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🌱🎉🍔📰 Canada-based vegan fast-food restaurant Globally Local is opening their second diner in Ontario this June. The new restaurant will replace a closed location of popular Canadian fast-food chain Harvey’s. By serving delicious cruelty-free food, their first restaurant is even convincing meat-lovers there's no reason left to keep eating meat.
Notable menu items will be vegan takes on fast-food classics including Famous Burger (a Big Mac-like burger), Vegan Vopper (a take on Burger King’s Whopper), a seitan-based Crispy Chikun sandwich, and an entire breakfast sandwich menu. Globally Local will also serve a kids menu featuring the Grilled Gary — a vegan grilled cheese sandwich that’s a nod to last year’s popular internet meme that proposed vegan cheese be called “Gary.”
Full article with photos at the clickable link in @veganbodybuilding profile.
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Paddle Pop Squares by @crazyvegankitchen 💖

For The Base:
8 large Medjool Dates, pitted
1/2 cup Almond Meal
1/2 cup Gluten Free Oat Flour
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Pinch Of Sea Salt
For The Paddle Pop Mixture:

1 1/2 cups Raw Cashews
3/4 cup Soy Milk
1 1/2 tablespoons Lucuma Powder
1/3 cup Maple Syrup
1/3 cup Melted Coconut Oil (Refined)
Seeds of 1 Vanilla Pod
A few drops of Caramel/Butterscotch Extract /Oil, add more to taste *
Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green Vegan Food Coloring

Line a 6 inch square tin with plastic wrap and set aside.
In a food processor, combine all ingredients for the base until a "dough" forms. If it's too dry, add 1/2 a teaspoon of water at a time until it forms a dough. Pat into the base of your tin and leave in the fridge whilst making your filling.
To make the Paddle Pop Filling, place all ingredients except Food Coloring in a high powered blender and blend till smooth.
Once blended and smooth, divide mixture into four bowls and add a few drops of each coloring (Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green) to each bowl. Stir to mix color in well. What you're aiming for are pastel rainbow shades, so don't go over the top.
Once ready, spoon colors randomly over the base until you’ve used all of the mixtures up. Using a knife, marble or swirl colors to your desired effect.
Place tin in freezer and freeze overnight.
Once frozen, let that for 5 minutes before slicing into bars.
You can keep bars frozen and in an air tight container for up to 1 month. Remove from freezer and let thaw for 5-10 minutes each and every time you'd like to treat yourself to a slice. Enjoy! #letscookvegan

Had the best lunch ever, yesterday! Ate the most amazing food from @chefashlimarie with some amazing peeps at @suncafela. I added a few photos, so feel free to scroll through and drool over the yumminess! 🤗 Pictured here is the Teriyaki Tempeh Burger
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I am so sorry but I had to delete the pic and re-upload it because my Instagram went down?! Here we go again 😂: It is Monday and I enjoyed this delicious bowl of dhal! #dhalmonday really is one of the best inventions I've ever made 😜
RED LENTIL DHAL with coconut milk, red bell pepper and mushrooms, topped with fresh parsley and black sesame seeds 👅 I hope you've had a wonderful day so far! What did you have for dinner? 😋❤️ #whatveganseat #veganfoodporn

What my freestanding handstand work looks like in a nutshell. #fallthengroove #freethethighs

Sometimes I actually surprise myself with how much food I can eat😂wholewheat noodles, veg and chickpea tomato sauce (mushroom, courgette, pasta sauce, chickpeas, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, spinach) with a super creamy, garlic & red pepper hummus 😍🍝 super filling and super yum 👅 #pasta #vegandinner

I'm a big fan of icing on a cake 😍 always have, always will be! This lemon cake icing was no exception 💛🍋 (sorry, I don't have the recipe).


