Jadilah cantik. Jadilah yang menarik 😊

Dan kamu pasti tau kan say kalau cowok itu bakal lebih tertarik sama cewek yg punya bodi bagus. Yang cewek pun pasti lebih iri lihat boobs kamu yg montok itu 😘
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Banking Giant Says That The Blockchain Is Almost A Must For All Businesses

In an interview with CNBCl yesterday, the head of Swiss banking giant UBS, Sergio Ermotti, discussed with the news outlet the importance of blockchain technology, referring to it as “almost a must” for virtually all businesses. He added that the blockchain can help companies to be more efficient, resulting in lower costs for many of their operations. He recognized the blockchain as being “a great” way to increase efficiencies, while admitting that any technology can help organizations free up resources.

Understand That The Right To Choose Your Own Path Is A Sacred Privilege Use It Dwell In Possibility



🛎 Bravo à nos gagnants pour cette première ChasseRoyale !
@bryan__batachee remporte la somme de 200€ pour avoir trouvé le coffre caché sur la place du Général De Gaulle à la Libération! 💶💶. Bravo à tous pour votre participation, une nouvelle chasse sera organisée prochainement !😎

1. To set and reach financial goals. Once you understand the overall picture of your finances--specifically, identifying how money flows in and out of your life--you can better see how to reach your financial goals. Start by collecting bank, credit card, and income statements for the past six to 12 months. Determine, on average, how much you spend monthly, and break down spending into categories like food, gas, entertainment, monthly household bills, insurance, debt payments, medical expenses, and savings.

2. To spend according to your priorities. If you're in the dark about how much you spend and where you spend it, changing you habits will be difficult. And even if you're financially comfortable, a budget can help you identify unnecessary expenditures and deduce ways to redirect funds towards your priorities. For example, if you don't realize you spend $80 per month on lattes, it will be much harder to break that habit and apply that money toward a priority, such as saving for retirement.
Most importantly, if you're trying to get out of debt, it's essential to budget your limited funds to make debt payoff a priority. To cut back on expenses, you need to first see where your money is going so you can then limit yourself to a specific amount per spending category and utilize a method, such as the envelope budgeting system, to be sure you don't overspend.

3. To build wealth. Once you have a clear view of your overall financial picture, you can shift your focus to aggressively eliminating debts and building wealth. Once I solved my personal debt issues, I was already in the habit of putting a certain amount monthly toward debt. So rather than change that habit, I simply redirected those funds toward my savings.

4. To plan for retirement. Though technically an aspect of building wealth, retirement planning is so vital to your future that it warrants special attention. A recent Harris poll showed that 34 percent of Americans have no retirement savings, and many of those that do have a retirement fund don't contribute enough.

5. For peace of mind. If you don't have a budget, you might not know whether you can afford a new flat-screen TV, a new car, or any other

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"WSOP low stakes action" Sat in this game for about 1.5 hours before grabbing a late dinner. And a very unexpected game occurred. Left while the mega fish/whale/spot/goldmine tried to reload another $1500

As a poker player, it hurted my soul to leave this game with him still having that much cash. And the fact he nuked like $2k in the hour I was with him made it go against my very fiber

This was at 1/2 LOL

But I convinced myself with some cheesey shit. Friends may not always be around. But fish will. Or something to that extent


The previous post will have a close estimate of my WSOP results so far. An updated one maybe tonight

Tomorrow night @liquidblue757 #SmokinFlamez Battle Rap Contest #Cash prize hosted by @king_panda757 @imaragabe @matt.williams2012 & @iamnueladik soundtrack By @generalxo powed by @panda_gang_currency_llc special invited Guest Dancers @tattiiedbeauty & @miss_freckles757 bring out that bagg it's going to be crazy $7 Duesse & $2 Paul Mason all night last week was crazy #DontMissItGetWitIt #pandagang🐼 #BaggSeason🎒💰🎒 #BattleRap🎙️#BrownSuga #Freckelz #LiquidBlue #StripClubTrappin

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