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walking the streets of paris, there was incredible architecture everywhere. timeless works of art. just past a gate was this gorgeous hall with light perfectly aligned at the end of it. it was quite the scene and made for a magical shot.
photo taken with @lexarmemory #lexarmemory

After spending the last two weeks in Antarctica on an expedition vessel I'm finally back in Ushuaia, the southern most city of Argentina.
Be prepared for lots of penguins, whales and the unreal beauty of the endless ice.
Thanks @oneoceanexp for the amazing experience. #oneoceanexp

On my way to #Barcelona 😎

Endless fiordviews in the Faroe Islands with @kirstinvang

#mondaymotivation 🙌🏼 handing in a cookbook this week that I powered through to complete in 6 months! Staying focused till the very end so I can take a well deserved break from the madness of being self-employed. When you're afraid of something you have to go deep inside and figure out why. Then do it anyway because you'll become more yourself in the process 🙅🏻(photo by @vanessaheins 📷)

Don't let the compliments go to your head or the criticisms to your heart.


This is Oliver. He is a great photo companion. A bit quiet but super adventurous! I really want to do more of this. The setup takes a while but I really enjoy doing it. #adventure #model #photography #creative #photoart #photoscenes #takemorephotos #canon #streetart #games #chess

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