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This is how anyone can drive an exotic car for free. Ready to get started? Send me a DM and I'll link you up to my exclusive free training that explains how #carhacking works.

Did a little testing with the rear aux and Chromecast from my phone. Next project: permanent Android box installed with GPS, and touchscreen overlay.

#g8 #holden #carhacking #diy

Visited Def Con 23 last week. Definitely turned my phone off for this shoot. Read all about it over at @wired .com Thanks for another awesome assignment @mlokke ! 🙌😎💻📱🚗👥⚡️ #carhacking #defcon23

... Und alle Autos fliegen hooooch 🎉👍🎶
Credit: ttweiman
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#RP @securityinform
Security is a Must.
Sometimes it's good to step back and assess reality...#CarHacking
In light of this ongoing #DDoS attack, it's important to get the best information, from wherever possible.

#carhacking #macchina it begins.

Wow what a #smallworld that @ludacris and I went to the same high school, both grew up #poor, and now we both drive a white #NSX. The only difference is the red interior on his car. Want to join us in the #NSX club? Now that @jalopnik fucked it up for all of us an exposed that dealers were giving them away for $40k+ below sticker (which has been going on since they hit the US) you have even more wiggle room to negotiate since they aren't moving off the showroom floor. DM me to learn more about #carhacking and I'll send over some info covering the basics.

Sheila A. Berta, palestrante da #BlackHat e #Ekoparty está confirmada para o RSSP17 onde irá falar sobre #CarHacking!
Ingressos - roadsec.com.br/saopaulo2017


Para tirar o eco aqui da Garagem na hora da gravação dos vídeos, precisamos fazer algumas placas acústicas para colocar no teto e paredes. Podíamos colar simplesmente no teto, mas como toda a Garagem é um estúdio, preferimos fazer placas para dar mais versatilidade.
Já vamos testar a acústica na gravação desta semana, onde vamos preparar uma central multimídia para o substituir o velho CD player do TR4. Siga o canal do YouTube e se liga 🎥
🇬🇧 We're building acoustic diffusers to improve echo inside our Garage. Hope you notice the results on our upcoming hack on the TR4 / iO / Pinin, the installation of a new entertainment/navigation head unit!
#carhacking #pajero #tr4 #pinin #arduino #raspberry #tuning #shogun #mitsubishi #4x4brasil #obd2 #pajerinho #carhack #echo #diy #makersgonnamake #maker #acoustictreatment #eliminateecho #sounddiffuser

#Bentley is one of my all-time favorite brands first because the performance, looks, luxury & attention to detail are all amazing, but also because I’ve been fortunate to own so many without losing money... this is why I’m so excited for my #exoticcarhacks #blackfriday sale as we’re building something truly unique and it will change the world of #carhacking and #exoticcarownership forever... LINK IN BIO to get in - @exoticcarhacks

🇧🇷O episódio 2 mostra a instalação de um acionador de portão de garagem embutido no painel da TR4. Link pro canal do YouTube na bio.
🇬🇧Episode 2 is out, showing the installation of a garage opener, built into the dashboard. Link for the YouTube channel on the bio, with full English subtitles.
#carhacking #pajero #tr4 #pinin #arduino #raspberry #tuning #shogun #mitsubishi #4x4brasil #obd2 #pajerinho #carhack #peccinin #diy #maker #makersmovement #fixyourcar #pajerotr4 #pajeropinin #pajeroio

Lowered the #BentleyGTSpeed for $250 and added spacers to fill out the wheel gap. She sits perfectly now, totally changed the car for less than $1k installed. Two major #carhacking tips here: 1. When you save money on the buy, you have money left to mod. 2. When you mod the right way, you can increase the perceived value of the car because the new owner won't need to do anything to make it perfect. Learn more as an @exoticcarhacks member - link in bio to get first dibs on our #blackfriday sale.

I drove my last #BentleyGTSpeed for a total cost of $150/mo, and it would have been completely free had the $600 seat controller not gone bad. Let's see how I do on this one, based on my cost it looks like it'll be a profitable drive. Click the link in my bio to get in on the #carhacking lifestyle so you can drive cars like this for free too - @exoticcarhacks

This is how anyone can drive an exotic car for free. Ready to get started? Send me a DM and I'll link you up to my exclusive free training that explains how #carhacking works.

É tipo quando desmontava meus carrinhos e todos os brinquedos quando era criança #carhacking

There’s a great article about the Macchina M2 in the Oct/Nov 2017 issue of #Make

Ever tried using wax as an Air Freshener?


Hazy Headlights? Try using toothpaste to clean it up!
#CarHacking #Carsindoha #colgate

Trabalhando no hack do primeiro episódio do Garage Hack. A missão é sumir com os controle remoto da garagem. Deslize para a esquerda 👈🏽 para ver o componente chave.
Working on our first hack. The goal is to get rid of the pesky garage door opener. Slide left 👈🏽 to see the main component we'll use.
#carhacking #pajero #tr4 #pinin #arduino #raspberry #tuning #shogun #mitsubishi #4x4brasil @waze #obd2 #garageopener #pajerotr4

🇧🇷Nesse vídeo você vai conhecer um pouco o Mitsubishi Pajero TR4 2009 comprado para servir de laboratório do canal. Você vai ver algumas das idéias que estão no radar para modernizar o carro com muita tecnologia.
A proposta é fazer experimentos de tecnologia no carro, usando componentes como displays digitais, novos controles, OBD2, sensores, Arduino e Raspberry, além de equipamentos como multimídia com Waze, iluminação externa (DRL e faróis) e interna (LEDs!), bagageiros e racks, e mais para frente um banho de loja no motor como reprogramação da injeção e turbo.
Link na bio.
🇬🇧On this episode you'll get to know a little about the Mitsubishi Pajero TR4 (also known as Shogun Pinin, Pajero iO and other names around the world), bought specifically to be the channel's laboratory car.
You will also see some of the ideas we have in mind to modernize this car with some affordable tech.
We'll do technology experiments with this car, using components such as digital gauges and controls, OBD2, sensors, and Arduino and Raspberry boards. We also want to test and install gear such as Waze-capable head units, internal and external lighting (DRL and LED), racks and bike carriers, and later a more radical change in the engine compartment, maybe a low pressure turbo.
This is not intended exclusively for Pinin / iO / TR4 owners, but rather to inspire you to hack your car or your gear.
Link on bio.
#carhacking #pajero #tr4 #pajerotr4 #pinin @arduino.cc @raspberrypifoundation #tuningbrasil #mitsubishishogun #mitsubishi #mitsubishitr4 #4x4brasil @waze #obd2 #maker #makersmovement @parrot_official

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