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A must try! Beer battered Fish and Chips ❤️❤️❤️ #cargofishph
Congrats @mattklim 😊

Finally, we're now open! Frying hot and crispy Fish & Chips! 🐟
We'll be serving to the public 5pm-2am for the meantime! See you everyone! #CargoFishPH

Fish and chips everyday, eveyday okay! 😂#cargofishph

Yummy Tilapia! #cargofishph

Swipe through to see CargoFishPH's menu.
Placing an order starts with choosing the fish of your choice, then you can pick two sides and select one sauce. All of which come in a box served with the iconic chipfork. Price starts at P165!
Also, you can get the cones for your snacks (for as low as P75) and beers and freshly squeezed lemonade for your refreshments. See you guys! 🐟 #CargoFishPH @uptownbonifacio_

Back by popular demand! Two (2) Brew Kettle beers for only P60. What a steal! See you! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

The perfect cone! 😋🤗❤️❤️ #CargoFishPH @cargofishph

Let’s cool down with freshly squeezed lemonade to start the week refreshed! 🐟 #CargoFishPH


Let’s celebrate with some authentic Fish & Chips cause it’s payday Friday! We’ll see you! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @foodiefindsph

Our Trashcan Chicken in Roasted Garlic sauce. This is a secret menu - when ordering, ask our servers about it! All for P125! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Smokin'! @cargofishph .
Sizzling combination of beer-battered fish, chicken, and tofu, smothered in homemade liver sauce, on a bed of sauteed green chilis and red onions 👍👍👍👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌
#cargofishph #smokinsisig #BGCeats #WheninUptown

Checking out the latest addition to Cargo Fish's menu!
Matt (one of the two Chef Matts behind this great place) has graciously offered to leave out the onions when I asked if that was possible. (Yes, i don't eat onions).
See, this is what i've been saying about Cargo Fish. They make sure customers are happy and do whatever they can to make each dining experience a great one!
#cargofishph #smokinsisig #BGCeats #WheninUptown #beerbattered

Headed to CargoFish @cargofishph for takeaway Cobbler fish with Sweet Potatoes and Slaw, paired with Lime Chili Cilantro (php265). Yum! 😋 #cargofishph #cargofish #fishandchips #cilantro #limechili

These passionate people are the faces behind the authentic Fish & Chips served to you everyday!
From the CargoFish team, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Good morning from these crispy beer-battered Fish & Chips! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @eunhye0618

#cargofishph #lemonade can you find the #smiley ? ^^

Super affordable and sizable fish & chips served in a handy ready to go box. Perfect with a glass of lemonade. Well thought of. Hey mate! #FishAndChips #CargoFishPH #Foodie @kain_tayo_mars

Saturdaybonding :) #cargofishph #coctails #fries #sml 🌻🌻❤️😍

post occupancy: got to visit again this concept store we did with @cargofishph . Come visit to have a taste of authentic british fish and chips! #handesignstudio #CargoFishPH #uptownmall #philippinearchitecture #design #filipino

enjoying good old fish and chips! great way to spend the weekend! #CargoFishPH #handesignstudio #uptownmall

The plan is, half now for super late lunch, half later for late dinner.
That's the plan.
Let's see.
I missed you @cargofishph !
Got my appetite back, so i'm back!
#cargofish #cargofishph #latelunch

Our build-your-own Fish & Chips comes in a box with your choice of beer-battered fish, two sides and one sauce. Served with lemon, gherkins and hand-made chipfork. You can get this for as low as P165! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Heavy night on Fish & Chips! Thanks for having us! Hope you all enjoyed! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Another fish and chips night 😊 #cargofishph #friday

healthy living tayo ngayon.😂 #cargofishph

You know, I've been taking some time,
And I've been keeping to myself,
I had my eyes up on the prize,
Ain't watching anybody else... 🍻
#CargoFishPH @CargoFishPH #LP

Head over for some Fish & Chips - we have games and prizes for you only for today! See you! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @jp.nadales

Only for today! 👻🎃😈👹 Get a chance to win Pufft and other surprises for every box purchase of Fish & Chips at @cargofishph 👍✌️ Happy Halloween! #GetPufft #PufftMarshmallows #cargofishph #marshmallows

Pufft for @cargofishph 👍✌️ For every Build your own Fish & Chips boxed meal purchase, get a chance to win the fluffiest and yummiest Marshmallows in town! #GetPufft #PufftMarshmallows #CargoFishPH #halloweentreats #Marshmallows #trickortreatph #trickortreat

Come and join us for an early Halloween Treats on Friday, October 27! For every Build Your Own Fish & Chips boxed meal purchased, get a chance to win prizes up to P300 worth of gift certificates and more! 🐟 #CargoFishPH @uptownbonifacio_

Think of it this way, this authentic Fish & Chips is a great reason for you to get up and start your day! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @theonly.jvgo

Let’s cool down with freshly squeezed lemonade to start the week refreshed! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Can’t get enough of this light, crispy, golden beer-battered Onion Rings! All for only P85! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

What’s good about today? It’s Friday and this authentic Fish & Chips! Pair it with our ice cold beers and freshly squeezed lemonade! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @johnjordee

This Trashcan Chicken in Roasted Garlic is for you - cause you deserve only the best! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Happy Monday, everyone! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 Zin Mico Ang

Perfect pair for your payday Friday! See you in a bit! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @patty.lacson

Yes, for only P165 you can already have a taste of our authentic Fish & Chips! Come on over! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Go-to drink 🍋

This crispy golden beer-battered Fish & Chips can’t wait to be eaten! 🐟 #CargoFishPH 📷 @thetravellingtongue

The world's best tasting beer, they said. 🍺

i was so excited to taste this baby that i forgot my fork 😂 had to use a coffee stirrer lmao! this tastes so good!!!!! #yummy !! 5/5
wanna know what it is? ask @cargofishph <3 #cargofishph

Trashcan Chicken in Honey Jalapeño flavor! Ask our staff about it as this is a secret menu. Limited orders per day for only P125! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Yesterday's Ayala Alabang Fish & Chips session! 🐟 #CargoFishPH

Mouthful. Post-earthquake drill yesterday, i think i deserved this.
😁 Always looking for a reason to eat here.
@cargofishph .
#cargofishph #fishandchips #BGCeats #WheninUptown

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