is super delicious. i bought a vanilla and a blueberry flavored to try. they're more like mini drinkable yogurt cups in my opinion because it's not as thick as some other types of yogurt, however I'm totally okay with that. Super creamy and delicious. 😊🌱 drizzled some on mini pancakes and basically just drinking the rest on the side 😂💕

Coconut cream + mango with a hint of lemon and powered with chia seeds. Enough said. 😋

Today’s bowl is açaí, coconut flakes, fresh berries nuts!!! All in abed if Cashew Greeklike yogurt. I was perfect morning fuel! 💪🏼❤️.

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