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A nice #CannonBusters article featuring Mecha designer Thomas Romain in French Anime magazine @coyotemag.^^

So happy to kick it with the big oppa again! ✨🙏🏻✨Can't wait for both your anime to come out! #leseanthomas #anime #childrenofether #cannonbusters

Quickie to blow off some steam... 😤😤😧 #sketch #phillythekid #cannonbusters

Some much-needed positivity for today-- @leseanthomas' @cannon_busters pilot is up for Kickstarter backers! Congrats to LeSean & the crew! #CannonBusters #MakeStuff #Satelight

Finally watched the Cannon Busters pilot and S.A.M & Casey are the cutest ♥ Amazing work LeSean Thomas & team! #cannonbusters

@leseanthomas Cannon Busters comic is and has been one of my favorite ideas, concepts, and comics for a LONG time. The lead character. Or one of the lead characters, Philly l has been one of my favorite designs of anything anywhere, I can draw him all day long. Anyway, here is an end of day sketch, I'm going to bed tonight, PEACE! #cannonbusters #anime

Oh my sweet Bessie figure, you've finally made it to me in full color. This is actually one of two colored sculpts that exist on the planet, and I'm so honored to have it! Thanks @leseanthomas and I'll see you when #CannonBusters is ready!!
مجسم "بيسي" من رسوم "كانون باسترز". في ٢ منه في العالم و أنا عندي واحد، هدية من مخرج الأنميشن الأمريكي "ليشون توماس"

Netflix to release 30 original anime series in 2018 *LINK IN BIO*


Netflix to release 30 original anime series in 2018 *LINK IN BIO*

Lock from cannonbusters fanart #cannonbusters

My friend @leseanthomas is in Forbes today! An incredibly important and inspiring read on a very talented man 🙌🏽 Congrats fam!! Y'all read this!!
#anime #netflix #illustration #design #cannonbusters

Casey Turnbuckle, from Cannon Busters
If only I was employed when the kickstarter came out, I would have totally backed this project. Now I just have to be patient for Netflix T_T
#Caseyturnbuckle #cannonbusters

So awesome to hear about #CannonBusters getting a #Netflix deal. Can't wait to see what LeSean throws down. Dude has been influencing me, before I even knew it. Watching The Boondocks in HS, thinking "I wish I could draw like this." And on dA in early college days with his Street Fighter/Udon work. Anyway. Long story short(er) this is a tribute piece of #PhillyThaKidd I did back in 2014. If you STILL haven't done the knowledge on CB. Stop sleeping, and get on it. #Sekstyle #FanArt #BlakaBlakaBlaow #tbt

Just heard that Netflix is picking this up for 2018. I just watched the pilot episode and man am I stoked! It reminded me of AfroSamurai and Cowboy Beebop rolled in to one! ⚡🔥💥💣 #cannonbusters #udoncomics #leseanthomas #comics #comiccollector

Cannon Busters: Netflix produrrà una serie animata in collaborazione con gli studi giapponesi

Qualche settimana fa Netflix aveva annunciato un reboot del classico d'animazione #SaintSeya - #Icavalieridellozodiaco - #KnightsoftheZodiac {#Cinematographe: https://www.cinematographe.it/serie-tv/i-cavalieri-dello-zodiaco-netflix/}, adesso invece per la gioia dei fan dell'animazione orientale ha confermato di aver messo in produzione più di una ventina di titoli in giapponese.

Oltre a Saint Seya verrà rilasciata tra le tante novità anche la serie Cannon Busters sotto la direzione dell'autore del fumetto americao #LeseanThomas e lo studio d'animazione giapponese #Satellite che si occuperà della creazione artistica. La storia ruota intorno ad un androide nato per essere al servizio della regina che si imbarcherà in un lungo viaggio alla ricerca del suo migliore amico.

Thomas ha affermato: "Mentre l'animazione americana ha come target i bambini, quella giapponese include molti genere e quindi attrae un audicene maggiore di tutte l'età!" (#Movieplayer: http://movieplayer.it/news/cannon-busters-netflix-produrra-una-serie-animata-in-collaborazione-co_52850/) #CannonBusters #Netflix

Hoping to run into LeSean Thomas at Crunchyroll Expo Chatting about #ChildrenofEther and #cannonbusters

Proud to announce that my best friend @bradleyhd , myself, and our company @radium_media will be composing the original score for @leseanthomas animated series @cannon_busters which was recently announced by @netflix. This is a very special project that we have been involved with from beginning creation of the pilot. It has been a seed of an idea that has finally blossomed into fruition. Checkout the @forbes article 💪🏼🚀🎉

A little throwback Thursday for ya'll! @jefffriedl Bangin' out the drums for the @cannon_busters kickstarter pilot episode... 👾 @marty_grimes_ on the track! 🎤🎤 If you're not familiar, you better get familiar! ;)


Here is a List of upcoming Netflix anime shows coming this year #anime #netflix #devilman #godzilla #cannonbusters #2017 #fatezero #new

Netflix hace una jugada atrevida: Va a producir la adaptación a anime de un cómic americano. La verdad es que tengo ganas de ver cómo les sale y si mejoran lo que ya fue en su día el cómic. Vosotros que opináis sobre adaptar cómics que no son manga a anime? #cannonbusters #anime

Cannon Busters on #netflix 🎉 Original Concept by @leseanthomas #animateyourday

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