I've decided to do a countdown of my top 10 favourite scenes in @kissandcrymovie . Each week I will post a short clip of the scene and explain why I like it. So here's #10!

I love this scene because it encapsulates the spirit of the whole film under a minute. Carley (@sarahfisher ) introduces her motto, "Always smile" for the first time; John (@lukebilyk ) opens up to Carley and reveals his true feelings for her and Carley responds with a comeback that literally made me laugh out loud!
It's sweet, it's inspiring, its funny and its number 10 in my top 10 favourite scenes from "Kiss and Cry". Stay tuned for number 9 next week!

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Let us share a story about how Mark made Car smile during her treatments 💙 So one day Carley had an appointment with quite a few docs all at once, she was nervous as you can imagine. Well they got ushered into the patient room before the docs arrived. And I guess the previous doc left a scope on ... well Mark took it and started pretending to be a doc and put the scope in cars ears, mouth and they watched the whole thing on the scope tv screen that was left on. She laughed and laughed and forgot all about the scary appointment ❤💕 #thanksdad #AlwaysSmile #carleysangels #celebratedad

One time my dad tricked me into seeing march of the penguins in theatres bc I thought it was a cartoon. Turns out I love animal documentaries- never change chris! 🤷🏼‍♀️Happy Father's Day! #australiatime #carleysangels #alwayssmile

Wishing @markallison66 and all the fathers a very happy "Father's Day" weekend!
Be sure to check out the latest post by @carleysangels for a very special "Father's Day" contest!! #AlwaysSmile #CarleyAllison #CarleysAngels #FathersDay

These are the most unflattering pictures of me but they go to show my relationship with my dad 🤪💕 I don't have any one story of how my dad made me smile or laugh because he's always making me do that 99% of the time 🤣 I'm so lucky to have a dad who's not only a dad but also like a brother and a best friend all wrapped into one 🤗 Love you so much dad to infinity 💗 #carleysangels #alwayssmile

So tomorrow is #fathersday and we'd like to start the celebrations early! AND give you a chance to find the perfect photo for the perfect story❤

Share with us a memorable story about how your dad put a smile on your face 😀. Use the #carleysangels and #AlwaysSmile to help us find your post! Any photo posted between now and tomorrow at 9pm will be entered into a draw to win your dad ANYTHING he wants from the #carleysangels store 💕 We can't wait to read your posts!! 💙

Can't explain how proud I am of this girl and of being her fan. @sarahfisher thank you for everything you do, Sarah! For always spreading love through your posts and photos, and for caring about people and about the world. You have no idea of how much you inspire me and how much I look up to you. I love the way you use your fame to spread only positive things with all of us. The world needs more people like you!! Please, keep always being your amazing self. You're perfect just the way you are. 💖
• Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I'm scared it won't be a nice one. I'm trying so, so hard to be positive but the truth is that I've never felt more sad. I've been feeling really weird for the past couple weeks, and today I had another breakdown. Can't stop crying and overthinking. It's exhausting. I just wanna feel happy, but all I feel is guilty and loneliness. And the worst thing is that nobody seems to care.
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Sarah's reaction to Drake's new music video/Degrassi reunion is definitely the cutest thing in the world!! 🙈💛
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Get ready to be amazed.. Not only did your team #carleysangels cycle 220km this past weekend.. They also collectively raised $110,000 for @thepmcf 🎆🎉 Over the 4 years we have been supporting @thepmcf in the @ontarioride we have raised just under half a MILLION dollars to cure cancer in our life time. We are so proud and thankful!! Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 4 years, what an accomplishment ❤ #carleysangels #AlwaysSmile

This past weekend the @carleysangels team took part in the 2018 @ontarioride and I am very proud of the team for many reasons. Here are a few:

The multi-year riders: Riley, Sammy, Mark, May, Dan, Andrew, Stephanie, Erin, Min, Taylor, Natalie, Vahid, Emily, and I know there are others I just can't recall names...but it is HARD WORK to not only raise $2,500 year after year but to also push yourself to your limits to complete the 220km trek. To do it once is an amazing feat; but these people constantly make the effort to continue to raise money, continue to train, and this year they absolutely flew through the ride! I know because I barely saw them. They are all inspiring examples for everyone to strive towards.

Angus and Jason- I am still blown away by what Angus and Jason achieved. Angus, if you've seen my previous post, is a cycling coach at Power Watts and he rode for the first year on a tandem bike with his friend Jason, who is visually impaired. Jason reached out to Angus because he wanted to be part of the ride. Cycling for 220km is hard enough, but to do it without being able to see?! Jason is as brave as anyone I know and Angus- well, he once again validated the extremely high opinion I have of him because not only did he help guide Jason on the tandem bike, which requires tremendous energy and focus, he also took the time to remain by Jason's side and guide him around off the bike as well- such as through the camp and at the team dinner. They were the right choice to lead the team through the finish line.

