💚🥒Anahata Chakra🍏💚 “I LOVE.” Ahhh the heart. Our center of unconditional love, compassion, and emotional balance. Our power source for the entire body. The related sin of this chakra is envy and a lack of kindness, which may indicate it’s out of balance. I love slathering Ylang Ylang and Lavender on my heart. Why? They are powerful oils. •Ylang Ylang helps to ease cardiac issues, increases blood flow, and is a natural antidepressant and immune booster. It’s also an aphrodisiac to really boost the love and heart chakra🤭•Lavender is a high frequency oil that helps to balance the emotions, provides antioxidant protection for the brain and body, natural stress reliever. Also—fresh picked flowers,(a weed actually), because a girl’s heart grows warmer with flowers! Interested in discovering the benefits yourself? DM me or comment “health is wealth,” below! Or, you can order from my website in the link above! Nature is man’s best medicine, and I’m so grateful to help lead you to a less-toxic and more positive life. 💌Essentioily yours, Jessie

Why Chaturanga for the heart chakra? 💚Your hands help lower you to the ground...they are linked to the power of your heart. Hands can heal, they emit love and energy, they make music and art, they feed our body with nutrients everyday. What else do you love about your hands? •Imagine the energy of your heart pouring into them• Secondly, Chaturanga helps us with our posture! The next time you see someone with their shoulders rounding forward, understand that maybe they are protecting their heart because of past traumas and personal struggles. Our posture is everything, and an aligned body brings us to our true essence and highest emotional intelligence. It also benefits our bodies on a cellular level!!! Happy Friday eve, friends. 📸taken in magical Central Park, where I charged up on love in between teaching yoga and music. Sending love to you Essentioily yours, Jessie 👋🏼💯

This is where I was after my #heartattack and where I go to #cardiacrehab but the cool thing about this video is there are three women on board taking care of business! #women doing incredible work using their #gifts and #talents helping others. #choppergirl #bossbabe #wearewomen #Godspeed #fearless #fly #womenempowerment #godcreated us to serve him everywhere #rolemodels

Another day at the hospital! #hearthealthy #LVAD #cardiacrehab

#cardiacrehab Stage 4!! Woop woop! How proud am I you ask? ...VERY!! So glad I agreed to this programme 😁 #HeartFailure #Cardiomyopathy #DilatedCardiomyopathy #HeartDisease #HeartWarriors #Gym #Workout #Fitness #Cardio #ExerciseforBeginners ❤👍🏻 #LifeItOrNot

There she is 🙏🏽 excited to introduce the start of something huge for Medical Yoga UK aswell as the health care system and cardiac rehab specifically in the 🇬🇧. NHS have now incorporated Medical Yoga as part of their cardiac rehabilitation in some of their hospitals. I feel so honoured and humbled to receive an “Honorary Contract” and can’t wait to meet the patients and guide them back to a speedier recovery and with an aim to prevent further relapses. Medical Yoga offers a full programme as part of the rehabilitation in the hospitals. How sweet is it to be titled Honorary Yoga Teacher 🧘🏽‍♀️💚🧘🏼‍♂️ #medicalyogauk #nhs #cardiacrehab #honorarycontract #yogateacher #yogaastherapy #mediyoga #breathe #hearthealing #pioneering #satnam #yogafortheheart #yogaforcompletebalance #energeticbeings

It's #ExerciseRight week and today we are getting a snapshot into the one and only Angelo, Louisa’s dad.
Angelo had no history of lifestyle diseases, maintained a healthy diet and enjoyed getting his bootcamp on several times a week. However early this year he knew something wasn't right! He was losing breath with high intensity work like stair runs which wasn't a normal response for someone who should be getting fitter.
In mid Feb, Angelo booked in for a stress test and was then held in hospital after unexpectedly finding triple arterial blockages. Fast forward the intensive and risky surgery which involved a quadruple bypass, 6 weeks of home based recovery, 5 weeks of hospital based cardiac rehab and he’s finally back at work.
But he was then told he should NEVER return to bootcamp and just keep walking. Angelo's goals were to get back to doing the physical activities he loved. We all know the benefits of physical activity and the research supports this.
If you or anyone you know has been given this advice we highly encourage you to seek assistance from an accredited exercise physiologist! University qualified to help people #exerciseright and transition safely back to their favourite activities..... even bootcamp!
Ang has been involved with #AEPs for 6 weeks now, monitoring heart rates, adding in overall strength training, monitoring progressive overload & trialling running in a safe and supervised environment. YES he will be returning to bootcamp soon so watch this space 💪.

Today was my follow up appointment with my cardiologist... and everything went great. They are keeping me off two meds that caused quite a mess for me on Saturday. 🙌🏻 Six weeks to go and I get to ease back in to my fitness routine.
Afternoon snack time = BLT w/sweet potato chips! 😋
I make mine with plain Greek yogurt, turkey bacon, and spinach on whole grain bread. What’s your favorite way to enjoy the classic?

#day12 #heartattack #spontaneouscoronaryarterydissection #scad #scadsurvivor #heartcare #hearthealth #heartrehab #cardiacrehab #rest #reset #clearyourmind #mentalhealth #newnormal #fitness #befit #goals #may #thisis41 #fitmom #livesimply #dunndesignedlife #snacktime #blt #behealthy #eatclean #foodisfuel #aldi #healthydoesnthavetobeexpensive

CPR Professionals Instructor Hugo Bedolla and his crew were given a Life Saving Award today for their work on a 59 year old in cardiac arrest. Bystander CPR was done by family prior to the crew arriving and the patient walked out of hospital 5 days later. CPR works!!!! Learn today. You never know when you may need it.
#cprcertified #cprtraining #cpr #ems #emstraining #lifesaving #cardiac #cardiacrehab

Great session tonight at St George’s Hospital
Taking Cardiac rehab exercise sessions with patients with hereditary cardiac conditions
Love working with these guys such an inspiration and they are all enjoying their journey with us on this research project ☺️👍💪

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