Let’s just say we are getting a lot of use out of our raincoat this spring. Also, I’m so glad I haven’t taken the heated mattress pad off the bed. #hudson_monkey

My sweet boy, I pray you never lose your imaginative spirit✨✨✨

In about a month I’ll have a teenager 😦❤️ #thirteenyears #emmaabigail

I’ve waited a whole year to make this post ❤️ I’m a little heartbroken that it came and and went so fast, but I loved watching my tiny baby grow into a sweet little boy (swipe to see him grow) I’m also so relieved to no longer being doing these photos 😂 because it was so hard to get him to stay still this long!
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I’m really going to miss this one-on-one time with Drew. We’ve had so many fun shopping trips and park adventures while Ben is in school. His imagination is exactly how mine was when I was his age, so it makes it easy to play with him. Riding dragons, playing pirates and dinosaurs, being superheroes and fighting bad guys. Just the two of us. All of that will change when school gets out for the summer tomorrow. In three months he will be a kindergartner. #supermandrewt

Four years. How has it been four years? Since your big arrival. Since I became a mother - my sweetest calling. How do I love you even bigger now than I did that painful, overwhelming, breathtakingly beautiful day?
And yet somehow, knowing you these four years, watching you grow, learn, learning with you, I’ve fallen in love with your big heart each day, over and over. Thank you for being my sweet friend, my companion, my early-rising, dirt-digging, mermaid-loving, imagination-larger-than-life, most-amazing-big-sister, my best girl, Everly Grace. 💕 Happy Birthday, my darling daughter. #EverlyGraceGroves

Travel, especially with a three year old, can be seriously challenging. (Major props to all those parents with multiple kids...you are all 😇 in my book!) But the chance to connect them with family, broaden their experiences, challenge their understanding of the world, demonstrate grace under fire - it (usually) makes it all worthwhile. #NoPromises #WorthIt

We like boba. #NuffSaid #latergram

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one. #😴

Yep, I’m pretty positive we’re related. #😲

Park days are the best days ☀️💙

“Hey girl, I know I told you that this ballin fire truck is mine, but the lady’s telling me that we need to get out, so.... ” // #FUNFACT: ‘Somebody’ had an accident and basically ran around the zoo in his pull-ups while I was trying to dry off his pants under the bathroom hand-dryer. #Fatherhood #😬 #🚒

Beach days are the best days ❤️

Connoisseur.😍😚🤔 #🎨

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