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Good thing I checked the label: Farmland Fresh Dairy #heavycream contains #carrageenan #boohiss #truthinadvertising #readthelabel

Health Ingredients 2017, jakarta 22-24 maret
Yang mau datang langsung saja mampir, gratis
Ada kapsul rumput laut dan edible plastik, plus bagi2 jelly sachet gratis
#cphi2017 #seaweed #carrageenan #exhibition

Saliendo para el picnic... siempre me gusta experimentar haciendo algo nuevo, esta vez unas tortillas #Glutenfree con #Carrageenan y unas #BolitasEnergeticas

My kind of art! 🌴🍌 Slicing all these goodies up as I'm working on an upcoming blog post featuring all my fav parfait recipes that include the ingredient #carrageenan which I'll be talking about #ad #pmedia #foodsciencematters

When your carrageenan is shot but you carry on marbling anyway and you get interesting results! #marbledpaper #carrageenan #handmarbled

@Regrann from @naturalfxskin - *SORRY NOT SORRY* 👉WHAT NOT TO BUY AT TRADER JOE’S by Foodbabe 👉Charles Shaw Wine, otherwise known as “2 buck chuck” – It’s so poor in quality, some experts call this stuff “grape-flavored soda” and compare it to what “Ronald McDonald is to the cheeseburger.” This wine is not made in a winery rather, “this wine is made in a factory, with a lot of synthetic and concentrated products, like grape musk, added to manipulate the flavors from bad grapes.” (Stick to organic wine with no detected or added sulfites)
👉Non-Trader Joe’s brands that likely contain GMO ingredients like Simply Lite, Reddi Egg, Dare, Orangina, The Laughing Cow, Morningstar, Toffutti, Think Thin Bars, Toblerone, Kashi, Barbara’s Bakery, Annie Chun’s and Power Crunch
👉Trader Joe’s branded products or other processed products that contain high-risk GMO crop ingredients like corn, soy, cottonseed, papaya, sugar, canola, zucchini/squash (A majority of their products contain one or more of these ingredients, until they can be fully transparent, I would not trust them.)
👉Pre-packaged meals like sandwiches, salads, and sushi – many of these items contain ingredients you definitely don’t want to be eating, like cellulose (wood pulp), or imitation crab meat. Additionally, there’s way too much sodium added to these meals and they can give you a serious case of water-weight bloat and bubble gut.
👉Trader Joe’s branded dairy, yogurt, or eggs, because they are likely produced from animals fed GMO corn and soy and can contain antibiotics
👉Non Trader Joe’s branded dairy, yogurt, or eggs because they could contain (cancer causing) rBST growth hormone, GMOs and antibiotics
👉Non-organic meat or dairy, Trader Joe’s still allows antibiotics and other harmful chemicals – like autolyzed yeast extract (a hidden form of MSG) in their meat.
👉The most important thing to remember when shopping at Trader Joe’s or anywhere else for that matter, is to read the ingredient lists. Trader Joe’s still allows harmful #petroleum- based artificial coloring, artificial flavors, #carrageenan, and other questionable ingredients to creep into their stores via other brands...

Leigh and Tina representing @lushdublin at an event last night organised by @cleancoasts . The girls were speaking about the benefits of all of the different types of #seaweed we use in our products. Did you know that our #carrageenan seaweed is handpicked once a week on the beach shore of Poole? Pop in store to try some of these beautiful products for yourself! 🌊🌊🌊

But what about #carrageenan they say. Okay let's see
death, murder, rape, puss and blood or carrageenan 🤔 I'll take the carrageenan. Many are also carrageenan free or if you have the time, you can make your own! 💖💗💖

Pet peeve: when you buy things you think are healthy and they're not. Carrageenan can be found in lots of organic-labeled foods. So what? @cornucopiainstitute says:
You Don’t Have to Eat Carrageenan: Finding Alternatives to a Toxic Food
#Carrageenan is a common food additive extracted from red seaweed. For the past four decades, scientists have warned that the use of carrageenan in food is not safe. Animal studies have repeatedly shown that food-grade carrageenan causes gastrointestinal inflammation and higher rates of intestinal lesions, ulcerations, and even malignant tumors.

Despite the evidence showing the risks in eating carrageenan, it’s still approved for use in organic food where it’s most often used as a stabilizer. It’s an ingredient in many dairy products including ice cream, cheese, yogurt , sour cream, whipping cream and chocolate milk. You’ll also find it in nondairy milks including soy, almond, coconut and rice milk. Processed lunchmeats like chicken and turkey can contain carrageenan, and it’s often also found in canned soups, frozen dinners and frozen pizzas.

Where is carrageenan not found?

