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Jellyfish at the Minnesota Zoo #MNZoo #Jellyfish #CaptureMinnesota

Hidden in plain sight 👀

Where were these Legos when we were younger!?

The evening commute. 394 out of Minneapolis. Shot from 365 Nicollet Tower. #Designbuild #ODB #Opus

Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To me, there’s no greater feeling than the exhaustion that comes from exertion in nature. From being exposed in the elements ALL DAY (with no electronic stimulation to boot!) And it doesn’t matter the activity; hiking, running, skiing, snow-shoeing, swimming...just moving all day beneath the trees or in the water. Whether carving out trails down the slopes or soaking up rays on the sand. Nature, to me, is the greatest of all the therapies. It creates in you a bone-tired weariness, but of the best kind. Your head hits the pillow and you’re out like a light. Magic. Go spend a day outside. Seriously.

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