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You claim you're a bad bitch but you have no house, no car and no job. You're not a bad bitch, you're doing bad. Bitch. 😂😏💖💦 #thoughtshewasabadhitch #seimming #2muchsauc #canthang #bitchhhh

Kendrick told me to dive in, and now I'm lost #canthang #soft

parents: they'll chat your ear off until you throw them in the car, turn on NPR and boom, asleep 😴 #naptime #parentsweekend #canthang

Lookin Fwd To🎥We Shot For @preme @partynextdoor Vid #CantHang @champagnepapi & Whole #OVO Always Kept It 💯% Real Since 2015 When Me & Posty Kicked Open These Doors🚪
📸 @KevinWong 🔥🙌🏽

So unfortunately my surgery did not cure me of cancer it has spread to my lymph nodes but is still very minor. I will know more about my plan of action to treat it soon but the important thing is I should be cancer free by the end of the summer. Thanks for all the support over the past weeks I deeply appreciate it and it's a good reason I have been able to stay so positive.
#down1 #canthang

So many Deathstar laps with the boys I'm taking my hands off every chance I get... #dustbowl #getlitnotfit #canthang

Wish I knew in this moment that I was going to spend my 23rd birthday in bed hungover #canthang #imold

Just when I started to get better, @bryannyoonn almost killed me 🌚 It was great || PC 📸: @jaybaebaek #CantHang #LostInTheSauce #WorstSisterEver


How many of you actually want to •Eat •Live •Feel Healthier❓ ME! 🙋🏻 No one actually needs to be told what healthy food IS. My problem wasn't that, it was the TASTE! 👅 #CantHang 😝 How many of you hop on •Pinterest 🤓 •Google ❣️ •Apps 💫 to find healthy recipes that ya pray and hope are gonna make you drop 20lbs so the next day your #BikiniReady 💖 Guess what. You just choked down a healthy meal, that will not have a lasting result. #MakeItALifestyle #OrItAintWorthIt 👉🏻 I decided that I was going to do more than waste my own time. 👊🏻 I decided to invest in ME 🤘🏻No was no longer an option. 🙅🏻 I dove in. Took my first step and signed up 👣✒️👩🏻‍💻 This investment has been the best one I've not only made for myself, but for everyone who is involved in my life. No matter how I can help someone, I am now always up to the task. 💃🏻 #Motivated #Driven #IHaveTheToolsIKnowWork 💖 I don't have to spend my nights wondering WHEN! I'm making it happen NOW! 🙌🏻#YourSuccessIsWaiting ❣️

See You in May Las Vegas, Trust me you kicked my ass this time with your free alcohol and sleepless casino nights !! @mliferewards #PeterPanSyndrome .
#ChavoRuco #Millenials #SinCity #neverSayNoToFreeShit #mlifeGold #morningRecovery #100epicDays #VegasBombs #VegasStrip #partyPooper #imGettingOld #cantHang #weekenderLifestyle

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