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Carl Grimes tribute #RipCarl #thewalkingdead #carlgrimes

This is the moment when Carl gets bitten

watch whole thing! (1 minute)
this took forever please don’t let it flop
cc_ jensackles shakes: voidlinslow #omgpage

“You are gonna beat this world. I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave.” 😔

Will you miss Carl? 😱💔
#TheWalkingDead #WalkingDead #TWD #CarlGrimes
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can’t believe we aren’t going to see these two together anymore
ac: mine
dt: @voidsheda

How did we not see this ffs😭
@chandlerriggs5 #chandlerriggs #carlgrimes #twd

this is gonna flop but watch me not care bc I love this boy to pieces. Nobody on here has known me for long enough to have seen me when I was insanely obsessed with Carl Grimes and I am so fucking sad that his character has officially passed away. I’ve grown up with the character and he will always be one of my favorites. Chandler was only 11 years old when the walking dead started, and he graduated high school this may. I’ve seen him go through literally everything, along with his character. RIP Carl Grimes, 2010-2017


When someone get fired after working for almost 8 years.
#carlgrimes #twd #twd8


Seriously never laughed so hard in my life!!!!!! 😂😂😂Gonna miss @chandlerriggs5 😢 #carlgrimes #chandlerriggs #coral #thewalkingdead looking forward to seeing what his future brings, surely it will be amazing! ⭐️💫⭐️

//mini review//
Every. Horrible. Decision. Ever. The Walking Dead’s S8 mid season finale was once again fucking garbage. (SPOILERS ABOUND) They fucking killed Carl. WHY? Carl was quite literally the strongest character the flailing zombie show had. He offered the most promise for the shows future success. He certainly was for the comic books. On the business side of this death; the actor Chandler Riggs was promised at least three more seasons with TWD, so what the hell? Besides the fact that his death was bullshit as well. Really? A fucking zombie bite? You are going to use the shows strongest character as a scapegoat to “shock” the audience back into realizing that the zombies have always been the true enemy? Get the fuck out of here Scott Gimple. The writers completely throw continuity out the goddamn door. When the fuck were they going to explain how Carol and Rick escaped that car accident unscathed, and Jerry ended up in The Saviors clutches? Why wasn’t Enid shot immediately after killing Oceansides leader? Why did they hire an extra just to get his brains blown out, when they could have just killed a side character? Tug on our heart strings at least a little bit; at least try! Oh and my favorite one: when the fuck did Carl Grimes get bit by a fucking zombie??? This wasn’t artful and alluring. This wasn’t a riveting cliffhanger. No one gives a fuck what the explanation is. This death was absurd and discredits anything this episode had tried to offer. When they decided to kill Riggs in this manner, they decided to trash the fucking show.
With Salt and Cyanide,
Ann Abomination

@amc_tv @amcthewalkingdead @thewalkingdeadamc #thewalkingdead #carlgrimes #annabomination #review #dislike #horrorwriter #writersofinstagram #episodereview #sanantonio #sanantoniotexas @chandlerriggs5 #chandlerriggs #scottgimple

TWD Rant:
Okay, now I know Carl's death was a sad one but Chandler had to leave the show soon, he couldnt just juggle between the show and college, he has school to FOCUS ON first, he's growing up, his run on the show was a great one, now we have to accept the fact that he's DONE! 🙅🙅like we accepted all the others before him, I know I'm going to get backlash for this, now Goodnight!
#twd #thewalkingdead #carlgrimes #chandlerriggs @chandlerriggs5

Carl was a legend of TWD, I'm so sad about his death 😢
And you miss Carl? #twd #rip #carlgrimes #thewalkingdead #thewalkingdeadamc #amc #amcthewalkingdead

#AndrewLincoln as #RickGrimes, #ChandlerRiggs as #CarlGrimes and #DanaiGurira as #Michonne in #TWD Season 8, Episode 8 "How It’s Gotta Be"

#TheWalkingDead #TWDSeason8

I don’t remember where I herd it but apparently Chandler Riggs hates pudding after having to film the scene where Carl finds this huge thing of pudding. Because he tried to eat the whole thing. #aesthetic#Carlgrimes#TWd#The walking dead


IM SOBBING. I can't believe my baby is actually gone. Fuck Scott gimple for killing him off. He deserved so much fucking better. I'll forever be bitter.

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¡Nooooo! ¡Carl Grimes noooooo! 😭😭😭😭😭 #TWD #CarlGrimes
#TheWalkingDead #FoxSeries #FoxPlay

Carl won the voting last night. Hope you like it!🎈 @chandlerriggs5 #carlgrimes #carlgrimestwd #twdcarl #carltwd #twscast #twdedits

This is my first edit on my computer and I know it’s bad but like I’m not good at using computers in general so I’ll get better but for now here 😂🧟‍♂️
Song: nohidea (ft. Shiloh) falling down
#twd #twdfamily #thewalkingdead #thewalkingdeadedit #twdedit #carl #grimes #carlgrimes #chandler #riggs #chandlerriggs #rick #grimes #rickgrimes #michonne #richonne #walker #walkerbite #death #amc

