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More like Emerald Bae if’n yer askin me

#optoutside ??? I'm always outside, it's the best. #bjorninalaska #alaska

good times ahead, hello weekend.

into the valley 🌲🌄 when this is the first road you see while entering the park, you know good things lie ahead 🤙🏼

it may currently look nothing like this but, the old memories continue to live on

I have been terrible at photographing my own family this year. I started out strong in January with the best of intentions and a soul full of inspiration, but if I am being completely honest, it was all down hill from there. We had quite a year. That is going to have to be a blog post for another day because it was a looongggg year, but I do have some pretty exciting news to come out of all the crazy.
2018 is going to be the year that I do better. I have to. Our children deserve images of their childhood. As much as l adore being a professional photographer, my family is my "why." I also deserve images of their childhood. If anyone knows how temporary that is, it's me. With a new little daughter coming this February and my oldest daughter turning sixteen in May (and five other sweet souls in between), I am ready to really put in the work. I have decided to make it a very honest and tangible thing and bring back our Project 52... with a twist.

It will all be lifestyle in nature. MY lifestyle. (Or your lifestyle.) Mine will be inspired by what I love most--my family.
My images will be transparent. They will likely be of our special brand of chaos, our messy house, our adventures (or lack of) and anything that really moves me in the moment. My goal is that some day our children look back and feel how much they were loved.

And you're welcome to join me.
This should be YOUR lifestyle. It could literally be however you live. You don't need children. It could be your spouse/bestie/house plants/ fur babies/ SELFIES. The only real rule is that it be transparent. This is YOUR work.

So what is a Project 52 & How do you join in?
If you have never heard of a project 52, it is very simple in nature. It is a photo a week, for ever week of the year. 52 weeks, 52 images.
You don't need to commit or formally join. You can do all 52 weeks (which I recommend but have never nailed myself haha) or you can do what you can do. No pressure. I will have a full post with details soon, though!
On another note, I doubt there will be themes this time. I may try to get a small website up devoted to this if there is enough interest.


@seawolveshockey vs @all_adrianhockey tomorrow this will be an awesome match up make sure to come down tomorrow night

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🌅 have a fun weekend

This is all I could think of the whole time I'm walking towards that ledge. "The dropoff at Taft Point is steep, and a fall would be not just fatal, but squish-you-like-a-bug fatal. The fall is so far that your friends, waving their teary goodbyes and hoping you didn't have the only set of car keys, would lose sight of you before you reached the ground. So be careful." (@yosemite_national_park website) - Who here has nooooo problem with heights!? #thegreyelk
Canon EOS 5DMarkIII 70-200mm 1.0 sec f/20 ISO 100 (shot set up by me, snapped by my friend @afrankel13)
#taftpoint #squishyoulikeabug #sohigh #beautifulview #yosemite #teamcanon #canonbringit

Friday is finally here. Who’s diving this weekend?? #letsgoooo #divetime

Happy Friday 😍

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