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Itsssss FRI-YAYYYYYY bitchessss!!!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾😆 #FluffyFriday #MOOD

JAB Antics 101: The chant. #iRep473 culture!🇬🇩 Do you? 👉👉 TAP ❤ || 🚨Warning: Explicit Language🚨

JAB Antics 101: Strike-A-Pose & Stick. #iRep473 culture!🇬🇩 Do you? 👉👉 TAP ❤

Mommy & Daughter moments.. My forever bae, Kay🖤✨
. ✨ . ✨

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Custom golden honey kissed blonde on our Caribbean Curly is on the way to one of our Stoosh Gyals💜Sale is still active until Friday 8/17!💜Link is in the bio💜

#MeetingPeopleOf: Port-de-Paix, Tortuga 🏴
☠️Literally with a couple of Pirates of the Caribbean☠️
Have I been to your country? See my map with the link in the description to see if I’ve been to your place, and let me know what I’m missing!
See the MeetingPeopleOf tag to see my travels of meeting people around the world and tell me where I should go next! Let's meet up for a picture 🌎
Check back here for 2 new travel pictures every week! ✌🏻️
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JAB Antics 101: Many are called but Crystal was chosen. #iRep473 culture 👉👉 TAP❤

I’ve had two people, in two corners of the world, for two separate reasons tell me that I need to be a more patient person — all before 10 AM today. UNIVERSE, YOU ARE PLAYING WITH ME. “Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait.” I get it! I’ve been praying for patience for what feels like my whole life. But patience requires trust and faith, doesn’t it? So I guess ol’ girl has got to work on that first. In the meantime I’ll be here. Sitting. Waiting. Trusting. I guess. 🙄 (pc: @savannarr)

#iRep473 culture. Jab Antics 101🤣🤣🤣 If you love #473 culture Tap ❤

📽by Deanna Richards

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Custom ombré Auburn colored 12” Caribbean Curly on hand!💜DM to order these; perfect for a short curly bob💜

Dinner is served!

Chicken and beef soup
Variety of provisions

Wherever @Joey_phil go, he always represent #473 and supports us. Thank you! #irep473WithoutApology

Pasan los años y te pone más dura 💣 Thankful always to God for HIS blessings & lessons! & thankful for every year ❤️ #happybirthdaytome #27club #caribbeanting

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