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Марку скоро годик, но он даже не подозревает, что в его честь назвали фотоаппарат, на который его снимают ))
#canonmark2 #markii #50mm #фотографчернышёв #фотографпавлодар

I am really happy about my new digital camera but still I feel like the pictures I take with it are too clean and beautiful.. As if the magic happens only with my beloved Leica M3.
#portrait_perfection #canonmark2

Круче гелиоса ниче не рисует.
#гелиос #canonmark2 #личность #слойкапересмешница


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talk about it Tuesday is here!

today we are talking about gratitude + appreciation + thankfulness. days go by, weeks go by, even months go by sometimes without stopping to take a deep breath for two second to just be grateful. it may seem cliche or childish, but am 100% certain that if you have a grateful heart for just a small moment each day your life will be changed. that small moment of rest and appreciation will turn to multiple moments a day which will turn to entire days to gratitude, which then will turn to a life of having a grateful heart.
imagine a world where people's hearts were genuinely overwhelmed with thankfulness, completely overtaken by appreciation, and abundantly shared their gratuity every chance they got.
I believe there could be a shift in priorities, a shift in conversations with one another and a huge shift in our intentionality with one another.
Having a grateful heart frees our minds + hearts up to celebrate with those who are celebrating and morn with those who more. Having this sort of heart enables us to let go of our selfishness and step into a realm of giving freely.
So start small. What is just one thing you can be grateful for right now. Right in this very moment. Think on that very thing, big or small. Let the value of that blessing really sink in.

Live a life with a grateful heart. Live a life of freedom.

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