Well, first off, it’s not in most minimally processed foods. So if you can make something yourself, you greatly reduce your risk of exposure to carrageenan. Still, be on the look out for seemingly simple ingredients such as milk, sour cream or yogurt. The USDA organic seal is not protection from carrageenan.

Shocked to find that so many organic foods contained carrageenan, we did a lot of digging to identify products and brands that avoid it. We put together a comprehensive shopping guide that gives you a detailed look at the organic products that contain carrageenan and those alternatives that do not. [links to these resources on the On Air with Ella Facebook page]


Foods You Should Never Eat

Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

Will Clower, PhD, author of Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

The Problem: The health benefits of coffee are pretty impressive, so don't go throwing them away by splashing non-dairy creamer in your morning joe. Fake creamers are full of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, including liver-damaging high-fructose corn syrup, inflammatory hydrogenated oils that would never exist in nature, and artificial flavors.

The Solution: Drink your coffee black, or if you want to add cream, opt for organic from #grassfedcows or organic #unsweetenedcoconutmilk without the food additive #carrageenan.

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Amost done :D..last day of carrageenan rheological analysis. #research #lablife #carrageenan #analysis #fortheloveofscience

Hey @simpletruth4u -- I love your brand mostly, but #carrageenan is about the worst thing you can add to #coconutmilk -- please consider going #carrageenanfree
#simpletruth #Kroger #organic @krogerco
#boughtthecarrageenanfreemilkfromyourcompetitor Thanks @so_delicious #sodelicious

In need of carrageenan for marbling? Look no further! Mermaid Patterns has you covered. See shop for details. #carrageenan #marbling #mermaidpatterns #ebru #marblingpaper #marblingartist #painting

Currently experimenting with #dairyfree options for #coffee. Ain't nobody got time to drink it black, but also: ain't nobody got time to get #inflammation in the #gut.
What's your favorite nondairy coffee helper? Bonus if it's #soy free and #carrageenan free as well 🙌
#byebyemilk #hellohealthy #losetheinflammation #guthealth

Carrageenans is extracted from red edible seaweeds. Is widely used in the food industry, for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties.
Although is derived from a natural source, it appears to be particularly destructive to the digestive system, triggering an immune response similar to that your body has when invaded by pathogens like Salmonella. The result: “It predictably causes inflammation, which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding especially if consumed regularly.

Los carragenina se extrae de algas comestibles rojas. Es ampliamente utilizado en la industria alimentaria, por sus propiedades de gelificación, espesamiento y estabilización.
Aunque se deriva de una fuente natural, puede causar problemas para el sistema digestivo, provocando una respuesta inmune similar a la que tu cuerpo tiene cuando es invadido por patógenos como Salmonella. El resultado: causa inflamación, que puede conducir a ulceraciones y sangrado especialmente si se consume regularmente.
#choosewisely #eligesaludable #healthytips #vidasana #fittips #vidasaludable #eatclean #carrageenan #rightingredients #readnutritionlabels #nutrition

¿Sí les dijimos que WICCA 🐷tiene destellos dorados ✨ y que es lo más refrescante ❄️para mitigar el calor ☀️? Para el cuerpo, cara o cabello, #jellyshower #vegan de anís estrella y #teatreeoil. Todas las ganancias van directo a @santuariolaf 💖⚡️🐇

Did you know?

#Fastfood #milkshakes contain seaweed, in the form of an extract called #carrageenan, a #thickener and #emulsifier that keeps the #butterfat in the shake from separating out. According to research conducted at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, food-grade carrageenan is associated with conditions ranging from #stomach problems to #cancer😳 Additionally, they found that exposure to this additive causes #inflammation, and in turn that #chronic inflammation opened the door for a host of other issues like #heart disease, #Alzheimer’s, and #Parkinson’s. In fact, carrageenan used to be used by researchers to cause inflammation so that they could test the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs. Carrageenan is found everywhere, from packaged #nut and soy products (like in Almond Breeze, Pacific), #ice-creams, lunchmeat & processed #cheese, to #toothpaste! And if you’re thinking, I don’t eat any #toothpaste when I brush my teeth so what’s the big deal? Well, your skin is an #organ and one of the most absorbent ones at that, which includes the skin in your #mouth.
#readyourlabels #fdaapproved #wth #😡 #angry #gutproblems

Making business cards with Alex Hackett for the 'Postcards from the Anthropocene' conference we will be participating in. Using our handmade Carrageen stamp!#projectcarrageenan #carrageen #carrageenan #art #businesscards #diy #stamping #ink #contemporaryart

¿calor? ☀️😰 Tenemos el remedio perfecto: WICCA, #showerjelly #vegan de agar agar y irish moss, perfumada con anís estrella y árbol de té y unos toques luminosos ✨ Las ganancias van directo a @santuariolaf 🐖🐄🐓🐐🐇🐁 🍮🚿🌱💚 #animalrights

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