James really did love the camera and kept his eye on me the whole time ❤️

Girl Power💥#sneakpeek

Algo raro de captar en una foto...su linda carita sonriente

Rocking life....hmmm let's see.
Well I'm glad that I'd waited till later on in the day to post these.  At least it's a full picture of what the day was really like.

We started off so strong, lovely day playing outside with water (always a favourite), then playdough and even a pretend camp fire (all on her cue)
We came inside and drew pictures (please look at how beautiful her art is) and did a puzzle. 
After play time, I'd even managed a few emails (not without several interruptions) but still coping fine by this time.

By 3pm a proper meltdown happened. Toys were thrown all over the lounge floor and a full on refusal to put any of it away. 
I remained calm through it all, remembering to breathe deeply.
I offered comfort through her tears, stayed close and reminded her that I still love her even though she was being so defiant.
She really wanted to go outside but not even the prospect of blowing bubbles was enough to get her to pick up her toys. Granny tried to persuade her and even Dad tried when he got home.
Eventually (an hour later) she finally obliged, and soon we were outside blowing bubbles.
She was happy but I on the other hand, I was 'spent' and 'irritable' to say the least.
Standing your ground and not losing your shit is very hard!!!
Always need to remember that even though she is so mature for her age, she isn't yet 3 and sometimes it's okay to 'throw your toys out the cot'.
Thankfully hubs cooked us an awesome curry and made sure I got a few minutes alone for myself.
We definitely need to work on a midday nap because the afternoon meltdowns (although not often) aren't great for any of us.
After her bath, we both held each other close and she fell fast asleep in my arms.

From the Diary Of A Mom Rocking Life, letting you know that we all have some 'not so great days'.
That's when you remember the 80/20 rule. If your day went well 80% of the time then you've scored. Or is 70/30???
Whatever it is, give yourself a huge pat on the back. You're doing your best work!!!
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Just a few favorite from a mommy and me session I did with my girls and a great local photographer ❤️❤️ I’m so in love with them.

Etxetik hurbil naturaz gozatzen #haurraknaturan

Si no te gusta la dirección que está tomando tu vida, recuerda que tú tienes el volante.🤷 -If you do not like the direction your life is taking, remember that you have the steering wheel. ❓Que tan difícil es para ti cambiar de rumbo?.
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Forest sharks 🌲🦈 👩‍👦 #familycamping

My heart bleeds for this pumpkin! I am so grateful God has given us her🌼shiny cheeks and all

I’m finishing up edits on our superhero shoot from Sunday and they are awesome! I can’t wait to show you! This little ditty made an appearance and I’m obsessed with it! #qkpflatlay for @lovelanedesigns

Which do you like better? Color or Black & White?

Morning milk, trains and Sesame Street. Oh the life of a two year old.

Beach life 🏝

#ciccilluzzo se me está poniendo un poquito vanidoso 🤔 ayer fue a la habitación, abrió el cajón de su cómoda, cogió una camisa y me trajo para que se la ponga. ¿Por qué? No hay por qué 🤷🏻‍♀️ y después no se despegó del palo del selfie y mi móvil, en el cual se hizo varios vídeos mientras yo le molestaba con la cámara 💁🏻‍♀️ #quédivertidomolestaraminiño 😆

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