❝ I think there was an extreme depth in her that attracted John, and the whole world, too—a hidden treasure that we’ll never, ever know. ❞ — Gabriela Hearst

❝ Something not from this earth in a way. Her big, blue eyes, her features, her nose, her hands, everything—she was very, very ethereal. People who knew her said that she was much more beautiful in person than in any of the pictures we’ve seen of her. ❞ — Gabriela Hearst

❝ John was ecstatic in Carolyn’s company. He could not stop touching her, running his fingers through her hair ❞

NEW YORK - - September 1995, the launch of George 🎈

Jackie Onassis with Caroline and John Jr. arriving for Reception at JFK Library in 1991.
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❝ Jackie worried more about John than she did about Caroline, who matured quickly and was very influenced by her father. Jackie paid special attention to John. ❞ — Yusha Auchincloss

John gives a speech during the 1988 Democratic National Convention.
❝ Over a quarter century ago, my father stood before you to accept the nomination for the presidency of the United States, So many of you came into public service because of him. In the very real sense, because of you he is with us still, and for that I'm grateful to all of you. ❞ — John F. Kennedy Jr

Dance the night away ❤️

John and Carolyn at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 1999.

John Jr with his niece Rose and sister Caroline, 1994.

John and Carolyn share a quiet moment at the Hilton, NYC 1996.

❝ He was a natural leader, and people gravitated toward him. Yet, he remained unaffected by all the adulation and attention. Above all, he was kind. ❞ — Wendy Leigh

❝ It’s good to remember Carolyn, She would not want to be forgotten. Both she and John made a difference in their friends’ lives. ❞ — RoseMarie Terenzio

❝ Carolyn’s easy posture said it all: standing with her legs crossed, she held her small, black patent-leather Prada purse behind her back with one hand, while absentmindedly twisting a lock of hair with the other. She wasn’t trying too hard. In fact, she wasn’t trying at all. ❞ — RoseMarie Terenzio

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