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I loved meeting so many #Caseynators 😭😍 w/ @nathantriska

We've reached one million #Caseynators together💙 Can't wait for the rest of our adventures to come🌟💯

I absolutely adore meeting you #Caseynators ❤️ What designs would you like to see on #Caseynator merchandise??😍

I just wanted to take a post to appreciate all of you #Caseynators out there.😘 Thank you for supporting me and each other.❤️ You mean the world to me.🌎 I always want you to know, that you are special, you are loved, and I #Love You.💖 Here's to the #Caseynator family that keeps on growing!😍

I love meeting you #Caseynators!💙❤️💚

Had a blast at the #KCAS (Casey - Ayeeess😂) and even though we didn't win this year #Caseynators, that's OK. Thank you to everyone who voted :)). I LOVE YOUUU

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the #IHEARTCASEYSIMPSON giveaway!😍💯 We had so much fun together✨💕 #Caseynators now have their own game!!😁 Sadly, we could only choose 10 winners, but I loved seeing all of your entries😘
First Place goes to @Casey.is.my.smile for beating the game, making an photo edit and leaving a 5-Star Review!😻 You'll soon be getting a personal video message from #me, a signed photo from the whole NRDD cast, a BFF on musical.ly, (if you have one) this shoutout😂 a spam of likes, and a comment.❤️ In 2nd place, we have the lovely @haley.taylorschlitz for her terrific video edits, her 5-Star review, and beating the game!😍 You'll soon be receiving a personal video message, a BFF on musical.ly, this shoutout😂👍🏼, a spam of likes and a comment!😘 For third place we have the loyal #Caseynator @__maatilde__!💗 You will soon be getting a brand new pair of BEATS HEADPHONES!!!😱 In 4th, @karen_natalia_avila!😻 Soon you'll be getting a photo signed from the WHOLE NRDD CAST!!😱
For fifth place, who better than @caseynator.of.casey.simpson!😋 You'll soon receive a spam of likes along with this shoutout!😘💕 6th place goes to the one and only @yikai_5337 who will soon get a BFF on Musical.ly!😍😍😍 7th place the wonderful Olya!😻@ilovecaseysimpson_
8th place is for the terrific Gabriela!😘 @gabylopez2511 9th place is reserved for one of my favorite pages, @caseyland3!💙 Lastly, tenth place goes to Aurora who is the only one on this list to be the winner of TWO contests!!😁🎊🎁💕😘 @_casey4ever_ Should I do another giveaway/contest? Tweet me that I should on my Twitter @caseysimpson for a ReTweet!😘 If enough Caseynators think I should, I will!!😍😻

#saturdaymorning fun project with #friends .....

Just added a whole page dedicated to #Caseynators on CaseySimpson.com and 'lil Casey thinks you should check em out!😍❤️#tbt #TB #throwbackthursday #throwback

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Waiting for Casey to post something or a Musically like:



#truecaseynator #caseynators #caseynatorfamily #caseynators4ever #caseynator

Awe! They found "Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library!" 😂💜

@caseysimpson @missjaydenb

#truecaseynator #caseynators #caseynatorfamily #caseynators4ever #caseynator

When you see someone who like you @caseysimpson and @breannayde and #caseynators cute pic

When your sister tell you do not use my shirt 👚 from the closets and she said only one ☝️ and it was my favorite shirt 👚 but she ruined it and I was so little mad 😡 but I was like use my small clothes and she no so she use his big shirt 👚 from his closet and and then she was scared 😳 if she gotta wear his clothes but she did and tried it on and it fit and she brought it to her school and in her classroom was looking at her shirt 👚 and her friends was like it that your brother shirt 👚 she said yes but nobody care but there were best friends forever as long time that @caseysimpson and #caseynators okay 👌 story on this

Tomorrow omg 😲 new wallpaper on my room so watch ⌚️ everyone else here and I love ❤️ you @caseysimpson and #caseynators

Look 👀 at that face #caseynators so cute everyday @caseysimpson more are coming today

I love ❤️ your face oppression @caseysimpson and #caseynators two more I think 💭

When your mom go crazy 😜 when she is dancing 💃🏼 on the table and she always makes me emotional 😭 and embarrassed 😩 when she dose that but okay 👌 just pretend that not my mom and just a random person @caseysimpson and #caseynators

Why so serious @caseysimpson and @breannayde and #caseynators I love you 😘 all kids

Omg 😲 that face of @caseysimpson so cute #caseynators more are coming today

When your so excited 😆 for the new post on @caseysimpson and @breannayde and #caseynators more are coming today

When you know what time is for your friends to come overnight and your parents let you go live stream today with your best friends in the holiday spirit and you we're happy 😊 and it was so fun and funny 😂 at the same place and @caseysimpson and @breannayde and #caseynators too

When your mom told you your going to meet @caseysimpson and others #caseynators

@caseysimpson doing his homework 📚 in school with this friends and others friends from #caseynators more are coming today

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