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🕷️The Ending Is the Beginning 🕷️
"They say the measure of a man is based on his fight, not whether he picks one or does not. Personally, I think philosophy is shit. I just write the crap I see and turn it in for a paycheck." The scruffy reporter named Eddie Brock spoke into his TracFone, it was all the Daily Bugle employee could afford at the time. He made minimum wage while being sent on jobs that would equate to taking pictures of a cat stuck in a tree or two geezers playing a game of chess in Central Park. Finding substantially paying jobs when starting out was an arduous task indeed. Especially when your boss is J. Jonah Jameson and the one getting his attention was the scrawny Peter Parker. He was getting the unadulterated attention of not only Jameson, but the highest paying weekly gig; taking pictures of the vigilante Spider-Man. At least, that's what Jameson labeled him as. However, under Jameson's nose, Eddie had a chance to break out a massive story involving illegal symbiote tests. Being so convinced, that he convinced veteran Daily Bugle reporter, Ben Urich, to get on the trail with him. However, Urich needed more convincing. "Fine, fine, you want proof.. tonight, I go to Trask Industries. Do a little stealth work and bam! I break photos of a decade long theory. I can't lose here Ben!" The grungy apartment of Brock's stood the test of time in the platform of hurting for money. He needed a breakout scenario and fast. He needed this to work fluently. Or else, he would lose his job. He would become evicted, on the streets with hardly a penny to his name. "If you're going to act like a retarded about this, than maybe I'm better off on my own. If you're not coming me, then be a bitch, sit back and I'll send them to you. Later." Ending the call, he only had ten minutes left of use on his phone, Jameson's patience running thin, and a month behind on rent. It was time to make something begin, however, what Edward didn't anticipate; was that the ending he would face, would lead to a whole new beginning. (CIC)

"DO YOU LIKE BASS?" - @yellowclaw
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Wedding day 👰💓

💕🌅 @bruno_morabito90

Con te è bello perché tutto prende forma e senso, e mi emoziono come un bambino se con te guardo il tramonto ❤🌅👫🔐

La mia vita che una favola-la,non c'è niente che mi preoccupa-pa,risolvo ciò che c'è da risolvere-re e compro una vocale per rispondere...
Va-come va, va-come va, come va..va bene anche se male..
Va-come va, va-come va, come va
Il trucco è farla andare.
Bevo il bicchiere mezzo pieno finché mi ubriaco e poi svanisco in un sorriso...come fa il mago!🎶

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