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‘as a young mom of a unicorn toddler gal, i live with L U P U S 💜 micro dosing with THC in combination with CBD is key for special days like these. i am able to manage my pain without feeling any sort of “head change”. CBD is healing my body daily. my little unicorn appreciates that im able to dance & sing & dance & sing’ 🦄💜🐰 tag a canna using mom or dad & share your story below 👇🏼❣️✨ #CBD #THC #microdosing #cannabis #motherdaughter #cannabissaveslives #endthestigma #followabudtender #budtender #edibles #tincture #onelove

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This is huge. One reason I moved to Oregon was for legal access to cannabis. Of course, we moved to a town that doesn’t allow it so we travel to Bend once a month to re-up.
This is perfect timing as I just made the decision to get certified as a cannabis coach. Nothing brings me joy like helping people find the strain and method of healing for them.
Looking forward to buying a home and getting our grow back on. Taking Ryan from his grow is like taking me from my books. It’s time we finally achieve our dreams. 2018 is ours!!

Taxed from @bizzensun - Neurogenesis 🌱 #genius - #cannabissaveslives

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