❤ 24.06.17 - 24.06.18 ❤
One year ago, everyone was at the Eid-party hosted by Sana. One year ago, Even & Isak were talking about food. One year ago, Even & Isak were flirting (again...). One year ago, Isak asked Even to make him some morrocan food. One year ago, Even told him that it's gonna be a date. One year ago, Even & Isak talked about doing something together during the holidays. One year ago, Even told Isak that they were going to do this anyway. One year ago, Isak told Even that he could check plane tickets for them to Morocco. One year ago, Jonas started to read the speech for Sana. One year ago, while Jonas was reading the speech, the images changed. It feels like it was dedicate to us. It was such a wonderful sensation who still makes me cry today. One year ago, Jonas said "even though if sometimes it feels like it, no one's ever alone" while Even & Isak were on the screen. One year ago, the best tv show ever ended with the most powerful speech & one of the strongest phrase : FEAR SPREADS BUT, FORTUNATELY, LOVE DOES TOO.

i miss them so much how has it been a year already?!

This is me rn because I’m finally done with school and on summer break rn!!!


Good morning I’m so excited for this angel’s new show!! 😍

💛ESKILD💛 Sorry it’s been a while guys but I’ve finished my exams now so yay 👍 And I finally found the time to post this drawing which I took a lot of time to make it just right x hope you guys like it and don’t forget to tag @carlmartinegg below ⬇️⬇️⬇️💛💛 | #carl #marin #eggesbø #carlmartineggesbø #eskild #tryggvason #eskildtryggvason #skam #skamaustin #skamitalia #skamfrance #druck #norway

Omg soon it’s going to be a year since the Eid party clip I’m sad

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