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Root touch up with an all over caramel beige toner plus a fresh cut. Always nice chatting with this lovely mama.😄 #balayage #HairByAllyKondratyev #hairpainting #caramelbeige

- So the shop called me today that the bay was done and and since the job was under my name, i decided to go see at least the final result since the color would be color of my coupe soon so its not what you think. Anyways, what do you think ? I fucking love it. I did a pretty DECENT job with sanding and priming for the most part.. They got over the master and lines but that'll be fixed. Painting the brake booster though is my style so fuck off. Overall, its looks great. Not perfect, but great. #PS13 #Schassis #CaramelBeige #S13 #240sx

Tell me, who has tried this and liked it?
I tried to use it yesterday getting ready for work, but it was just soooo thick! I had to grab my fix fluid and added some to it. And I had the tiniest amount on the palette, I wasn't trying to be cake faced but this will give you a cake face. And oh, by the way @lorealusa @lorealmakeup you need additional shades, not everyone has a pink undertone.
You have missed the mark with the shade selection on these. Any shade after this #caramelbeige won't work for me and many of our women of color! #Backtothelab and oh, I won't buy a second shade to mix, this is 2017, I'm done with mixing foundations.

No liner, just lashes. @kyliecosmetics new "Maliboo" Lip Kit. Lips lined with @maccosmetics "Cork" Lipliner since my lips are more pigmented and my skin is more warm. Makeup details L8R, having Boiling Crab with friends (:


Porque lo pediste, de regreso Bases Loreal Infallible Pro Matte 24 horas.
Disponible en los tonos:
101 Classic Ivory
102 Shell Beige
104 Golden Beige
106 Sun Beige
107 Fresh Beige
108 Caramel Beige
109 Classic Tan
111 Soft Sable
112 Cocoa

#lorealinfallible #classicivory #shellbeige #goldenbeige #sunbeige #freshbeige #caramelbeige #classictan #softsable #cocoa #diramakeup05 #makeuprd

Sartorial summer vibing Saturday🔆- #styleinspo #neutral #black #summertime #style - #inspirational - #caramelbeige

She came in today with brassy red hair and asked me to fix it!😲😲 So HERE WE GO❤️#caramelbeige #highlights #colorcorrection #brassytobeautiful

Thankyou Dana and Stephanie loving my first ever hair colour. @hairroomhawthorn #caramelbalayage #caramelbeige #wella #alinebob #winterhair

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