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I've been trying to spend my days off during the week doing 2 a day's. Gotta crush this cardio session.. #cardioisboring #GAINZ

I rarely do any cardio. The few times I do are after some deep tissue work from @anthonybolognini to get some blood flowing to the muscles. The final result is usually me being out of breath, soaked and exhausted 🆘 #LateNightCardioBootyCall #CardioIsBoring #ZeroFun

Didn't know whether to post this or not but sod it 🌸Found an old photo of me (December 2014) in first year at uni, safe to say I had put on a little timber and I hadn't realised how much weight id lost since then. The middle photo is exactly a year later, I'd basically starved myself, just did cardio and still thought I was 'fat'. Nearly a year on now I've educated myself on what to eat and what to do in the gym (through a PT over summer, shout out to Bobby👍🏼). Although I'm a couple of pounds heavier now than I was in the middle photo (I'm hoping that's down to doing weights) I've still lost around a stone? Maybe a little more/less. Basically I'm proud of what I've achieved and even though I could happily demolish a dominoes and a tub of Ben and Jerrys (and I will) seeing progression is what makes me get up in a morning and get my arse in the gym! I'm still not 100% happy and I probably never will but this photo makes me realised I'm going in the right direction 🙌🏼 #weightloss #puregym #cardioisboring #tubbytapper #reallywantapizza

Can you name that movie?!? Love that they have something to make cardio more fun at the gym! #workout #cardioisboring #cardio #movietime #whocanguessit

Room full of kids? Check. Trampolines to allow vertical flanking maneuvers? Check. Momentum-absorbent dodgeballs for non-lethal engagement of the enemy? Check.
Too be fair, there are a few "adults" on the other side. And, of course, no kids were injured physically, just emotionally.

Had real food for lunch yesterday. 💁 Chicken boob, cauliflower rice (I just grated cauliflower idk), and sauteed pepper and onion in a lettuce leaf. Franks Chile and Lime on top because it legit tastes like tacos. 👅💚🐓🌱✨ #health #fitness #healthyliving #livinghealthy #cardioisboring


I've been trying to spend my days off during the week doing 2 a day's. Gotta crush this cardio session.. #cardioisboring #GAINZ

Happy Friday!

The weekend means it's time to eat way to much food!

Kettlebell ballistics are brutally efficient at burning a ton of calories in a short period of time. The kettlebell snatch is my personal favourite (as demonstrated flawlessly by @kimsiggers) but swings, cleans and high pulls will all do the job!

For an even greater after burn use Kettlebell ballistics in an interval protocol, tabata or complex.
Enjoy the burn! 🔥 🔥 🔥

Even on vacation I must keep going. This is one of my favorite gyms to workout at. It's on base and has a real old school feel to it. Nice to get in some heavy cardio. #cardio #dontquit #workout #workoutmotivation #vacationmode #sandiego #cali #personaltrainer #trainhard #cardioisboring #butnecessary #cardiomyweakness

Getting it done 200g sweet potato wedges, 200g chicken and vegetables #stillfat #gettingthere #cardioisboring

Does anybody else feel this way during cardio? I swear, it's like a mind game getting through it. I'd much rather be lifting weights, but it's gotta get done. .
#cardio #sweatsesh #wednesdaycardio #spin #running #sweatsweatsweat #cardioisboring #fitfam #fitness #fitgirls #fitchicks #doitforyou #doitfortheafterselfie #motivated

Me on the way to gym - "Just an hour of cardio. Easy! Time will fly. It's ok to not do weights today"
Me 10mins into treadmill "Oh my god when will this boring torture end?! F*ck this, where are the dumbbells at?!"
Cardio is stupid. #stupidcardio #cardioisboring #wishtherewasamountainatcamptoclimb

Better HIIT cardio session today.
Tried something new today: 45 seconds on, 15 off, alternated with 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.
This is how I push through cardio. I need to have a TV show on, music blaring in my headphones, and intervals because otherwise- I would hate cardio so much more.
You find what works and stick with it.

#cardio #HIITcardio #HIIT #gymlife #gymtherapy #pandoraradio #fitlife #cardioisboring #didmycardio #lovegym

I hate cardio, but we all gots to do it. #fitchicks #cardioisBORING

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