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And right outside the weed store...
#captialism #smokeemifyougotem

New stencil for the pedalboard.

#abolishwork #wageslave #captialism #antifa #anarchy

When yr friend crushes the new favorite tshirt game. @mtotheegg's first batch of Capitalist Patriarchy vacay tees sold out like hot cakes, but a reprint is coming!! 🔥🌴🔥@gotagirlcrush #patriarchy #captialism #latecapitalism

We work jobs we hate to buy shit you don't need! #captialism #consume #debtisslavery

I Swear it's a Disease!

I Sit Here & Just Count a people & Sq Footage to Figure Out how much Money 💰 I'm Not Making because I Don't Own this Place!


Think Outside of the Programming... #Economic #WealthBuilding #Captialism #UseTheSystemNotFightIt


I've been tossing around this Pumpkin Spice Deep Treatment recipe for a little minute honestly since July and I think I've got it right 🤔.
The Prep👇🏿
1. So in my head I was going for a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie meets a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte. I knew off the rip I wanted to use cinnamon oil so I got some cinnamon and covered them with coconut oil to infuse on July 30th. I got the bright💡yesterday to add some Lupicia loose cinnamon tea to the mix to really take this to another level and we've discussed this, I'm extra 😬. Cinnamon oil is abundantly rich is antioxidants, anti-fungal and antiviral. It's unique in it's ability to exfoliate on a physical and chemical level. A healthy scalp is crucial to hair growth cinnamon oil can help to rid the scalp of build up allowing your follicles to thrive.
2. When I found this pumpkin spice coffee blend at Trader Joe's recently I was pumped and I've also wanted to try my hand at a coffee oil. Coffee oil is rather pricey but very simple to make 🤔#captialism. There have been numerous studies and evidence to conclude that caffeine is indeed a stimulator of hair growth in humans and may help with baldness. The existence of caffeine stimulates follicles and enables hair to grow faster by blocking the effects of DHT. When making oil infusions in general ☝🏿, you'll know they're ready because there's a distinct separation between the oil you made and the dead ingredient on top. At that point you can strain and store your oil or add more of your ingredient to make a more potent infusion 🤗!
3. The ⭐️ of my show is this here 🎃! I was feeling frisky and decided to try a Gold Acorn pumpkin but feel free to use whatever pumpkin you have on hand. You can also buy the Libby's pumpkin pie mix in the can at your supermarket or dollar tree 🤔. I cut it open, eviscerated it and baked until it was tender enough to peel off and put in the blender. I blended the seeds as well because those are packed with essential nutrients too! For my liquid I used coconut milk but the possibilities really are endless. Make sure you strain it, WELL 😳. I will not be at fault for any unwanted annoying ass pulp left in or on your strands.

"You know the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views." #whovian #alternativefacts #captialism #democracytoday #republicanstoday #mediatoday

New stencil for the pedalboard.

#abolishwork #wageslave #captialism #antifa #anarchy

Can't even give the stuff away #captialism #pepsirules #freebies

Forced patriotism is OPPRESSION. It's a shame when #CivilRights is being ignored for money. This is America today. And it's up to ALL of us to change that. The furture is predicted when we create it.
#HUMANrights #Captialism #Money #Life #Profit #GoodWill #USA

"Capitalism Divides Us"
By Amy Cohen Efron
Ink, Derwent Sketching Light Wash, Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils, and Canson Multimedia Paper
#Inktober2017 #albrechtdurerpencils #derwentsketching #captialism #trump #DEAFinktober2017

When captialism tags you with something you are not #club #captialism #hypocracy

Awesome article and awesome website! "Creativity is, in part, the way we refuse our current “reality” and, in a very small and often abstract way, propose or model something different." But...#artthreat #politicalart #captialism #art #politics #creativity #disillusionment <http://artthreat.net/2012/10/privatizing-creativity>

And right outside the weed store...
#captialism #smokeemifyougotem

Not too surprised... Follow @libertarian_porcupine for more great libertarian content!! #spekr #spekd #libertarian #captialism #classicliberal #bottomrightrevolution #bottomright

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