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Looking for an awesome supplement?
Heart health! Astma and pain relief! Fertility boost! Bone health! How about all of it? Ours contains tumeric and New Zealand Green lipped muscle extract!
Green Lipped Mussels contain a type of carbohydrate complex that prevents neutrophils from attacking the body’s cells. Inflammation is a process which various body cells, including neutrophils can neutralize foreign viruses or bacteria by causing ill effects on the body. During this process, neutrophils also destroy innocent bystanders (like Yosemite Sam -no regard, just attack.) Also adjacent host cells can have resultant damage to body tissues. (Too much is never good, like neutrophils.) The Green Lipped Mussel IS ABLE to supress the inflammatory process, PARTICULARLY in chronic inflammatory conditions like #rheumatoidarthritis, #osteoarthritis and #bronchialasthma!
Maybe you could say sayonara to your inhaler or rheumatoid meds. *Arthritis: Green lipped mussels have potent anti-inflammatory properties due to "the inhibition of metabolism of #arachidonicacid and reduced formation of prostaglandins and leukotrienes. The rich polyunsaturated fatty acid content also inhibits lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase enzymes. They also contain #chondroitinsulphate which is the major component of #cartilagematrix and #synovialfluid." Asthma: "#Leukotrienes are the chemicals that mediate inflammation in #asthmatics. They produce bronchospasms and cause increased mucus secretion and permeability of the microvasculature. This results in infiltration of inflammatory cells such as #eosinophils and #neutrophils into the airway." It can reduce day-time wheezing and #peakexpiratoryflow (PEF). *Cancer: "notable reducution in chemotherapy-induced intestinal mucositis." *Dysmenorrhoea:" Green lipped mussel extract is used as an adjunct to standard therapy with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in controlling dysmenorrhoea. It modifies the spontaneous and oxytocin-induced uterine contractions reducing pain due to menstruation." So many more I can't list! If you want to know the whole list, contact me!
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