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I actually forgot I wrote this, I found it this morning, it’s not fantastic butttt
My momma didn’t become a single mother when the divorce papers were finalized
My momma became a single mother
at nineteen when I came into this big picture
Screaming & from the beginning throwing her everything I had.
When my poems talk about the faceless father I had growing up
I never talked about the women who kept me going
My momma
Has hands just like my grandfathers & mine
looking like they were sculpted right after hers
My momma has always been a safe house
A sweater that’s never been stretched out too big
I can always fit into her comfort.
My momma
is the strongest person I know
The chaos my two sisters and I put up
That year when she worked once two jobs, an internship and went to college
The constant appointments and soccer practice runs
Momma don’t doubt yourself
you are a skyscraper
that carries every worry My momma
My inspiration
My support
My role model
Momma don’t give up on this crazy wild life yet
I know we have worries but this is the life we have & I think I’m okay with that.
Thank you momma
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Cat series 7 -
One of the many qualities I envy about cats is their ability to get comfortable & sleep anywhere. No problem at all. They are like "I am the boss, so I belong everywhere & everything belongs to me" and indeed they own everything and everyone around them..
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As most people know I LOVE Instagram. I find it the most important app out there. For a business, creative, or someone trying to stay in contact with friends. What I love most is not the photo itself or a consistent feed or even insta story... it’s the caption. You can tell an entire story right under your photo whether it be an epic travel adventure or a patch of flowers or a cute photo with friends, you can tell a story. How do I do this?

I’m inspired everyday. My brain is constantly flowing with ideas. I keep a running list on notes of bunch of ideas to write captions on. For example on my list was: caption writing

Storytelling is so powerful and I believe there’s many ways to do so. You can teach something, tell about your day, tell about the past or future, tell about the making of the image, or tell an inspiring moment. It’s endless

Not everyone will read your story but that’s not who it’s for. There’s people out there who are going to truly connect with what you have to say and make your image that much stronger

So head to your notes now and jot down 3 things
1️⃣ A story about your next Instagram photo and how it came to be
2️⃣What you’re passionate and why
3️⃣Teach someone about what you know best in 3 steps like this

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ja lil somethin I wrote for best friend @xxwrite.to.live.xx -
Best friend
You are my support
When I had my bad days in early recovery
Or when I’d have panic attacks in our high school bathrooms
You were there
I remember once when I felt so hopeless after panicking on the bathroom floor you came in the next day with a note that had a line unable to leave my mind when I think of us.
“One day I will look over at you & we can say, we’ve made it.”
We’ve made it.
Three words that make me feel a lump in my throat
I look at you some days & best friend those three words roll across my mind
Because everyday I feel closer to making it
We’ve grown so far from our scarred skin and black chipped nail polish
Days you thought about dropping everything and running away from this small town & I too scared to imagine my small world without you in it
Laying in tall summer grasses on starry nights &
late night rides in my dads rusty blue truck
I know you love
We were living poetry
We’d dream in lines and stanzas about these future days
My hardwood
Has our tears soaked in them
Has the late nights,
Painting and old music
Engraved inside
The music that played told us how we felt & we always wondered if we would make it to today
Today of growing confidence
The today of opening up
The today of healing skin
The today of eating
Of grace
Of simply making it.
We were so scared
Calls in the dark
Jeans in the summers
We’ve come so far best friend &
I can look at you and confidently say
We made it
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I looked up at your yellow loveliness
and my heart burst into a warm smile.
While the Sun kissed me through your light dappled branches, and the breeze whispered a summer song and showered me with a thousand golden petals ~ BWGW

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I don't want to be your sun. I want to be your moon. Why you ask? Because you will look up to the sun for its light but then it will start to blind you and you will look away.

You will like the warmth of sunlight but slowly the heat will start to prickle you and you will run away, to seek shade.
When you will be dreaming, the sun will try to break your sleep and at that moment you will hate it from the core of your heart.

No, I don't want to be the sun in your life that will shine while making you blind, I want to be the moon in your life that will give you light in the darkest of times and company when you can't sleep at nights. I want to be the moon in your life that will guide all the stars of your life. I want to be the moon that will calm your soul as you fall asleep. No I don't want to be the sun. I want to be the moon in your life. If only you let me be. Will you?