The first year riders: Katherine, Lauren, Jamie, the Webster brothers (I know I'm missing people and I'm sorry) Its very daunting to sign up for something like this without having any idea of what to expect. Being able to raise $2,500 for the first time is just as if not more challenging than doing the ride; and then to conquer the ride the way they did. No complaining, no quitting; all smiles and all heart- they all exemplified Carley's motto to "Always Smile" and they should realize that they can do anything they set their minds to.


When you say the name "Carley Elle Allison" amazing things usually happen... and this was no exception.

When @kimberlypearls_specialtycakes_ was asked to make a #carleysangels cake for our @ontarioride team dinner her first thought was she should educate her self on who this Carley was. Well needless to say after Kimberly watched @kissandcrymovie she was inspired and moved 💕 and it comes through in this beautiful cake with such immaculate attention to detail. (*note the dime)
Thank you Kimberly for opening your heart for Carley's Story! We are so grateful! 🎂💙 #carleysangels

220 kilometres ridden, $3900 raised, pain in muscles I didn’t know I had.......great weekend all around! In loving memory of Carley Elle Allison. #TheRideTO #carleysangels

223km complete! 🚴‍♀️Thanks to everyone who supported me in my #ridetoconquercancer 🎗it was a long and challenging two days but worth every pedal! Thanks to my @carleysangels teammates and captain @ririallison for pushing me and being so supportive! Thanks to @emily_stief for being my great riding buddy through the wind and hills! And thanks to everyone who cheered from the side lines and who sent encouraging texts!❤️🎗🚴‍♀️ I couldn’t have done it without you all ❤️❤️❤️ #toronto #niagara #therideto #firsttime #rider #cycling #carleysangels #alwayssmile

Always smile. Always.
Day 1 of @ontarioride is done!
📸: @tyler_mcgillivray

And just like that ... it's time to ride 🚴 See you bright and early 2018 @ontarioride . Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters #carleysangels raised OVER $100,000 in support of @thepmcf 💕 The @thepmcf supported Carley, so we honour her by supporting them every year at the Ride to Conquer Cancer 💙 LETS DO THIS #carleysangels 🚴 #AlwaysSmile #therideTO #getpumped

Last year I wrote this piece and shared it on my personal account to encourage everyone on the @carleysangels RTCC team but I only knew the Allisons and Sarah. So now that I know so many more team members and will be riding myself, I've decided to share it here.

Second photo reveals the reasons why I'm riding. The top two photos are of my Uncles (both named Jim). Two courageous, strong and badass men who fought cancer till the end. Though they're no longer with me, I draw upon their determination all the time.

The man in the bottom left is Scott Hammell. He was the Senior School Director at Pickering College. My first teaching-related job was at that school. Mr. Hammell immediately put me at ease, gave me so much invaluable advice and became a friend. I'll carry his advice with me throughout my career. Though he also passed away from cancer, he didn't let it dictate his life. He continued to work and make a difference in the lives of the students as long as he could.

And of course- I wouldn't even know about the RTCC if it wasn't for Carley and Carley's Angels. Carley inspired me in so many ways- most of all to make each day count and to give back to those in need. So riding is my way of following her example.

This is why I ride.

#CarleysAngels #AlwaysSmile #WhyIRide #RideTO #RideOn #FuckCancer

One of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen, no joke. What a beautiful smile Sarah has!!! She's so precious and beautiful, not only outside but mainly inside. That's why she lights up everyone's worlds. I'm so, so proud of her. @sarahfisher #ALWAYSSMILE, Sarah!!! You're an inspiration. 🙈✨💛
• I really don't know what's happening to me. I've been feeling really down and in a really weird mood lately. I cried all night yesterday and now my eyes hurt and I'm just ugh. I'm still going to therapy and taking my meds, but for some reason, it seems like some bad thoughts are coming back again. I'm feeling really guilty for that, even knowing it's not my fault. Still, I won't let these thoughts win. I know I have wonderful people by my side and I have everything I need to be happy, I couldn't be more grateful. Also, my 21st birthday is in 10 days and it will be awesome. That's what I hope. 🙏🏻
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T-4 days until your #carleysangels Cross the start line at the @ontarioride 🚴💙 Be on the look out for our black and blue jerseys this year! And stay tuned for live updates, we will be posting stories all weekend long! #carleysangels #AlwaysSmile #therideTO #rtcc2018

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