Carfentanil..10,000 times MORE POTENT then morphine. Its a cheaply made synthetic UN NATURAL substance. People that hustle dope are selling it as herion..or "fenny" its a much more cheaper base. Where as herion, derived from the popi plant, takes lots of time and labor to produce. fentanyl and its MUCH more potent derivative carfentanil are mostly produced in China..and they keep changing the chemical make up to keep up with band substances..same concept as the fake weed going around..*they ban the substance..they just change 1 single molecule.
Do you see how "The love of money is the root of ALL evil"??
I'd rather starve then sell poison. Father please forgive me.

Statistics are misleading..they put all these substances in seperate categories..ITS ALL DOPE!! So its really 2-300 deaths per day..maybe even more..NOT COUNTING VIOLENCE! these drugs make you INSANE after a while of use. I've watched good people turn into VIOLENT MONSTERS. This is self induced demonic possession. Grabs you by the soul and has a death grip.
#fentanyl #carfentanil #herion #truth #facts #love #sharingiscaring #doyouseewhatisee #helpbaltimore #wearefamily

There are days (like today), when the dark clouds outside, also roll into my heart, and the tears, like rain, are never ending. Those dark days bring so much pain to my heart. Days I beg for a sign.  My desperate heart needs to talk to him, even if it’s just for one minute, God please. You always think there’s going to be more time. I never thought you would leave me behind, and I know it wasn’t your intention. I remember every time you left the house, me and grandma would beg God to keep you safe. When you lived in Tulsa, San Diego, and Cincinnati, daily we prayed for God to watch over you, to take good care of you until we were together again. I pray the same prayer for Haleigh...but never did I think our prayers would be answered the way they were. Never did I think God would take you home before me! I put my trust in God. I honestly believe you were heaven sent, he created you just for me. In my eyes you were perfect, sweet, kind hearted, loving, and selfless. My beautiful boy, just me and you against the world. When Hal came along, it was like the holy trinity had been formed. I thought nothing would happen to you, why? because I loved you so much, more than myself. I told God repeatedly that I couldn’t live without you!! Imagine how I felt when I got that life shattering call that you were gone. I felt totally betrayed by God. I felt like I had done something so horrible that he was punishing me by allowing my greatest fear to come true. Trey, I know God saved you, not my way, but his. I love and miss you so much son, please put your arms around me today and everyday. Love your Momma❤️
#keilowolfe #mommasboy #mothertoanangel #carfentanil #addictionsucks

Police dogs, #fentanyl and #carfentanil: understanding symptoms and treatment: bit.ly/2HN2UUf #K9

April 11, 2017~ Even though you were a 23 yr old young man, you will always be my little boy, my precious son, my best friend, and my first love. When it was time to leave the church, I walked up to your casket, bent over, and gave you one last kiss. Then I whispered to you “Trey, please be there to meet me when I take my last breath. I want to open my eyes and see your sweet face. It’s then that I will know, I’m home.”....Until we meet again.
I Love you,
Your Momma ❤️
#keilowolfe #mothertoanangel #funeralservice #oneyearanniversary #addictionkills #carfentanil #lastkiss #mommasboy

Very excited to check out these #fentanyl test strips!! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be checking in with some local #addicts talking about how fentanyl has changed the game and whether or not these test strips can help save some lives!! #BrockvillesOpioidEpidemic.
#ReaLeaf #harmreduction #opioids #opioidepidemic #addiction #safeinjection #opioidcrisis #warondrugs #fentanylkills #carfentanil #fentanylteststrip #heroin #fentanyltesting #loveanaddict #harmreductionsaveslives #harmreductionworks

This isn’t how our story was supposed to end. I wanted you to live a beautiful life. I wanted to meet your wife and rock your babies. I wanted a reality that wasn’t to be. I pray that telling your story will begin to break down the walls and change the hearts and minds of those who believe that people like you are disposable. That your life didn’t matter. That the disease of addiction wiped away your worth and made your death acceptable to society. Telling our story keeps you alive. Telling your story keeps me alive. I wish you and I could have one last conversation. God how I wish Heaven had visiting hours… ❤️ #keilowolfe #unsignedartist #sagittarius #mothertoanangel #carfentanil #addictionkills #youshouldbehere #mommasboy

The CDC recently announced that overdose deaths rose 21% in 2016.

America`s #Opiate #Prescription #addiction #problem is becoming the #greatest #threat to the American Middle class.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put the opioid crisis into perspective in a new analysis—reporting that 63,632 Americans were killed by drug overdose in 2016, which rounds out to a whopping 174 deaths a day.

The figure represents a 21% spike in #deaths from 2015, just a year before. Of these deaths, more than 42,000 involved opioids; that’s two out of three #drug deaths in the #UnitedStates.

The CDC places the blame on synthetic opioids, like fentanyl, for this still-growing death count. The organization has found #fentanyl to be 100 times as powerful as #morphine and 50 times as powerful as #heroin. It’s been used as an adulterant in other drugs, such as #cocaine. Some analogs of fentanyl are shockingly #lethal, such as #carfentanil, which is so deadly that two milligrams can kill 100 people.

