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Today we looked for ducks... but didn't find any. Mom said she was just happy to be with me. Me: I wanted to see ducks. 😕😝 #pethealth #caninekidneydisease #petlife

I contemplated whether or not to share this photo, because I'm aware that I've reached an entirely new level of insanity but I will blame it on love. Watching my sweet fur angel starve herself has caused many sleepless nights and tearful days. Quite by accident today I realized Sparkle didn't like placing her face into the wet food, but she will eagerly eat when spoon fed. Sparkle ate an ENTIRE bowl of food and I feel like I've won the lottery. I know my poodle friends will get this and I will proudly answer to the name Crazy Poodle Lady for those of you that don't. #poodle #poodleproblems #caninekidneydisease #silverpoodle #spoonfed

My mama came to visit me at the vet clinic tonight. The vet thought maybe mama could get me to eat. I nibbled on some cheese, chicken and hot dogs but I am still being so picky. Today I got a catheter put in me because I wasn't peeing. They took an X-ray of my bladder and there is no blockage. My fever is gone and I haven't thrown up all day. I am very interested in my surroundings and like the clinic cats. I'm staying another night and will get more fluids and an appetite stimulant to help me feel hungry. Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes and prayers. I'm trying to get better so I can go home to my family. ❤️#prayersneeded🙏 #positivevibes #caninekidneydisease #sheltiesofinstagram #sheltie

So we went from this a week ago, to Tyler being in the hospital tonight.
He stopped eating and got fluids at the vets yesterday. His kidney panel came back awful. He's in for 2 days on IV fluids. On a DNR and if he needs a blood transfusion or plasma we said no more. He's 14 1/2. I've been crying all day and tonight

Being spied on at dinner time is just rude, Mom!! I got weighed today and lost another half a pound, so I'm down to 17 pounds even (this time last year I weighed a little over 20). Mom is a little sad because we've worked so hard to keep me from losing more weight, but she's trying to remember that I look and feel great, and that my vet had said we wouldn't have to do any intervention until I got down to 14 or 15 lbs. Meanwhile, I'm bouncy and happy, and most of the time I feel pretty good, and that's what matters. Mom read a quote that made a lot of sense to her, which is:
"Taking steps to "control" the disease is a good thing. That's called a Treatment Plan. Creating an expectation in your mind that you will control the disease is dangerous. A subtle difference. Stated otherwise, do your best - release the result." - Doug Koktavy
So, in other words, as long as Mom and I do our best, then we've done everything we can, and she will try not to worry about the things we can't control so much ❤
#queserasera #caninekidneydisease #chronickidneydisease #momsfavoritelemon

#prayersforpoobear UPDATE!
We just saw Annie's doctor and she has what's called "Swimmer's Tail", a condition caused by swimming in cold water (which thankfully is not related to her kidneys at all). It just needs time to heal, however, it's very painful so we are keeping her on medicine to help keep her comfortable in the meantime. I'm feeling SO relieved and thankful this is something we can manage and that her kidneys are remaining stable. A huge praise! Thank you for all of your prayers! 💕 #AnniePannie #feelingloved #caninekidneydisease

My sweet ol' Punkin on his last day. I miss Nero so much. #bestfriend #canecorso #caninekidneydisease #kidneydiseasesucks

Today was a good day. I'm so grateful. #caninekidneydisease


Happy Anniversary Sweet Girl. One year ago they told us you would die. Stage 4 kidney failure, congenital, no treatment. But here you are with your home cooked meals and chemical free doggie lifestyle. We're doing it babe! We love you Mabel.
#dogstagram #miracledog #caninekidneydisease #holistic #healthydog #dogmom #survivor #mabel #dogsofinstagram #petoftheday #pomeranianpitbull #rescued #nevergiveup

Mom says I have a big "milestone" coming up! I don't know what that is but I hope it's food!
#pupstagram #rescuedog #poundpuppy #miracledog #anniversary #caninekidneydisease #survivor #dogsofinstagram #mommysgirl

This is a throwback of 2 years ago today that it was realized that there was something drastically wrong with Lila. We always thought the shaking and muscle tremors were due to her being cold (even her temperature was always below normal). I took this video to show the vet the extent of the tremors. She wasn't diagnosed with Kidney Failure until September 28, 2015. #PissOnKidneyDisease #kidneydiseaseawareness #kidneydisease #dogkidneydisease #fightingkidneydisease #caninekidneydisease #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #dogsofinstagram

My sweet ol' Punkin on his last day. I miss Nero so much. #bestfriend #canecorso #caninekidneydisease #kidneydiseasesucks

Ross's finalized report.
Thankful we were able to hold on to him in stage 3 for so long, but sad he only experienced half a life. 😭
Cherish everyday like it's the last.
#doglove #caninekidneydisease #schnorkie #schnorkiesofinstagram #mustlovedogs #loveofmylife #appleofmyeye #dogmom #terminalillness #vet #homecare #heartbroken #mybestfriend #subcutaneousfluids #renalfailure #caninekidneyhealth #furbaby

Tonight Neko learned "down and wait". This boy is brilliant!

#nekosgoodlife #huskypuppy #positivedogtraining #itsyerchoice #smartpuppy #caninekidneydisease

Someone is feeling better today. He was a little slow and antisocial the last couple of days. I think he was just exhausted from all of the excitement and adventures he had in Duck Creek last weekend. I took my boy on a short walk tonight and shared some watermelon with him. He's so picky that he spits out the pieces that he doesn't like. Haha!

Keep fighting, buddy. ❤️🐾#CanineKidneyDisease #FurBaby

How's this for an exciting selfie @brycediordarcy? I was reading your comment while giving Sparkle fluids before bed and snapped this photo. In my pjs and covered in paint too. This photo says a lot about my recent life events. I've been house bound caring for my fur children and painting to keep myself from going crazy! #poodle #caninekidneydisease

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