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B.C.’s overdose problem is expected to get worse over the next few days because social-assistance payments were made by the government on Wednesday. Health officials have noted a significant upswing in overdose cases in the week after social-assistance cheques are delivered.
British Columbia is suffering from an epidemic of fatal drug overdoses. Illicit fentanyl and carfentanil are fuelling a public-health emergency. This is part 3 of 9 in an Instagram mosaic highlighting the human impact of the crisis.
Photographed: First responders help an overdose victim in a Downtown Eastside alley in Vancouver on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Rafal Gerszak/The Globe and Mail

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The original numbers were startling enough — 30 #heroin overdoses across Cincinnati in a single weekend.
Then they just kept climbing.
Seventy-eight more overdoses and at least three deaths were reported during a 48-hour period Tuesday and Wednesday.
And at the end of last week, after a six-day stretch of emergency-room visits that exhausted first responders and their medical supplies, the overdose tally soared to a number health officials are calling “unprecedented”: 174.
On average, Cincinnati has four overdose reports per day, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported, and usually no more than 20 or 25 in a given week.
[Heroin cut with #elephanttranquilizer may have caused 60 overdoses across two states in just 48 hours]
But pure heroin is what’s responsible for that average. And that’s not what’s on the streets now, they say. The culprit responsible for the staggering number was probably heroin cut with the latest #opioid boost meant to deliver consumers a stronger, extended high — #carfentanil. That’s a tranquilizer for, among other large animals, elephants. And it’s 10,000 times as strong as #morphine. 😐

#carfentanil es la peligrosa droga que desembarca en #miami

The Next Big Thing: #Carfentanil. Today on the blog, what was originally intended as an elephant tranquilizer is now being used to lace #heroin, and has been responsible for many #overdoses across the nation. Read more on the Spectrum Health Systems blog. Link in bio. #Repost @spectrumhealthsystems

Image: foam cone due to drug overdose, from Spitz and Fisher's "Medicolegal Investigation of Death". In light of the recent opioid overdose epidemic, several people have DM'ed me to ask – if the cause of death is in the toxicology, what are you actually looking for in the autopsy? Unlike medical examiners on TV, I may not get the tox back right away (or for several weeks or months, actually), but there are a couple of things (other than drug paraphernalia at the scene) that send my index of suspicion through the roof for a heroin or fentanyl overdose.

Three things to look for at the autopsy of an overdose victim: a swollen brain, heavy lungs, and lots of urine. A death due to opiate or opioid overdose is usually a slow one; heroin and fentanyl suppress the respiratory drive that keeps you breathing without having to think about it. As breathing slows, less moisture leaves the lungs, and they become congested. (This extra moisture in the respiratory tract sometimes leads to the "foam cone" over the face, a classic external sign of overdose, as seen above.) And the brain's reaction to lessened oxygen levels is to swell, better known as cerebral edema.
An odd side-effect of opiate use is that it makes your sphincters snap shut – ALL of them – which manifests in pinpoint pupils and lots of retained urine due to tightening of the sphincters of the bladder, and, occasionally, very distressed complaints from male users that they can't ejaculate.
But I've noticed that in cases of overdose due to the stronger fentanyl analogs now flooding the market, some or all of the above signs may be absent; 3-methyl fentanyl and carfentanil simply kill users too quickly for their lungs to become congested or their brains to swell. Even autopsy findings can't help but change with the times, I guess.

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#carfentanil warn ur friends . Was told this is shit is so lethal it can take out a 4 mile radius out . Terrorist have begun to make fake #Xanax #painkiller and lace #heroin wit it. Already responsible for many deaths in Cincinnati. Current narcon dose is 2mg it takes 10 MGs of narcon to reverse effects. Death in 20 mins.

The fentanyl crisis affecting Vancouver’s downtown Eastside is part of a Canada-wide crisis. Governments across the country are scrambling to adjust policies related to the misuse of opioids, as well as developing strategies to help front-line workers respond to a surge in overdoses.

British Columbia is suffering from an epidemic of fatal drug overdoses. Illicit fentanyl and carfentanil are fueling a public-health emergency. This is part 4 of 9 in an Instagram mosaic highlighting the human impact of the crisis.
Photographed: First responders help an overdose victim in a Downtown Eastside alley in Vancouver on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Rafal Gerszak/The Globe and Mail

#dtes #fentanyl #carfentanil #opioids #addiction

Special thanks to @wfla John Rogers and @fox13.news Kimberly Kuizon for talking to Captain John Walsh about the arrest of Melissa Winings, who faces Manslaughter today after she supplied #Carfentanil to a man who died from an overdose. Watch their stories tonight!