Parsing the numbers between #illegal and #legal opioids, the analysis finds that deaths from prescription opioids rose about 10.6%, while heroin deaths rose by almost 20%. The increased deaths were also found to be concentrated in 10 states, which saw synthetic opioid-related deaths double.

The #CDC released this #analysis in response to the spending bill passed by #Congress a week ago. The bill budgets $3.3 billion to #combat the growing opioid epidemic. The #money is likely going to expanding #treatment #options, according to lawmakers.

How intelligently the $3.3 billion will be spent remains to be seen, considering Kellyanne Conway—who Trump has entrusted with solving the opioid crisis—encouraged college students to buy french fries instead of fentanyl. “On our #college campuses, your folks are reading the labels, they won't put any sugar in their body, they don't eat carbs anymore, and they're very, very fastidious about what goes into their body,” Conway said. “And then you buy a street drug for $5 or $10, it's laced with fentanyl, and that's it.”
Full story here:

Exactly 1 year ago today this picture was taken, and that night I went to bed having everything in my life I had ever wanted, and when I woke up the next day it was gone. Today I look at this picture, and see how happy I was, and honestly I can’t remember what that feels like anymore. My son Trey Thompson commented on this picture at 6:57 am while he was waiting to clock out at work, within 30 mins he was flying with Angels. Your life can change in an instant, never take that for granted.❤️
#familyiseverything #keilowolfe #mothertoanangel #lifecanchange #carfentanil #addictionkills

Repost from @dancesafe_ and with festival season approaching this has become more important than ever!

ALWAYS test your stuff rave fam. You never know these days what you're getting.

If you are in the GTA, contact @tripproject for help with testing! Please! It can save your life!

#drugalert #tripproject #dancesafe #canadianravers #ravefam #dangerous #test #carfentanil #acid #lsd #trippy #becareful #partysmart #partysafe

Elephant Tranquilliser in your Heroin? http://ow.ly/4UTS30jbWeS There have been recent reports in the U.S. of #heroin found mixed with #fentanyl, or even heroin cut with #carfentanil—an elephant #tranquilizer! For help with heroin #addiction, call us on 0800 802 1375 #drugrehab #dontdodrugs #beawesomeinstead #drugs

I’m a happy dumpling cause I got a Naloxene kit today! Naloxene is a drug that can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. As someone who is an avid venue/club hopper I come across a lot of coke, speed, ecstasy, ketamine and whatever candies of the night might be floating around. While I have absolutely no problem with whatever drugs my peers might be doing I can’t help but feel super anxious about what’s going on back home. I personally know two friends who have overdosed and died from fentanyl laced drugs (coke and ecstacy). There’s a huge fentanyl and carfentanil epidemic going on in Vancouver and I’ve heard of a few cases here in Montreal too. So don’t snooze on this opportunity to help someone out u dudes. Naloxene trainings are available at plein milieu and you can pick up a free kit from any pharmacy in Quebec!! #montreal #vancouver #naloxene #fentanyl #carfentanil #bc

This week, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Jim Walsh is leading the U.S. delegation to the 61st #UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in #Vienna. The U.S. welcomes today’s unanimous vote at #CND61 to add #carfentanil, a synthetic opioid 10,000 times more powerful than morphine, to the list of controlled substances under the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. This move by the @unitednations will help save lives, particularly in the United States where the death toll of the opioid epidemic is still on the rise. #CND2018

We wanted to share this infographic about #fentanyl because of how shockingly potent and deadly it is. There is a link to the full blog post in our bio.

#fentanyl #carfentanil #opiates #opioids #recovery

I snapped this from this month's Time. There is much truth in this. 64,000 people died from overdose last year. Let that sink in as people are pushing for stricter gun laws.
#addictions #heroinkills #opioidepidemic #overdose #intervention #opioidcrisis #drugwars #carfentanil #heroin #helpthem #recovery #soberliving #cocaine #gethelp #casemanagers #psychology #saveyourself #recoverycenter #chemicaldependency #addictioncounseling #temptingfate #chancingsuicide

On a subject that hits oh so many and me especially in a very personal, painful and deeply empathetic way: I want you all to take a deep breath and say: cannabis is not a hard drug; I pray for the 721 lost Alberta souls to an epidemic that we must all join together and eradicate. This hell on earth must end and I was lucky enough to survive the years that led up to the deadly fentanyl and carfentanil crisis health care workers are desperately trying to stop each day. If I have to be the poster boy for methadone and suboxone maintenance, so be it. Thank you #calgaryodp, #albertahealthservices #naturalhealthservices #cupshealth. Doctor McPhail, and Doctor S Clain, Doctor L Clearsky. You amazing people helped save my life and gave me hope where there was none before. May god watch over ALL opioid addicts and carry them when they no longer can carry themselves, guide them back home and bring them the peace (and life) they truly deserve. #footsteps #fentanyl #carfentanil #opoidepidemic #calgary #alberta #canyouhearme #payitforward #loveallgodscreatures

Carfentanil is an extremely potent opioid that is used to immobilize large animals, such as elephants, chimpanzees and gorillas. It's 10000 times stronger than morphine and 5000 times stronger than heroin.

#science #chemistry #biology #carfentanil #opioid #opioids #drug #animals #elephants #chimpanzees #gorillas #morphine #heroin

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