FINALLY!!! The cat is out of the bag!!! There is NOTHING like seeing your work in motion!!! I am so excited and proud to have worked with the Syncopated Ladies yet again! Love y'all mean it!!! I want to thank my amazing team of stylists @alisha__denise and @luvslikehoney this project couldn't not of run as smoothly without you both! Thank you for your professionalism, time and that sleepless night!!! And to my @CantuBeauty family! Thank you for always trusting my vision on the twist and curls (a play on the ones and twos, enter the DJ scratch here...)! #mycantu #theMALife #CantuHairography #CantuGlobalStylist
We have a secret we have anxiously been waiting to tell you! We've partnered with the super talented @SyncLadies to release Hairography. We want to know, what moves you? Hair styled by Cantu's Global Hair Stylist @themariaantoinette. *Full video link in bio* #mycantu #dreams #passion #syncladies #hairography

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