Nogle gange er maden altså bare simpel og slet ikke instaværdig.😝🙌🏼 •
Mange tror at det er bedst at spise mange små måltider i løbet af dagen, særligt når ønsket er vægttab. Det er de samme mennesker som ender med at få sukkercravings når klokken bliver 15-16 og ofte føler sig trætte😴. Det er ofte også folk, som tror at kulhydrater er farlige og gør dig tyk👿. Alt er selvfølgelig en vanesag, men det jeg prøver at sige er, at hvis du sørger for at fylde godt op med mad på tallerkenen så du rent faktisk bliver mæt af et måltid, og spiser gode naturlige råvarer 🍎🍏🍊 🍽 lover jeg dig at du med tid ikke vil få lyst til søde ting om eftermiddagen. Vi bliver konstant fristet af snacks alle vegne, men giv i stedet din krop ro mellem måltiderne, spis store og næringsfyldte måltider når sulten melder sig i stedet for mange små måltider hele tiden, der aldrig rigtig tilfredsstiller dig.
Sørg for en god portion af alle 3 elementer – kulhydrat, protein og en smule af det gode fedt 👉🏼 og så selvfølgelig masser af farverige grøntsager (min tallerken er knap så farverig😅). 🚫Kulhydrater er ikke din fjende (…så længe det er den gode, naturlige og uraffinerede slags: #bulgur #quinoa #grøntsager #frugt #sødekartofler), det er din hjernes kilde til godt humør hele dagen og din krops kilde til at give den ekstra meget gas til træningerne 👊🏼💥 .. tror i jeg er kommet dertil hvor jeg er i dag ved at skære ned på kulhydraterne? 😝😅💪🏼 #carbup

www.sarahlouisetræning.dk (link i bio) 👈🏼 #personligtræner #fitnessdk

🌱 V e g g i e s 🌱 boiled sweet potatoes and veggie stir fry with beans 🥗 broccoli + zucchini + carrot + black beans + mexican spices 👩🏽‍🍳

tower of fries ( sweet and normal potato ) , satisfied all my cravings somehow. #vegan #carbup -J

Lunch for 2 ... I know it's A LOT ... but it's a lot of fiber / whole foods so 🤞 we won't get fat 🤣
🍀🍀🍀 we are havin brown rice, black bean noodles, broccoli, salad with lots of greens & veggies, little bit of tofu and avocado

Long time ago since my last #foodporn picture... So here it comes 🌱🍴. Right now trying to get some #leangains , so a few more carbs incorporated in my diet. Meat substitute for protein (and for the tastebuds 😅😋) some good bread (🔽read below) and a few veggies along a low carb salsa sauce 🍔🍞🍽...
#nutrition fact: When tweaking your macronutrients and transitioning from shredding to bulking I always find it easy to go up in carbs. But if you do so don't eat unhealthy sugars, sweets or French fries 🍟.. go for whole grain breads with less wheat floor than regular toast. Eat starchy veggies, beans, lentils and try to have a low surplus on calories. Otherwise you will have deficits in micronutrients, fiber and you build up lots of fat instead of lean muscle/
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After a lazy morning of nothing nothing much 😋 its time for a hot bowl 🍜 rice with carrots • tomatoes • asparagus • pepper • topped with dijon mustard • roasted banana • red lentil with curry • followed by an afternoon yoga session •
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Last night I had a carb up meal. And while this chicken Alfredo over gluten free penne with three small garlic knots was absolutely delicious, it certainly was not worth the wake up call I got at 1 am. Joint pain, headache, thirst, and bloating. Yikes.

Messy oat bowl with pitaya balls and kiwi because we always say yes to oats

Vai doer, vai demorar tempo, vai necessitar de dedicação, força, sacrifícios, mas quando chegar no objetivo com certeza vai valer a pena! 👊💪 #bulking #edfisica #gym #carbup #lifestyle

celebrating hump day with a tower of mochi pancakes! check out that glorious cascade of velvety chocolate sauce 😍

Snow + frozen bananas? Probably to much ❄️❄️ for a day 🙈 but idc because it was way to delicious 😍😋toppings were hempseeds, chiaseeds and brzilian nuts

#Repost @probioticaoficial with @repostapp
CarbUP Gel é ideal para quem precisa repor energia com rapidez e MUITA praticidade!

Sua formulação combina carboidratos como Waxy Maise e Maltodextrina.

Disponível nas melhores bodyshops e sites especializados nos sabores Banana, Baunilha, Morango Silvestre, Açaí com Guaraná e Laranja, em displays de 300g com 10 saches de 30g.

#probiotica #probiótica #MakeYourselfEpic #MYE #ProbioticaMYE
#carbup #carbupgel

Some days my only motivation that gets me through my shift is knowing I get to feast on sweet potato chips after 🍠#customersmakemeundercarbed

the result of putting too much milk in granola 😂😂 but i put a BUNCH of fruit in my granola bowl 🍓🍌 it was very good though! i love granola because they have a lot of whole grains and fibers. i hope you guys all have a good day today 💞

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