Summer camp is officially over! On our last day we inducted all of our speak-off participants into the Order of Loquacious Knights, and shared our advocacy projects with each other. We also heard from State Representative Sean Scanlon about partisanship and Russia's involvement in our election. It has been a wonderful four weeks, and we hope to see you all again in the fall! #CapitalPrepMagnetSchool

We had a great fourth day at Westfield! The theme was color wars which created intense rivalry between the campers and led to lots of fun. The highlight was the dance party in the basement, where everyone's best moves were on display. We also heard from our PA Emily F., who spoke about slam poetry and perspectives in writing. Don't forget that tomorrow you are invited to come watch your child debate at 3:00 and join us for the closing ceremony! #CapitalPrepMagnetSchool

We had another great day today! The campers discussed and debated constitutional issues, and the MUN group finished their first simulation. We also heard from PA Emily B. about organized crime in politics. Looking forward to tomorrow! #CapitalPrepMagnetSchool

We've had a great first two days at Westfield debate camp! Yesterday we heard from fellow PA Spencer about street art and had a lengthy discussion about what constitutes art. Today, we will hear PA James give a lecture on International Relations, which will prepare the MUN students for their simulation this afternoon. We have a busy week ahead! #CapitalPrepMagnetSchool

Beautiful and thoughtful "I Am" mandala by 8th grade student at Capital Prep Magnet School in Hartford, CT! Class by #donnagentile of #communitymandalaproject via #hartfordperforms #hartfordpublicschools #hartfordct #capitalprepmagnetschool

Being a Golden Ambassador for Alabama State University most certainly has its perks. I was blessed with the opportunity today to meet and have dinner with the great Principal and Author, Dr. Steve Perry. I learned a great deal from him today, but what I really took away from him the most is when he said, "Jeremy, in order to be a great teacher or principal, you have to love children, love them more than you love adults." Education is the key that opens many doors and as educators, we have the power to make or break students. Let's do the right thing and make our students great!!! #MyASU #Centrals #FutureEducator #FuturePrincipal #DrStevePerry #GreatDay #DinnerWasGreat #HadToSnapItUp #GreatGuy #VeryInspiring #CapitalPrepMagnetSchool #OneOfTheBestInTheCountry #4200StudentsOnTheWaitingList

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