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So, I watched Justice League. And I was really disappointed. I thought it was worse than BVS. At least Snyder made MoS and BvS the way he wanted to make them. This movie has no integrity. Just pandering to fanboys. I could go into detail, but I know most of you haven’t watched it. 5/10. What would you rate Justice League out of 10? Comment below. 👇🏻 --- Must Follow
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Captain Marvel #11 (1969) The death of Una. Script by Arnold Drake, pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Vince Colletta. Barry Windsor-Smith cover. #captainmarvel #marvelcomic #marvelmonday #una #ilovecomics #superheros #igcomiccommunity #comiccollector #igcomicbookfamily #comiccollection #cgccomics #cgc #pgxcomics #marveluniverse #comicbook

This poster is amazing!
Credit to: @artoftimetravel

In the early hours of Monday morning, director Peyton Reed took to Twitter to announce that the sequel had completed its filming stage of production.
"That's a wrap," Reed tweeted to his followers after what was likely a very late night shooting Sunday night. This ends a three and a half month shot, as production officially kicked off in the beginning of August.

On the Marvel Netflix side of things, stars Simone Missick and Gabrielle Dennis posted photos of the #LukeCage season 2 wrap party to Instagram, with Missick writing to fans, "Y'all ain't ready for season 2" of the fan-favorite series.

😂😂😂 Remember this is just a joke. Hopefully Marvel will get the rights back.

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The new #wbhaircut , who remembers that god awful #deadpool from #xmenorigins ?
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500 days until the big screen debut of #CaptainMarvel! (Yes, he's THE Captain Marvel!) #SHAZAM #BillyBatson #ZacharyLevi #DCComics #DCEU

Do you think Vision will die in Infinity War?

Who knew The Thing and Venom were a part of the true, comic-version of the Guardians of the Galaxy?
Come back soon to see the full picture!
Sharpie and TomBow dual tip markers used for this time lapse!

#motivationmonday ? 👊🏻💥
There’s actually only 4 months difference between these photos! I learned a lot about wearing a wig, makeup for photography, and did a photoshoot! It made all the difference. ✨ If you’re not happy with your cosplay the first time, keep trying!!
Suit by @sabracosplay

Another of my LEGO MARVEL covers rendered for LEGO MARVEL SUPER-HEROES 2: CAPTAIN MARVEL #16, 1969.
Originally drawn by Don Heck.

#LEGOMarvel2 #lego #marvel #legomarvelsuperheroes2 #marvelcomics #danveesenmeyer #comiccoverart #art #captainmarvel #kree #silverage

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