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Many Fishing teams use star-shaped frames with hookless baits running behind it to attract game fish, known as “dredges”.🙌🏻
The idea is to try and mimic a group of baitfish which will lure game fish to the boat.
Once the fish is behind the boat, crews than pull these “dredges” out of the water and hope the gamefish eats one of the hooked baits🙌🏻✊🏻
Tip: Have your dredge baits match the natural baits in your area. e.g. If there’s a bunch of bonita around, mudflap dredge would be your go-to!
Let us know below if you have any questions💯💯
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Newest addition to #one80outdoorstv ready to set cameras and feeders out! #polariscrew #filmit #getitonfilm #capturetheexcitement

One80outdoorstv at wildlife breakfast with #jeffdanker! Awesome man of God and great testimony! Thank you Jeff #jesusintheoutdoors #one80outdoorstv #getitonfilm #filmit #capturetheexcitement

Who wants to go fast????
It’s going to be epic at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix tomorrow!
Looking forward to capturing the action.
Who’s going?

I miss doin #hoodratshit
Brandyn Burnette - Nothing At All
Brandyn Burnette - Down

5 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photos ... From a Professional ... Yup - @johannes_brock ... the very photographer who's photos we feature regularly hear on TravelBloggers!

We interviewed Johannes a few years back and just realized we never shared that article here on IG ... so, check it out on our blog - link in our Bio.

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Stripey dancing with the dredge!! #Repost @petermillerfishing with @get_repost
We named this clip “best striped marlin ever” check it out and see if you agree with us @unchartedwaterswithpetermiller @fishtanksportfishing #trollpro #capturetheexcitement

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This is what you hope to see in your spread! 😍 Marlins coming in for a closer look!

Video by @fishtanksportfishing
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From Capt Jim Baugh of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV
“We film underwater photography many different ways. One technique we do is to blindly deep drop on top of structures using a rope or cable as a tether, weights, and a TrollPro. This works and we have gotten some great shots with this rig.”
Visit @baugh.jim for more adventures, stories and great recipes! #trollpro #jimbaughoutdoorstv #capturetheexcitement #jbotv @baugh.jim

Anyone else too excited to sleep? 🎅🏻 Looking out for Santa...

Someone’s excited for Christmas Jumper Day! 🎅🏻 It’s not often a humble sweater can make the world better - but wear a Christmas jumper & donate to @savechildrenuk today & that’s exactly what it happens ☃️ Today I’m proudly rocking a navy knit with a white lace Christmas tree complete with gold tinsel & sparkling baubles🎄What’s on your Christmas jumper?

Mean looking Marlin on a mission! #Repost @kevinhibbard (@get_repost)
6 years ago I was invited to a prestiges tournament, "THE TART TOURNAMENT" by Ken Corday to take pics, little did I know that this was going to be an incredible time w people that I call my Ohana! 3 years ago I saw the TROLLPRO for sale and said to myself, lets try another perspective of what were seeing. In reality, were only seeing 1% of whats going on while fishing. 99% of the other stuff we never see. The first time we gave it a go we had no idea what to expect. I had Bryan Toney w me on the first trial and we were kinda Godsmacked at the video's we got! Last year, not so much.
Today is the 2nd day of the TART and the Boyz are putting some fish on the board! We are as giddy as school kids! Great video and great times!! Its not as easy as it seems, it has to be just as orchestrated as a normal bait and switch. I can't and wouldn't be able to do this w out the incredible guys from the TART TOURN, who support our addictions!!!! Thanks again so much to all!! Especially you Ken Corday and the TARTSTERS, Bryan Toney,(my Captain and "Teaser Man") Robert Mason Farish media and the best drone driver around, Astro Man, and of course my best side, @cherisedane!!!
Ken Corday, Rick Fitts Donald Brandt Brent Higgins and Dan!
Thanks much to the Captains that lead these guys to battle and provide the shots! William Crawford, Jeff Fay, McGrew Rice, Bill Casey, and Kevin Nakamaru
By The Way No Fish Were Hurt In This Video.... Only Severely Aggitated!! @pelagicgear @pelagicworldwide @don_trollpro @gopro #kona #bluemarlin #ohana #TART #life #blessed @melee_marlin_fishin #trollpro #capturetheexcitement

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The intro to the new video I've just uploaded on my YouTube channel. Jump on my channel to watch the full video. It's the last Sailfish and Blue Marlin trip we did in Costa Rica on board Singularis. Enjoy! @capt_jerrylanzerotti @capt_cody91 @alextallman561 @ant_delgreco @tunatony26 @diggler0817 #marlin #sailfish #fishing #bluemarlin #avidgear #mossyoak #smoove #gopro #djidrone #trollpro #capturetheexcitement

TrollPro makes Shark Week!!! DISCOVERY CHANNEL- SHARK WEEK (TrollPro)
Sharks and the City: New York
July 25, 10 p.m. ET/PT

Bite-size summary: Chris Noth (from Sex and the City, get it?) narrates this special in which marine biologist Craig O’Connell investigates why the number of great whites around New York may start to rise again now that seals are returning to New York Harbor.
If you can watch only one Shark Week special, watch this one because: "What we discover will forever change the way you see New York City,” says O’Connell. “After diving and testing a variety of techniques to attract great white sharks in South Africa with [underwater cameraman] Andy Casagrande, [we] bring these techniques back to New York, where they quickly learn that their home waters are teeming with sharks. But these aren’t just any sharks. What we soon find swimming under their boat and eventually catch was groundbreaking and resulted in the establishment of a new and international shark conservation project."
TrollPro received notification from Dr. Craig O'Connell that TrollPro played a role in the filming for this Special! Glad to help Capture the Excitement!
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