Deadly doses of #heroin #fentanyl and #carfentanil . #opiodepidemic
Ask for help. #icare


Ima just sit this right here #carfentanil #philly #thefuture #Tag

😳😳😳 yoooooooooo!!! This really our future tho??? New Drug #carfentanil in #philly tho?? Wow!!! Don't believe me do your research 💯💯 this was only 1 other case

Did you hear what happened??? Smh #carfentanil #philly #Tag

Gray Death can be composed of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, U-47700, other synthetic opioids and unknown additives. While all batches of Gray Death contain potentially deadly doses of opioids, there is limited consistency in their composition. It has the appearance of fine, powdery cement or chunky concrete. Gray Death is further fueling the opioid epidemic and overdose deaths.
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They should charge you with attempted murder if you get caught selling fentanyl or carfentanil! How many more kids need to die before they shut this shit down! If the police won't do it the friends and families of the victims will! Opiate deaths dropped over 25% in the states that have Marijuana... Florida passed medical marijuana with an overwhelming majority of the voters! Hurry the fuck up and make it more like California and save a few of these kids lives! So sad seeing young people dying every week from overdosing! And it all starts from the prescriptions. Oxys and Roxys... it's much cheaper and more available to buy "heroin" and now all these kids wind up dead... I'm sick of reading about it and something needs to be done immediately!! Justice or street justice...the problem needs to be taken care of now! #FentanylKills #Carfentanil #RIP

Did You Know…The potent opiate drug #Carfentanil is linked to at least 53 deaths in Broward County in 2016, more than any other county in the nation?

And they wonder why I'm not a people person 😫😤😤😤 9:50 at night and this is what I hear. Within a 1 block radius 5 junkies all stumbling, one of which stumbles and decides the pole will be his drum....the pole that has to be right by my car... dear #baltimorecity and #bcpd when's this whole war on drugs thing going into effect?? Oh wait never apparently, shame this is 10x better then how things were when I was growing up😑 #rantover#gothefuckhome#junkies#warondrugs#carfentanil#overdose#whenwillitend#lacedheroin#thisiswhatitdoes#opiodoverdose#baltimorecity#ihaveworkintheam

#BigPharma #BigPharmaisTheTerrorist #terrorist #terrorism "#DrugOverdoseDeaths in #2016 most likely exceeded 59,000, largest jump ever recorded in #UnitedStates, according to preliminary data compiled by The New York Times. Death count is latest consequence of an escalating #publichealth crisis: #opioidAddiction, now made more deadly by an influx of illicitly manufactured #fentanyl and similar drugs. Drug overdoses are now leading cause of death among #Americans under 50. Although #data is preliminary, best estimate is that deaths rose 19% over the 52,404 recorded in #2015. And all evidence suggests the problem has continued to worsen in #2017. Because drug deaths take a long time to certify, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will not be able to calculate final numbers until December...so many last year that on three separate occasions the #county had to request refrigerated trailers to store bodies because they’d run out of space in #morgue. It’s not unique to Akron. Coroners’ offices throughout state are being overwhelmed...In some Ohio counties, deaths from #heroin have virtually disappeared. Instead, culprit is #fentanyl or one of its many analogues. In Montgomery County, of the 100 drug overdose deaths recorded in January and February, only three people tested positive for heroin; 99 tested positive for fentanyl or an analogues.
Fentanyl isn’t new. But over the past three years, it has been popping up in #drugseizures across country...Most of the time, it’s sold on the street as heroin, or drug traffickers use it to make cheap counterfeit prescription opioids. Fentanyls are showing up in cocaine as well, contributing to an increase in cocaine-related overdoses.
Most deadly of fentanyl analogues is #carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer 5,000 times stronger than heroin. Amount smaller than few grains of salt can be lethal...Early data from 2017 suggests that drug overdose deaths will continue to rise this year...Over two million Americans estimated to be dependent on opioids, and additional 95 million used prescription painkillers in the past year"

This shyt is getting outta hand in my city bruh.. buddy trippin 🤦🏾‍♀️ #dontdodrugs #justweed #weedisgoodforyou #heroinaddict #fentanyl #carfentanil #epidemic #daytonohio

Deputy EMS treated for #overdose symptoms responding to call - #heroin #fentanyl #carfentanil #opioids #mentalhealth #epidemic #addiction http://bsun.md/2q9qbKo

#NewHampshire #Carfentanil
Manchester Fire’s EMS Director Chris Hickey is warning New Hampshire residents they must be “hyper, hyper vigilant of what is out there, hyper vigilant of where you put your hands, what you come in contact with.”... “There is nothing out there other than going in in hazmat suits on every single overdose that is going to completely protect us. We just have to be super, super careful with it,” Hickey told his own crew.... The drug is so powerful that first responders are even having a hard time reversing overdoses when they arrive at emergency locations.... On one occasion, Hickey said, one of his men had to use six to eight doses of Narcan, an overdose reversal drug, to revive a victim — twice the dose used in most cases....

If use fentanyl, carfentanil, or what you believe to be oxycodone please visit a participating pharmacy in Alberta for a FREE naloxone kit (may be obtained without I.D or prescription) #alberta #harmreduction #spreadtheword #edmonton #calgary #canadian #crisis #publichealth #health #naloxone #fentanyl #carfentanil #drugs #safety #albertahealth #opioids #share

Reports show that an increasing amount of heroin is being laced with carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer so powerful that just one grain of it can kill you. Learn more in our latest blog post. bit.ly/CarfentanilOnTheLoose

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