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~I see wonderful things for you, a new galaxy all together, where your dreams won't be caged and neither will you be judged. I see you holding a key to a better tomorrow and I have absolutely no doubt in believing that it will come true. From where I stand right now, I can see a whole new universe unfolding itself just to embrace you and all you have to do is step ahead. You can have it all, those unicorns and rainbows just like you longed for but all you have to do is risk letting go of what you have right now.
You need to stop worrying what will happen if tomorrow isn't good and take a step today. You ought to end your fears and walk because until then your dreams will always be far from reach. Look at that shooting star that flashes across your sky, risking it's everything just for a Destiny unknown. It brings hope to you, doesn't it ? Don't you look at that star and knit a dream around it? And guess what, this is not all you need to learn from that star. You got to have the courage to leave behind your life of comfort and risk falling off the sky to reach a new universe altogether along with giving others chances to build their dreams around you.
You need to be fearless, you need to have faith for once because until you risk your all, there wouldn't be a new horizon for you.~
- Shubhangi

“You try to change… You’ll show him. You buy new things, do your hair differently- dye it because he likes blondes, apparently. You get a tan, go running. 5 miles everyday.. You’re going to have abs- the best body he’s ever seen. Then he’ll be sorry. 
But it won’t work. And even if you’re ultimately bettering yourself, it’s for the wrong reasons. And you need to stop doing things to yourself to get back at someone because the truth is he didn’t choose her for her outfits or her abs and he doesn’t care what your hair looks like now or that you got a new car or a bikini because he just likes her better. So start liking yourself better, because somebody has to. #selflove #loveyourself #captionwriting

Life series 6 -

It is the light that lets you see ur flaws
It is the light that makes you accept ur flaws
It is the light that guides you in darkness
It is the light that carries everything
It is everywhere,even in the
Crack of that lips,creak of that door
Gust of that wind,burst of that laughter
Pangs of that guilt,bangs of that heart
Just beyond this bend,just behind that hill
Pain from that fall,scrapes from that climb
It's all around you
It's all inside you
It is with u,it is within u
U just need to open your eyes
U just need to open your heart
Thank that light,it is The Boon.

Life is full of boon,boon is life

PS - It is chaulmoogra. In the past, its shells were used as lamps.

Thank you light of my life #family #lightofmylife #thankyoulightofmylife
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Just kill me once and i will never get to see your face again. Kill me twice so i could forget all the pains. Kill me everytime so i could start hating myself. Kill me so i could remind all the mistakes i made. My demons and my shadows now live inside my heart. All of the games inside your mind were my favorite ones. How crazy, is that i miss my heart breaking, i miss myself crying till the 4 am, i miss the nights falling with the screams, i miss the stains over my pillow. How crazy it was seeing myself breaking. My heart bled and my red and gold flesh too. I had fallen in love with all the misunderstandings we had. Its all beautiful just the way it is. My red and gold flesh bleeding was the best part, you see! The thing called "SOLITUDE" has always been my best friend now. It taught me everything. To bleed my eyes, to kill my own demons and to fall in love with them at the same time. I could count all the times my eyes bled , it was the most aesthetic thing to see bleeding. They bled with all the pains and the heartaches and how beautiful it felt. It was all as beautiful as it felt when it died. It all started when i did the craziest thing, i locked myself up in the room that night for 78 hours, i could watch the stars peacefully at their places, never feeling jealous to shine more and look more beautiful. I could see the loneliest ones and that they would shine the most. For they had no one to care for or to cry for. I swear, they were the prettiest and the loneliest and i could watch all the constellations playing and singing that reminded me of my childhood. I could ask myself "life or death" everytime before i slept, i had nightmares every night and for the comfort i would sit before the fire, i would play with the shadows. I would recall all the memories and burn each of them one by one. Everyday my "red and gold flesh" would bleed and my eyes too. It bled until death knocked at my door and opened a new door for me with forever darkness and solitude. And i chose death over life. And i chose death over my red and gold flesh. And i chose death over life.~ Faiza Karim( @farawayworlds ) #captionwriting

Mahogany seed..when you throw it, it feigns falling, only to kick start it's engine & rotate & rotate, the effortless way it moves makes u feel relaxed and think anything is possible in this world..playing with this seed is the most soothing thing in the world.
Who said playing is only for kids 😏

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Life series 5 -
Nature's own copter
One of it's wonders
Falls never hurts
Flies never falls
Loosing weight,loosing mind
Letting the wind carry its burden
Feels the wind,carries the wind
Owns the wind,it is the wind
Living the aimless life
Breathing the rush of wind
Feeling the brush of wind
Making new home,Having no home
Adapting not quite changing
Flying not quite flying
Maybe it's u,maybe it's me
Maybe it is everything
Concentrate on nothing
Clearly see nothing
Because, hey! Life is just a blur!!!
Life is full of wonder,wonder is life.

Video courtesy 📹 @sarankkumar
PS - Mahogany seed.
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