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Spring time in Yellowstone National Park brings with it some surreal scenes. Geothermal water navigates its way through this forest

Happy #AvoMonday! I made some avocado curls to go on my toast. (Just requires a mandoline and an avocado that's not too soft.) I also used the cashew beet & balsamic spread by @spreadem_kitchen. Beet hummus would be great too! 😊

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Spring showers are inevitable, but if you let them hold you back, there wouldn't be much time to get out and enjoy your favourite activities. What Spring activities are you getting out and enjoying now? #chasingspring @homedepotcanada #sponsored

@ashleydaneclark | @dulcedomodels | #raadrahman
#justathought Us male kinds have made such an underwhelming name for ourselves when it comes to courtesy, cleanliness and behavior (in general) the expectations from us are pretty low. For example I get complimented occasionally on how white my white sheets are (it should be), or how good my condo and/or I smell, or how my place is tidy enough for a guy when it is actually kinda messy. Like how I was walking Ash to her car and opened the door for her, and said it was ordinary courtesy (as taught by my grandma at the age of 4 ish) when she mentioned I would be surprised to know that (generally) not a lot of men think that way.
Hey guys I know women can very well open their own doors and you don’t have to do it for them, but atleast walk back with them and much like me you’ll atleast have a story to tell! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ www.raadrahman.com

Calm reflections and a sunrise over the tips of the evergreens on a cold morning. So excited to have seen some of the Northern lakes melted this past weekend.

Tunnels on tunnels, if you've never been here I suggest you check it out. #explorecanada

This beach is one of my favs. There are SO many compositions here, and the tide and light are constantly changing what the scene can give you. This composition was literally just dropping my tripod, levelling the camera and firing away - @tomhill_photography and I drove a ridiculous number of miles in a ridiculous amount of time and this was our farthest reach for this trip. Sadly, we both had some lens condensation issues on this beach as we just came from Panther Falls in the Columbia River Gorge and our larger lenses did not have the time to properly acclimate. My 11-24 sat in my bag for this shoot :-( Anyhow, I shot 13 exposures in total as the light faded and ended up blending 3 of them together. One for the sky, one for the stacks and one for the foreground. This looks much better on my website without the warping and cropping for IG. _______________________________________________________
This image was modified to better fit the Instagram format. To see the original please visit the link on my profile :-)
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Bliss #tofino

It's never not a good time to hike.

Harbour seal looking up from under the surface.

Partially edited by windshield tint

And one more cause I just loved this photoshoot with @summer.lilah.
Model: @summer.lilahΒ 
Agency: @thenoblesmgmt
Clothing: @shopapt22
Photography: @katherinecalnan πŸ“·: Canon 5D MIII @canoncanada .
πŸ’‘:Broncolor Siros 800 @broncolor_canada @broncolor .
β˜‚οΈBroncolor Octobox 150 πŸ’»: Apple #macbookpro .
πŸ”—: Tethered @tethertools .

Jayme Warren | Moncton, NB | @jaymevictoria18

today is the day we pack up two years of our lives, put them in our van and road trip through the canadian rockies πŸ” let's do this / @mitchpalmer

from the other day, as the sun was setting.

Always taking me somewhere πŸ‘Ÿ

Soft sunsets at Lobster Cove Lighthouse...

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