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Good Knight Gothamites! Tomorrow we’ll begin our new session “Master of the Multiverse: Batman in Elseworlds”! I leave you tonight with an account edit for #MLKDay using Justice League artwork by Lee Bermejo for @MondoTees! As always, thanks for following and all the constant support on and off of Instagram, it is greatly appreciated! Have a great night and we will have more History of the Batman tomorrow. Remember Gothamites, it’s all about #Peace, #Love and #Batman! ✌🏼💙🦇

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Evening Gothamites! Before there were "Elseworlds" publications, from the mid 1940s to the mid-1980s, particularly during the 1960s Silver Age of comic books, DC Comics published various stories about their title characters which did not take place in their regular continuity. Most of these stories were labeled "Imaginary Stories" and featured alternate histories of characters. Although the majority of Imaginary Stories were published in various Superman comics, a few appeared in Batman comics and other DC publications. A so called "Imaginary Story" happens in World's Finest (Vol 1) 153 from November 1965, and now Curt Swan and George Klein’s artwork is now an infamous Internet meme (panel 1). In Edmund Hamilton's "The Clash of Cape and Cowl", Bruce Wayne believes that Superboy was responsible for his father’s death, so he became Batman specifically to fight against Superboy, which then would naturally turn to Superman (panels 2-3). Within the story, Robin (Dick Grayson) taking issue with the Superman obsession, but Batman becomes violent and hits him (panels 4-5). Outraged, the aftermath shows Batman using his technology to erase Robin's mind of Bruce Wayne being Batman, and all he'll remember is that he is an orphan (panel 6). Once this is done Batman continues on his quest to get rid of Superman once and for all. Now established that this reality is in Earth 153 of the DC Multiverse, whenever Robin is stating or asking something Batman doesn't like, he definitely shows it in this heavily circulated photo. We’ll officially begin our next history session “Master of the Multiverse: Batman in Elseworlds” tomorrow so stay tuned and thanks for following!✌🏼💙🦇📚

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If we are going to get a new Batman then we just need to get a DCEU reboot. I think the DCEU is all over the place and it's confusing to the typical movie goer. I think if they start over they need to have revamp the story and not rush things. You got all the right actors but not the story arch. And if we get a facelift for the DC universe then sadly we need new actors playing the roles. So first up is Batman and the actor I see playing him,Luke Evans. He's got the whole look and feel to the character. He could kick ass Batman and be cocky billionaire Bruce Wayne. I could see us starting off with him fighting Man-Bat at the beginning of the first film and while he's fighting him we get a flashback up to this moment. Then taking him down and the main villian could be Hugo Strange. Director of choice while we are at it. I'd love to see #guillermodeltoro taking on a trilogy for the caped crusader. Hopefully we do get a reboot soon for the DC films. It would be so amazing to get a story we could understand.

Comment Below if you agree with my casting choice or if you have any suggestions on who you would choose to play Batman ---------------------------------------- #lukeevans #batman #brucewayne #dceu #dccomics #dcuniverse #superman #f4f #followers #nerd #likesforlikes #darkknight #photooftheday #followme #instagood #followforfollow #follow4follow #gameofthrones #strangerthings #starwars #harrypotter #walkingdead #startrek #harrypotter #like4likes ##l4l #capedcrusader #hero Luke Evans for Batman

Batman and the Tumbler produced by Jada. I am loving these Batmobiles and diecast figures.

The DC Multiverse is fantastical to say the least. Ever since the early 1940s, in DC Comics there have been stories where characters such as the Batman have traveled to distant lands interacting with creatures from fairy tale story books. In 1942, the first 'Imaginary Story' was published titled "Superman, Cartoon Hero!", when Lois Lane wants to discover the identity of the Man of Steel. Throughout the Silver Age of Comics, these 'Imaginary Story' tales were popular in DC books and were clearly defined as such, meaning 'dreams' were considered different from 'imaginary', which could possibly be canonical. 'Imaginary Stories' tell alternate histories of characters and give a possible present timeline. But the idea of alternate histories transferred over to modern DC Comics and the new publication name Elseworlds in 1989, the first established being Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola's 'Batman: Gotham by Gaslight', the first with the Elseworlds logo being 'Batman: Holy Terror'. Due to the popularity of “Gotham by Gaslight”, throughout the 1990s to mid 2000s, Elseworlds became the place where our favorite characters could be anything with the right imagination, breaking away from the regular continuity. Among the most popular figure to have a successful series of Elseworlds is our Caped Crusader. To celebrate the digital release of the newest DC original animated film “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight”, our next Batman history session is 'Master of the Multiverse: Batman in Elseworlds'. We will cover 10 different Batman centric comic books/series under the Elseworlds title that all are distinct in their own time period, artistic style and theme. These tales illustrate this character's diversity yet at the same time all represent the same DC hero we celebrate on this page every day. Stay tuned for our first Elseworlds soon on History of the Batman! ✌🏼💙🦇📚

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