*ignoren el edit choto,ni siquiera se editar*
Bueno últimamente estuve muy enojada por eso no pude expresar bien como me siento
Cuando empecé a ver twd no le había dado importancia a Carl pero a medida que pasaba el tiempo le fueron dando mas protagonismo y ahí fue cuando me di cuenta de lo gran actor que era Chandler.
Lo busque en Internet, empecé a ver vídeos de el, busqué cosas sobre ya que lo queria conocer mejor y me enamore completamente de el en todo sentido.
Realmente nunca sentí tanto amor y admiración como lo siento por el,es la persona mas importante de mi vida,sin el no tendría forma de seguir
Lo que quiero decir es que yo lo conocí por Carl grimes ya es parte de los dos y que lo saquen así de la serie sin ninguna explicación con sentido o simplemente por que Chandler cumplió sus 18 y le tendría que dar un aumento el cual no querían(?
Chandler dio todo por twd,se tenía que aprender los guiones minutos antes de grabar ya que también iba a la escuela,además de que se había mudado  cerca de los estudios de grabación.No supieron valorarlo,dándole está muerte tan estúpida a su personaje cuando tenía alto futuro,me da muchísima bronca ya que además le habían dicho que seguiría por lo menos 3 años más, y que le digan 2 semanas antes de su cumpleaños  que ya no iba a estar en la serie,que ya no sería parte del cast,se dan cuenta(?
ya no ver su nombre en la intro,eso es lo que más me va a doler
Necesito abrazarlo más que nunca y hasta eso me sacaron, yo tenía esperanzas de que algún dia el cast vendría a Argentina y podría decirle lo mucho que lo amo y admiro y agradecerle por todo lo que hizo por mí,pero no por que el ya no es parte del cast
No lo merecen estos productores de mierda,no puedo dejar de llorar de la bronca
Estoy muy decepcionada,twd es muy importante para mí,pero que me saquen a mi personaje favorito de esta forma tan injusta realmente me decepcionó
No creo que halla forma de superarlo, cada vez que pienso en esto se me llenan los ojos de lágrimas.
De todas formas se que se vienen nuevos proyectos de Chandler y ahora está haciendo una película.
Pase lo que pase lo voy a seguir apoyando siempre,no tengo nada más para decir.

This edit just made me cry. It’s like I️ can’t accept the fact he won’t be on the show no longer. It’s sad because it was Birthday well yesterday is and all I️ did was watch Carl edits and cry 😩 #carlgrimes

Everyone he knew before the apocalypse is gone

I seriousky cannot this nade me feel alot better

#chandlerriggs #carlgrimes #hilarious #dead #walkingdead

@chandlerriggs5 I just heard the news am going to miss carl so much I have you are in a better place #carlgrimes you where one of my favorite characters #thewalkingdead #love #rip 😭😭❤️❤️

You know season 6 I think is when I considered you my favorite character, you were always so damn happy in this world full of darkness and sickness. You always found ways to make it better😔your still just a child, you don't deserve to go through all of this, you deserved to have a happy life. Now every time I think about that damn hat I'm going to cry. There were so many rumors saying Carl was going to die this season and I chose not to believe it but I was still scared. So many things has happened to you and it made you stronger, but this made you weaker, and I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Why are all the good souls dying? Why are they being punished? Why can't you kill fucking Negan or Simon or some shit but not my bby Carl💔I actually thought maybe Rick would die and you would take over, but that isn't happening now. You were such a strong and brave boy who has fought through a lot. You suffered to protect your people, more then once. There are theories you could be saved, I don't know how that will happen but I'm praying to God it will, but most likely not.I hope your much happier up there then you were down here. I hope your happy to be reunited with your mom finally. And I will be happy to see them burry you in that hat, or Rick wears it every day either way I will very happy. I just wanted to say that you are a true hero Carl Grimes, thank you.
[Whos is this??]
#twd #twdedit
#ripcarl #carlgrimes
#carledit #carlgrimesedit

#thewalkingdead #twd #carlgrimes

From @chandlerriggs5 Twitter a few minutes ago!!! 😂😂😂 ... We will Miss You Buddy!!! Looking forward to the Mid-Season Premiere of #thewalkingdead to see what #CarlGrimes does next. @walkingdead_amc #walkingdead @AMCTalkingDead @deadbuzz #ripcarlgrimes


He knows how to make us laugh even when we're angry.😂#chandlerriggs #carlgrimes #bringbackcarlgrimes #scottgimple #thewalkingdead #twd

He's in the middle of a war and he's lost the reason he went to war... 😭
#twd #thewalkingdead #carlgrimes #alloutwar #rickgrimes #heartbreaking

From Chandler Riggs' Twitter 😂😂😂

Bought #TheWalkingDead #CarlGrimes off of Amazon coz y’all already know why. Lol! Also was too lazy to look for a good box. Plus, it’s hella cheap! #FunkoPop. #Toy #Collector #ToyCollector #Nerd #Geek. #JSS #JustSurviveSomehow

There adorable honestly😍

Vid credit: mine
Ik I’m shitty at edits but it’s my first one and idrk how to download the vids onto my lab top or phone, if you know dm me pleasee!!!!!


I wanna cry. I love you Chandler Riggs. Thank you for an amazing 8 years. #carl #twd #sad #death #carlgrimes #rick #negan #thewalkingdead

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