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So this is my drawing for the #pendrawingchallenge
Sorry for breaking your screen 😅
It's supossed to be #Percabeth having cherry Coke near a tree, #Captide (am I the only one who ships them?) having sun, a bumblebee because @percabethhogwarts asked me to draw it, and Apollo looking at them and enjoying the views


I don't quite think that this is what you had in mind but this is what my mind came up with😂

I really don't like the ending I made here but what can you do

This is a continuation of my other Liper headcanon I suppose

I'm getting so many different feelings about this ship. Reyna and Calypso would be cute but I still love Theyna. Help me

Qotp- Do you ship it

#reynaavilaramirezarellano #calypso #headcannon #ship #fandom #captide #roman #greek #apple

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