I was thinking about all that has occurred this yearm, the ups, the downs and the lessons in between. Hit me earlier today that the thing I'm supposed to remember is "Never forget who you are". Today after work waiting on the uptown 2 I saw this on one of the support beams on the platform. "Never lose sight of who you are" -- I wouldn't call this a coincidence and I'd definitely say it's more than advice. Going into 2018, I'll be keeping this top of mind.

"You'll never move forward if you keep looking behind" found my pregnant diary from 9 years ago... it was Myspace entries put together to form a story. A sad shitty story with the happy ending of my son 💜but it's time to let go of these horrible stories... it's nothing to look back on in later years. Sooooo to the trash! #cantgoforwardlookingbackward #movingforward #anewlife #anewme #timetochange #tothetrash #memoriesinmyhead #myspace #lol #diary #storiestonevershare

Taking a chance on someone requires vulnerability and not everyone is capable of that but you become vulnerable yourself in hopes that they will...
Good Morning yall💋
#theexchange #takingchances #cantgoforwardlookingbackward

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