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Felt like Christmas this morning when my order arrived - lots of lovely new smells for me to adventure with :) I just partnered with doterra as I’ve discovered that marrying network marketing with online marketing allows me to offer a complete “business in a box” solution for my clients who find starting a business to be daunting. I’m fast tracking my team growth using automated funnels I can share with my team! Want to get involved too?

70 degrees in Boston in February is a #slamdunk for our employees

This is so spot on! 3 factors that #employees really want, that so many #companies are still failing to provide. WHY?

Companies and #leadership need to do better to provide these 3 things for their employees. This information was from an article I read on #harvardbusinessreview and based on their study, these 3 factors were the common need among all age groups, and profession.
• Career
• Community
• Cause

#HR plays a significant role in leading the way to achieve these 3 factors that will contribute to the overall satisfaction and experience of your people. #hrpmgroup

Think long term. One of the questions I get all the time is, do I need to wait till I have a lot of money before I start investing? My answer is always, ‘Absolutely not’. Start with what you have and think long term. Take advantage of the power of compound interest while you can. Whatever you start with now adds up eventually.
If you’re wondering what you can invest in with little money? There are investment options you can start with for as low as N5,000- N10,000 ($15-$25). Two of these options are mutual funds and the stock market.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t start investing looking to make the quick buck. The quick buck doesn’t last the test of time. Focus on your long-term goal; financial freedom and start investing now. The earlier you start, the more you can build up returns for the future.

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This isn’t the first time I’ve pulled this card. I think the Big U is trying to tell me something?! 😉 I desire a SOLD sign in front of my house. I desire a career that fills up my heart and others. I desire a rich family life, filled with so many good memories that it makes our heads spin.
So...that’s what I’ll focus on. Happy hump day insta-family 😘♥️ #richlife #soldhouse #careerlife #balance #yeg #yegmama #desires #theuniversehasyourback #positivethoughts #yourthoughtsarepowerful #health #fitness #fitmom #thoughts #actions #soulstuff

Being satisfied in your job is great! But reaching a pint where you’re too comfortable, almost to the point if complacent can be dangerous. .
Remember, you never know what change might be around the corner so it’s good to keep learning, challenging yourself and developing .

There are no short cuts. Do the work to get what you want. #pointblankperiod

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” -unknown ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Determined to not let the stress of this week (let’s be honest this season of life) get to me too much. It isn’t easy, but tackling each day with prayer and trying to get stuff done does help. I’ve stopped saying “when life slows down” because I don’t think that will actually ever happen. So here’s to getting through another day! #lotsofworktobedone #stressrelief #idolovemyjob #careerlife #itsnotforeveryone #assistantlife

As I continue to blog during my honeymoon, I realized this has become a habit now. I simply cannot NOT write. People tell me I'm so great for writing so much and having so many words in each article (my younger self would probably say the same thing - I'd always had to shove more words into my college essays) but the truth is my blog is my saving grace. I have so much to say and I actually have ppl that want to listen and read... it's still pretty mindblowing whenever I think about it. But my point is... if I couldn't write and publish, I would die of literary expression constipation. Really. I am grateful for @cubicle_chic and everyone who has clicked on anything related to it at least once. Thank you.

Doctors bag professional 🤟🏼👨🏻‍🎓#careerlife

Deine Nahrungsmittel seien deine Heilmittel. Hippokrates, griechischer Arzt 🍴 👌 •

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