Ken 🇺🇸 Likes - Sports Cars 🏎
Dislikes - Soap Operas 📺
Sometimes accused of being a brat, Ken Masters is the son of a wealthy hotel tycoon. His father sent him to Japan at the age of 12 in order to become more disciplined learning martial arts with a young Ryu. The two soon became best friends and consider each other brothers.
A popular choice at our events, Ken is an all a rounder with simple yet effective moves. You can bet your bottom dollar that the all so famous projectile “HADOUKEN” will always make an appearance. Although we are pleased to see Ken selected there’s no fight more dull than a Ryu vs Ken “HADOUKEN” showdown. When this does happen typically the player on the left seems to win. 😉

Side note.... Both Ken and Guile are married to sisters, making these two blonde Americans brother in laws.
Which character will you choose to represent you at your YouNeek Games event.

Be sure to select this classic game when hosting your very own retro video game party with us.
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With #E32018 coming up, the one thing I'm hoping to see shown this year is more details for #ResidentEvil 2s remake.

Resident Evil 1s remake is by far one of the best games I have ever played. Having grown up with 2, I have some very strong expectations about it.
#sony #videogames #gaming #PlayStation #PS4 #capcom

Friendly reminder to use a fireproof mantle when dealing with Kulve Tarroth! -also healing powders so I'm not running out of god bugs please and thank you-
#monsterhunterworld #monsterhunterworldps4 #monsterhunter #boss #mh #mhw #mhworld #world #memes #capcom #videogames #mhw #mhworld

Fanime day 0 with Balrog n Friendz! #fanime #streetfighter #capcom #kawaiiasfuck

Raiding the Monster Hunter shop 😂

Stupid fighters anniversary edition #Capcom #streetfighter

Stupid fighters anniversary edition #retrogaming #streetfighter #capcom

The Blue Bomber Legacy! 10 Mega Man games for $40 is an absolute steal and my copy included a collectible cleaning cloth. Also, using the mega man amiibo on MMLC1&2 for the Nintendo Switch will unlock 11 extra stage remixes. Enjoy!

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