Nice combination of Caryopteris and Pennisetum #caryopteris #caryopterisheavenlyblue #pennisetum

For some of us, there’s just no such thing as “window shopping” at a garden center.... #fallplantingseason #caryopteris #springbulbs

As I said on my last post, it looks very much as if the sunflowers are having conversations with the plants below after the heavy winds have toppled them. This one seems to be listening intently to what the caryopteris is saying.

It's been so good to be able to get outside in the garden for a little while, I feel a bit more like I can breathe again. The last week has had some really lovely moments with friends and family but has been another time of transition with Uni terms starting for both boys, and really busy. The eldest is living at home this time so the adjustment doesn't feel so hard, but I always miss their company when they're not around. I know many parents are feeling exactly the same!
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#enjoythelittlethings #myquietbeauty
#inasoftlight #natureandflourish

Caryopteris adding a gorgeous bit of colour to one of the gardens I look after #caryopteris #latecolour #plantoftheday #lilacorblue

Nogle gange glemmer jeg, hvor lang havesæsonen efter sommerferien er. Kryber i sweateren, brygger te og tusser rundt indendørs. Men i dag er der nu dejligt ude, og så er det rart at have nogle blomster at kigge til. Her er det blåskæg i knop, som med sin klare blå farve og grå blade er lidt atypisk blandt efterårets gule, brune, røde nuancer. // Sometimes I forget how much is left of the garden season after the summer vacation. Put on a sweater, make tea and stay indoors. But today is beautiful, and it’s nice to still have flowers in the garden. This is bluebeard with its atypical colour among the red, yellows and browns of autumn. #blåskæg #bluebeard #caryopteris #blomstrendebuske #floweringshrubs #efterårsblomster #autumnflowers #ditteshave #dittesgarden

Summer is coming to an end but there is still lots of colour out there in the gardens I look after.
Selected today's favourites from a #crouchend garden.
#dahlia mystic illusion

Caryopteris incana 'Blue Cascade'

When the garden got redesigned after the builders had finished ruining what was there to begin with, making it a bee and insect friendly garden was a primary aim. So thrilled then to see the bees well and truly buzzing in and out of this late summer flowering Caryopteris. It’s a simple pleasure but makes the graft that went into the garden feel so worth while.
#BeeFriendlyGarden #InsectFriendlyGarden #Caryopteris #LateSummerFlowers #BusyBees #SimplePleasures #NoviceGardner

Erinnerung an einen spätsommerlichen Tag im Garten...

Caryopteris. Late summer blooming deciduous shrub. Needs well draining soil as roots will easily rot. Beautiful 2-3 ft tall semi mounding shape in the garden. #inmygardentoday #fallblooms #caryopteris

Adoro il blu viola che regala il suo fiore. Il Caryopteris x clandonensis, con la sua fioritura tardo estiva, attira molto gli insetti impollinatori, quindi ho pensato che dovesse avere uno spazio nel mio balcone. È un arbusto di piccole dimensioni, ma dà molto in giardino. Un altro motivo per cui mi piace, è per il suo fogliame fortemente aromatico e il verde chiaro della pagina inferiore fogliare. Alcuni ibridi di Caryopteris non tollerano molto il freddo, ma hanno alcuni hanno colori intensi e foglie variegate. Lo consiglio molto per un giardino mediterraneo, infatti resiste bene alle temperature alte e alla salsedine. Io l’associato alla Lagerstroemia, Iris germanica, rosmarino strisciante e tanta gaura. Un tocco violaceo perfetto. 🌾 🇬🇧 I love the purple blue that gives its flower. The Caryopteris x clandonensis, with its late summer flowering, attracts pollinating insects, so I thought it should have a space in my balcony. It’s a small shrub, but gives a lot in the garden. Another reason why I like it, is because of its strongly aromatic foliage and the light green of the leaf lower page. Some Caryopteris hybrids don’t tolerate very cold, but some have intense colors and variegated leaves. I recommend it very much for a Mediterranean garden, in fact it resists well to high temperatures and saltiness. I associate Lagerstroemia, Iris germanica, creeping rosemary and so much gaura. A perfect violet touches.

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