Little legend number 2! Another absolute treasure I could not be happier to teach 😀

She definitely likes pushing the limits, like me, but has geared this better towards herself, a lot faster than I did.

She constantly wants to best herself and be better.

Some goals I set with the girls on exercises. Guarenteed, every time this Champion will best it!
She is always improving herself, has a kick that would take down goliath and such an amazing attitude and personality towards learning, growing and becoming better in herself.
One thing I do with all my students in my personal classes is get them to tell me 3 things they're grateful for and why at the start of each class. I find it helps create a really good state of mind for the session.
I started, this session, taking that a step further with this one to exploring 3 things she loves about herself.

And in addition I had to tell her 3 things I loved about her as well.

For a positive self image, which is so often lagging these days due to media, magazines and marketing influence, especially for women, forcing yourself to find 3 things you love about yourself consistently is a small way to hopefully reverse this and create proud, not arrogant, people... whom are comfortable and HAPPY IN THEIR OWN SKIN.

I'm a believer of what you focus on expands, so I believe focusing and helping my students focus on their strengths will help them grow into their own individual power and become someone they are not only happy with, but proud of! I also believe this will flow on and benefit those around them because they will have more to give.

This is one method I've used and love listening to my students and what they are noticing about themselves each week 😀

Kids doing it is pretty amazing as well... sometimes they seem to be more raw and honest, which is pretty amazing to listen to and be a part of 😀

🍓🍒🍌Baked oatmeal! Tastes like a dessert but it’s just wholegrains and fruit ✌🏼I made this by mixing together 2 cups of oats, one mashed banana, 1/3 cup of apple sauce (or 1 flax egg), 1 cup of frozen berries, 1.5 cups of almond milk, some cinnamon, and baked it at 200°c for about 25-30 mins ☺️ I ate it with maple syrup and more berries, so yummy 🤤 aaaand the entire dish is gone haha

3 Nights in Italy = 3 Times PizzaTime.....Und jede Pizza war anders, aber jede für sich so lecker..... Am ersten Abend war der Boden dünn wie ein Crêpe und extrem knusprig, selbst in der Mitte❤🍕❤ Am zweiten Abend war der Boden etwas dicker, immer noch dünn und auch knusprig und sooooo gut.....Zum Abschluss gab es napolitsnische Pizza, mein FAVORIT....
Wie mögt Ihr eure Pizza???

Finally got round to making choc peanut butter brownies today!
Who would’ve thought that black beans is the main ingredient in this recipe! These are so gooey and delicious, I may just eat the whole batch 😂
Thank you to @_teganthevegan for the recipe, it’s on her page so go check it out, and it’s such an easy recipe to follow, they can be made gluten free and refined sugar free but I had to add in chocolate chips because im a chocolate addict! 😋
Anyway, I highly recommend trying this recipe out and treat yourself to these delicious brownies! 🙌🏻😍

Gen or Q-Pot? Which do you guys like better?

5k - 20:29. 1st place three years in a row 👌🏻 only trained for 6 weeks and still killed it. Gonna start training for half marathon 🏃🏽‍♂️

Ideal situation: lounging by the crystal clear ocean drinking green smoothies
Current situation: finishing assignments on a rainy day 🙃 ☔️ Also I never uploaded this photo because I thought my feet looked funny and my legs were a ‘bad angle’. How stupid is that, how much judgement and ridiculous comparing we place on our human vessels! The ego can be so dramatic at giving us such high expectations of ourselves. Like why the heck would I even care about my feet being a certain way when the photo is me radiating happiness and health whilst enjoying my favourite place, the ocean. Looking at this photo from a more loving mindset, I see nothing but the perfection of a female body which is always art regardless of its composition, size, shape. Many people don’t find this message as valid coming from me as I am not overweight, but believe me when I say self love has always been my deepest struggle and the most prominent lesson throughout my life. Anyway the point of this caption was to just bring light to how often we all speak cruelly to our bodies, place ridiculous judgments on ourselves when we don’t live up to impossible expectations, and placing far too much value on the appearance of our vessel, rather than focusing on being our healthiest selves, and the things that make you glow as your soul is ignited from the inside out, your passions, your truth, your feminine energy 🌸 we allll care too much about stupid stuff to do with our appearance but when I look at females, I am just in awe of the beauty and uniqueness that radiates from everyone regardless of how different they all look, and that beautiful feminine goddess energy that is the essence of all women, I see women and I’m like damn they’re just glowing, I realise I am a part of that too so there is no way that I am not also divinely beautiful⚡️lol this caption got super weird and doesn’t even make sense probably hahaha ok bye x

햄복한 일요일에는 맛있는 컴플리트 쿠키! 카페에서 먹거나 간식으로 먹기 좋고 프로틴도 많아서 운동하고 먹어도 좋습니다!(저는 그냥 맛있어서 먹..😛) #비건 #채식 #다이어트 #쿠키 #건강 #운동 #건강간식 #클린이팅 #vegan #diet #carbup #cookie #healthy

Hello! Lunch today was a bunch of whatever I could find and random but very delicious and filling! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday 💓🌱😌

Mango, Pineapple, Banana Nice Cream 😀 Ingredients: mango, pineapple, banana 😂 🌴 🍌 🍍


Afternoon snack today was romaine wraps with red bell pepper, shredded red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and the best salsa of my life!!! Totally forgot how good it is! Not that I avoided it or anything- salsa is just one of those things that I never think about when I’m at the store. But I sure think about it now!! So good! Defly pairing it with potatoes next! #vegansnack #eatyourveggies

I'd like to thank pancakes for this mornings workout motivation🍴#saturdayvibes

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