Scrolling through the sea of #80dayobsessionresults and I am blown away by the transformations! So I had to post mine. Although my last week was a bit of a wash because I went on vacation (however kept my workouts going) I am still amazed at the level of fitness I achieved. The bottom photos are actually on day four of my vacation. My results:down five inches and an inch gained on my hips which means: booty gain!! I can't give weight loss results because I don't have any. I don't own scales and I wasn't looking for weight loss. Tone, strength and body shape transformation. Check, check and check. #80dayobsession #cantwaitforroundtwo #dowhatyoulove #itsnotaplanitsalifestyle #whatsyourmotivation #makeyourwishesgoals #herestothenew #workoutanywhere #makeyourfoodathome #thirtysomethingmom #cleaneatingnotasatrend #livingahealthylifestyle #lovecreatingfood #motherofboys #twoundertwo #workingoutformyfamily #loveyouforyou #naturenut #naturallycurly #sailorwife #teachingmyboystocook #eatinghealthytobehealthy #letsdothistogether #healthyeatingisnotboring #fitandwellbymel

80 days! Well 91 really, but 80 days of workouts!

And I’ll be honest, I got a little shakey and teary eyes on the last two moves today...which in every other program I’ve completed has never happened.
So what made this program so different??? This post would be super long if I listed every reason so instead I’ll give you some highlights:

1️⃣This program pushed me in a whole new way. It pushed my fitness level, challenged my willpower, and taught me food had no power over me.
2️⃣I was in a group of 40,000 coaches who were personally coached by Autumn. It seemed like every single time I had a question or doubt she wasn’t far behind with a video about that exact topic

3️⃣On top of that I was in a smaller group with my amazing freaking team! Every day we checked in, worked out, motivated, and check on each other!
4️⃣It was 80 unique workouts. Not one workout was repeated the entire program. So every time I did a “type” of workout I was challenge again. Plus as the phases went on the workouts increasingly got harder. That was definitely a love hate relationship.
5️⃣If that in and of itself wasn’t enough, this program was so different because I was literally doing the whole thing right along with my trainer and her cast. I spent 80 days with them, and although I don’t actually know them I feel like I do. And it was them, having some of the same feelings I did that got me to this finish line!

So sure I struggled. No I wasn’t perfect. Yes at times I doubted myself and the process and wanted to give up. Sure I missed some treats or wine or other small things that in the end I won’t remember. But I never gave up!!! I continued to push forward and continued to get stronger and feel even more like a badass every day!
Thank you @autumncalabrese , @coachcalie, @donaldstamper, Carrie, Jaz, Katrina, and Richardson for such an amazing program. And thank you to my amazing tribe for pushing and supporting me every day! You women are nothing short of amazing!!!! Now I can’t wait to sit back and see everyone’s results roll in. {Don’t worry I’ll share them!}

Heading out from this magic playground today. It’s been such a wonderful time down here- from dreamy tropical kaituna laps and dawn patrol surfs on the north island, to epic missions and organic plan gypsying in the south— I sure am gonna miss this place. Thanks to all the awesome friends, and the most warm and welcoming paddling community for showing me the very best time 💜 #cantwaitforroundtwo

TBC + March Madness = amazing workout!! I LOVE that i can multitask and get a great workout in while not missing any of the tournament! .

Today’s workout was NO joke!! All the core work! All the Leg work! ALL THE PUSHUPS 💪🏼 Definitely enjoyed my recover drink after i was done!! .
Every day, every move, my strength and stamina gets tested, and everyday i realize how for I’ve come these last 54 days!! I can’t believe I’m almost done with the FIRST round of these 80 days!! Yes i said FIRST bc in April 23rd I’ll be starting another round of it!! AND I’ll be in another group with Autumn herself again!! Wanna know how you can get into one or BOTH of her new groups she’ll be starting? Send me a message and I’ll fill you in 😉

also, I’m loving T Swift week on my Musical.ly app!! Yes I’m a nerd and i don’t care 😄

Because it's @badgalriri's birthday, some #TBT with my forever dance partner @normacitaaa for our forever inspiration @malialia27 #SweatyBooty #CantWaitForRoundTwo #AreYouEvenFriendsIfYouDontPracticeDancingInFrontOfTheMirror

I’ve missed you guys terribly 💕 #cantwaitforroundtwo #回家啦knn

Bread machine fail. What.the.hell. #notabaker #cantwaitforroundtwo

Seen too many exercise stories already today, it’s Boxing Day you crazy people! 🤛🏼 #worldhasgonefitnesscrazy #eatdrinkbemerry #cantwaitforroundtwo 😋🥂🎅🏼

Someone has had a busy morning already. #cantwaitforroundtwo #milesdean #christmas2017 #18monthsold

Omg what a night!!! I felt their energies!!! They jumped up and down for each other, they cheered for each other and they loved each other as one by one they stepped on that stage!!! What a group of people. So humble, kind and just all around talented 🔥💯🙌🏽
@nxtwav3 THANK YOU!!! You killed it- your whole team killed it last night!!! I can not wait until the next one!!!
@sidneygreene_ you were amazing 😍👑 your mom is one of the best cheerleaders I’ve ever seen 🙏🏽 thank you for allowing me to be part of this with you and your husband. It’s such a pleasure 💯🙏🏽
To the rest of you-
YOU GUYS DID THAT 🔥🙌🏽💯🙌🏽🙌🏽💯🙌🏽🙌🏽💯🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thank you all so much for the whole night!!!
Congratulations guys “Music saved my life” was a success 🙏🏽💯🔥🙌🏽
#Amazed #BlownAway #SuchTalent #GreatPeople #AmazingNight #CantWaitForRoundTwo #YouAreAllBlessed #YouAllDidGreat #StandingOvation 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Round one of Christmas went down a treat. The minis were on top form, the dinner was edible thanks to my mum and the 🍾 went down a treat. #Christmas #celebrations #family #christmastree #cantwaitforroundtwo #mininaqvis #christmasindubai

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