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Day 22 of 365. I stand by those who stand by me. But be warned, those who claim to but then bail when things get tough or complicated will not be welcomed back. I value the people who are with me from the start before the successful times.

Day 21 of 365. Wake up every day thankful for another chance to live life and make the most of the opportunities you will have. Stay positive. Let's seize the day!

Awesome cards trick by @sanchit778 😇😇

Day 20 of 365. In the end, a positive emotion associated with a dream will create more traction and go further than a negative emotion associated with the same dream. When I mentally prepared to become a more positive force, I had no idea that it would lead me to the most powerful reason to keep fighting for my dreams. Now that this has happened I know that I will succeed. And it's not because I want to. It's because I have to.

The possibilities for an experienced magician or cardist are numerous. For instance, try surprising your spectators by spelling out a word or sentence with your cards. 🔳🔲

First of all, it's a double-sided cardistry deck with a white and black side, allowing fans in both colours as well as a fan in alternating black-and-white. Besides that, every card's black and white side features a letter which allows you to make words.🔳🔲

This deck by De'Vo Playing Cards, one of the pioneers in creating proper cardistry decks, has found a fitting name in 'WTF', as it has an astounding number of different functions and uses.🔳🔲

Plexdeck Sunfury sparkling with energy. #plexdeck #cardistrydeck

ArtOfCardistry Deck by♥️ @thebocopoplayingcardco

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