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Waiting for Careem ride :) #careemegy

انتظروني في اعلان @careemegy. #careemegy. #careemegypt. 🚘🚖🚘

We're here at @fourseasons Giza while @Careemeg's Managing Director Wael Fakharany launching their latest service "Go&Go+" Excited to discover it!!
#Egypt #Careem #Whatshot #Monday #careemegy

Enjoy 50% off 4 trips with Careem @careemegy till the end of the month by using this promo code @fitiology
Thank you @careemegy 😍
#Careem #Careemegy #fitiology

Because #Careem is home ! :)
#CareemEgy #Friends #Fun #Love

Now you can enjoy a free ride when you pay with your MasterCard, not only that, but also you'll get 20% of your monthly rides using promo code MasterCard.
#Careem #CareemCai #CareemEgy

Wondering how you'll get to Maadi on Race Day?? How about a free ride? :-) We're thrilled to announce Careem as our Transportation Partner for the Cairo Half Marathon and that they're offering you a FREE ride to the race venue in Maadi AND back home after the race up to 80 EGP!

To get the offer, schedule your ride any time from now until Thursday on @Careemegy :
1) Open the Careem app on your phone (and get it for free on iOS and Android if you don't have it)

2) Select Economy, set your pickup location and click ride later

3) Choose the time you want to be picked up on Friday Morning (the event starts at 6 AM and ends around noon)

4) Set the destination to Maadi Technology Park (You can find it if you search for Cairo Contact Centers Park on the app)

5) IMPORTANT: Choose a credit card as payment option. (This offer doesn't support cash payments)

6) Enter Promo Code: "cairorunners" in the field at the bottom (single word) and watch the estimated fare go to "0" :-) 7) Click "YALLA!" and you're good to go

To go home from the venue, schedule your ride back using the same promotion code and steps.
SCHEDULE YOUR TRIPS NOW!! (and go to cairorunners.com if you haven't booked your Marathon ticket yet!)
#RunCairo #CareemEgy

بتتساءل لسة هاتروح المعادي وتروح ازاي يوم السباق؟؟؟ طب واللي يوديك ويجيبك ببلاش؟؟ مبسوطين اننا نعلن ان Careem هما شريك الانتقالات الرسمي لنصف ماراثون القاهرة السنة دي. وبالمناسبة دي، يوم الماراثون Careem مديين فرصة لكل المشاركين في الماراثون ان عربية تاخدهم من البيت للسباق وترجعهم تاني في اخر اليوم ببلاش (لحد تكلفة ٨٠ ج)!!! عشان تستفيدوا من العرض من دلوقتي ليوم الخميس اتبعوا الخطوات دي:
١) افتح تطبيق Careem (ولو مش عندك نزله ببلاش على iOS او Android)
٢) اختار Economy وحدد النقطة اللي هاياخدك منها ودوس Ride Later
٣) اختار الوقت اللي عايز العربية تجيلك فيه (اليوم بيبدأ ٦ الصبح وبينتهي على ١١:٣٠ او ١٢ الضهر)
٤) اختار الجهة في المعادي عشان تروح التكنولوچي پارك (دور على Cairo Contact Centers Park) ع الخريطة
٥) مهم!!!!! اختار طريقة الدفع بطاقة ائتمانية
٦) دخل كود العرض: "cairorunners" في المكان المخصص...هاتلاقي التكلفة بقت صفر :-)
٧) دوس على YALLA! وبس كدا

عشان تروح من هناك احجز برضه العربية من دلوقتي بنفس الكود

#ocegypt hosted a sohour for #careemegy and decorated with tables with @turathegypt glass candleholders made by egyptian artisans اشترى يدوى. اشترى مصرى


تجربة جميبة جداً 👌😍
شكراً بدر 😍
#Careem #CareemEGY #careemscooter🛵

Had an amazing experience with @careemegy 🛵 totally recomand for time saving ⏱& 💰 👍.
#careem#careemegy#transportation#taxi#driver#egypt #alexandria#vespa#traffic#yalla_careem

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