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Get ready LA! Our one-day retreat, "All About That Mama" is happening on December 4th at the gorgeous @thejeremyhotel. Have you ever wondered what the secret was that enables some women to pivot from one career into a more fulfilling one? We certainly did; so we rounded up a rockstar panel featuring @denisevasi, @haylieduff, @sarahappherself and @gibsontuttle who will share their inspiring journeys. We're so exited! . . .

In addition to our panel, “All About That Mama” will have a wellness workshop with holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach, @bewellbykelly and guests will also be pampered in our heymama Beauty Room with services from @thedrybar, @oliveandjune,
@blushington, @sarahapp, and @ranavatbotanics. Plus, there will be tons of opportunities to connect with other bad a$$ mamas and have fun as you focus on your goals. Check out the link in our profile to buy tickets! Space is limited. #joinus #strongertogether #AllAboutThatMama

New month and new beginning's. I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to work at my dream company coming out of college. @abcnews Started an an intern and landed my first job as a Production Associate on Nightline. Hard work truly helps make the dream work. Thank you to all the people who have continuously pushed and helped me along the way. 💝💝💝 #blackgirlmagic #womeninmedia #abcnews #careerdriven #nolimit

I want to congratulate my baby, my boo, my fav Danni Danni boo on her accomplishment. I am so happy for this next chapter in your life. It's official 😘😎 #MsOfficer #Levels #GodDitIt #Grad #Careerdriven

2nd day back chasing my dreams! And that cheeky smirk says it all ☺️🙈 #careerdriven #performancecoach #teamapex

It will never be perfect so make it work ...!! Only 2 weeks to go before heading to Sri Lanka .....🤗 Get Ready my love bugs..!! #missintercontinental2017 #missintercontinental #MissIntercontinentalJamaica #roadtosrilanka #pageantlife #876life #jamaica #Caribbeangirls #healthylife #exercise #instalovers #model #careerdriven #goals

Off to celebrate landing a new job! I've worked pretty hard to get here and I'm extremely proud. I would of never been able to do it without my family, best friend and Fiance's encouragement. Feeling blessed to be surrounded by people who push me to be the very best version of myself! 🍾🍻🎉
#careerdriven #ineedsun

About to get ready for another photoshoot with @autumnagrellaphotography today 🙌🏻 • • • what are our up to today?!

Morning World: Happy that the Lord has blessed me to be where i am today, Alive and Healthy and a job that i love❤ #newnuiform #careerdriven 👌👌


Don't do it for the money, for the success, for what other people will think of you. Do it because you love it, and the success will follow

I did get my workout in today. This just HAPPENED to be the FINAL workout in my ShiftShop saga. I finally did it!!! If you’ve been following me, you know that this took the form of a number of fits and starts. Battling with a busy work schedule, a sprained ankle, and just with my own stubborn self. But a switch flipped and I got tired of coasting. If not seeing the needle move. We often expect change but bail the minute things get uncomfortable. This time I pushed past all that discomfort (believe me, with the final week’s long workouts, there is some discomfort!). .
But that’s when the magic happens and you start to see the fruits of your labor. I started feeling amazing. And my clothes fit better 👍. .
Not gonna lie though. Today I was not feeling it. Like at all!! In fact, most days it’s the last thing I want to do. My pics might make it seem like I have this unusual motivation and enthusiasm for workouts at the end of a long tiring day. But NOTHING could be further from the truth!! .
👉Truth is I have to play all kind of games with my mind to bust out of ruts and get my body moving. Often it’s just the reminder of how I feel when I get it done and how I feel when I bail. Just getting started is key. Then finishing despite how challenging it can be is the bomb!!! 💥 #consistencyiskey #bestrongerthanyourexcuses #pushpasttheexcuses #fitsciencemom

When you’re jealous of your pre-teen’s sense of style😂. Yes a pre-teen still for less than two weeks! #momlifebelike #soontobe13 #momofgirls #fashionsense #fitsciencemom

I've found that it's easiest to excel when you're enjoying what you're doing.

I went to bed around midnight last night and got up at about 8:30 am. It was blissful! I remember the days when my girls were up at the crack of dawn or earlier (my oldest by 4:40/5 am on a weekend!!) and my husband and I would be exhausted by noon. So now I get how lucky we are to be back on our schedule (sorta, we do have dogs 🐕🐶🙄). I’m a 7-8 hours/night kinda gal. When I make day trips to Cambridge for work, my colleagues all meet up at the cafe car and open up theirs computers and email and chat. I tell them I’ll see them in Cambridge, grab a comfy seat and nap as much as I can. It is 5 am after all!!!! I’m lucky I don’t suffer from insomnia except occasionally when I’m stressed. Working out certainly helps. .
✨I believe getting enough sleep has a bigger impact on our life than we realize✨. It affects our energy, our mood, our stamina, our creativity, our ability to keep our emotions in check, our health....
✨I definitely sleep well when I eat well. I sleep like crap when I eat like crap. .
✨I sleep AMAZING when I’m working out regularly✨
✨and if I had a productive day, and feel good about the person I showed up as to my friends, colleagues, and family, I sleep well.✨
✨The ability to do all those things: eat well, workout, perform, parent, be a good colleague and friend... all require good sleep. See how it all works together!? .
If you’re off the wagon it all falls apart. If you’re on, it builds positive momentum in your life. .
Hope everyone gets a good night sleep tonight!! Sleep 😴 #getenoughsleep #getenoughrest #healthylifestyle #sundayvibes #sundaymornings #fitsciencemom

How bad do you want the career you deserve?

From the other night, I love when women from all backgrounds get together. #vegasnightlife #beautiful #women #careerdriven #doubled #live #laugh #love

I did get my workout in today. One more day and I finished Round1 of ShiftShop!!! This week was tough but I can’t BELIEVE the energy I’ve had. I have been sleeping like a baby, waking up energized, chipper all week. And my productivity at work was way up. No more afternoon lulls. It’s a clear reminder of how beneficial it is to workout and eat clean. Oh yeah, bonusis my pants are fitting better👍#healthylifestyle #fitsciencemom #gotitdone #workoutmotivation #saturdayworkout

*phew... glad that's done. Thanks @civo05 for the pic! Presenting at ATCSA2017. #cardiothoracicsurgery #aorta #geek #goals #careerdriven

Yesterday night, my aunt went in for an emergency surgery. I rushed over to the hospital at 2am to help translate. I’m a first generation student and I learned very early on that balancing family and work will always be a part of MY life.

About to get ready for another photoshoot with @autumnagrellaphotography today 🙌🏻 • • • what are our up to today?!

Did you know that we are investors in dreams? Over a year ago Wendy disclosed that she wanted to be a Lyricist...after our career photo shoot, seeing became more than dreaming and started writing; preparing to record in the studio! Today with the help of her DIVINE, DEVOTED, & DRIVEN mentor @fly_byrdee, she's living her dream! Show our girl some love!!! #WeDreamIn3D #Divine #Devoted #Driven #BlackGirlMagic #MajorLeague #DreamBuilding #LivingThroughGiving #Mentorship #MentorsRock #Volunteer #Donate #Fundraising #CareerDriven #Future #DreamsComeTrue #KeepPushing

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