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Once upon a time in Eternia, there was a blacksmith who worked hard but remained poor. As many of the armorers and forgers in the land used magic to create superior weapons, his lack of these advanced skills made it harder for him to compete and survive. In his desperation he stole some scrolls from the archives of the city’s high priests. These were essentially worthless without the magical knowledge to use them and even then, the spells were merely designed to assist with improving farming yields. The elite class of priests was powerful enough in the city to elicit information that implicated the blacksmith in the theft, and he was to be punished and cast out for his crimes. As retribution, the inflexible priests removed the blacksmith’s left hand and had him whipped in the town square till his back skin was bloody and frayed. He was then left lashed to the post in the city center for a week and his skin reacted and grew tough and spiked. When he was released and cast out, he wandered through the Sands of Time toward the dark lands, where there were rumors of a powerful wizard, “the faceless one” who helped those in need, for a price. When the blacksmith finally arrived he offered the magic scrolls as payment to the wizard for helping the him to take revenge on the cruel priests. The faceless one laughed, burned the scrolls and made the blacksmith a different offer. “You have seen my true face, and so you must join my army or be destroyed. But if you join me, I will give you the power to take your revenge.” The blacksmith did not hesitate to accept, and in a flash of vile smoke and dark power, his stumped arm was replaced with a magic trident, his hide was covered in un-piercable, spiked armor and his body was filled with rage-driven strength. His intelligence was the sacrifice, and from then on, the spiked monster of a man forgot how to make and fix things and his drive to destroy was second only to his will to follow the orders of his new master.

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Funsize World Cup! The funsize bunch does parodies or reenacts moments from the world cup.

March day 1: Mexico vs Germany. Mexico stuns a complacent german squad.
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