I know that many of you have unresolved stress or are possibly unaware it’s there.
We live in a society that encourages us to burn out and stress out and accept this as our norm, but it's not. Our flight or fight response was only meant to get triggered if we were in physical danger. It shouldn't be getting triggered all day long thinking of the overwhelming list of responsibilities and work pressures.
Stress drives a lot of disease in the body, damages digestion and causes autoimmune issues.
What do you do to release stress in a healthy way? and I mean besides working out.
If deep down you know that is part of what's driving your digestive health issues, I invite you to check out my Ayurvedic Digestion Reset Intensive & Wellness Plan. .
I'm only offering this for a limited time and for a limited number of spots. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'd love t hear from you! Link is in my bio.
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Fajitas from @livinglovingpaleo. Loved the fresh taste of this recipe. This is a keeper for sure. Guacamole made by my daughter. I am determined to continue to eat clean on this vacation. #whole30day13 #whole30 #paleo #glutenfree #food #keto #healthy #candida #paperplateandplasticfork

Even Autumn thinks I'm crazy for doing 2 days in one! #day55 & #day56 are done and I'm back on track. One full week before I travel again so wish me luck. I'm not feeling as much progress this week but I'm off my routine so hopefully this week will reset me and my vacation doesn't hit as hard as the last.
Only 24 days left to my first round of #80dayobsession woohoo!

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Sick Steph here :(
I started a whole batch of new supplements/meds and within a few days I got sick (sore throat, body aches, warm but no fever, headache and extra tired). I don’t know if it’s a virus or side effects from the new meds. .
I’m on an anti fungal and know the when the fungi die they release a toxin which can make people feel sick. I may have not followed directions exactly regarding the Glutathione and took too much too quick (I was supposed to easy into the higher doses). Im not good at following directions. .
I emailed my FM Doc and she advised me to stop all the new meds until I feel better. Again I didn’t follow directions and only stopped the glutathione since my body aches got worse after taking it. I’m feeling a bit better today still working on a sore throat and a minor headache.
#onedayatatime #candidatreatment #candida #functionalmedicine

so my fridge crapped out, and turned most of its contents into a science experiment.
it’s been pretty hot in ottawa so most of my food went bad before i realized what was going on. my broccoli was flowering and had turned bright yellow, plus lots of other funky things. but i did manage to salvage a few things that were on the cusp of decay. i made a basil avocado pesto, some chanterelle mushrooms, roasted sweet potato and topped it on a head of cheezy kale.
i rely so much on cooking / eating at home as a vegan on a candida diet. eating out is not even an option, so i was having a bit of anxiety about the situation. my landlord should have it resolved by tomorrow, and in the meantime i’m just grateful that i live next door to @wholefoodsont 👏🏼


One way to spend a holiday weekend... Should've listened to my body & continued to sit out the season for @redrockssports #soccer league. Hopefully I'll get to enjoy the summer still! Thank you to my awesome nurses who helped take care of me! ⚽️🥅🤕🙏 #brokenankle #fracturedankle #sprainedankle #prayerswelcome #prayforhealing
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I was just trying to snap a picture of my shirt to send to my mom so she could tell me if it was party-approved, but my expression pretty much sums up how this glorious month of May has been for me. For anyone who hasn't seen my previous posts, let's recap: I've had negative antibodies for two years and am currently stuggling with t4 to t3 conversion (over the past year). I started NDT, Nature Throid, on my bday this year. Kind of funny, actually. I'm still in my 20s and I spent my bday being medicated. 😆 Anyway, I only lasted 10 days. I was on 1/2 a grain and it made me break out in sweats with TERRIBLE heat intolerance and an inability to sleep. My anxiety and ocd, though somewhat always there, went through the roof; indeed, I would panic when having to interact with someone for two seconds... just calling someone on the phone would make my face bright red, my heart thub a million miles a minute and I would struggle to sound like a normal person... I actually thought I was going to pass out from the fear. I was extremely jittery and couldn't sit still. I was hyperactive and depressed. My symptoms very similar to how I acted when I took tyrosine YEARS ago. I need to share that story one of these days. One of the worst mistakes of my life!! Anyway, I started feeling like myself again about a week ago, so I'm just glad I didn't keep up with the thyroid meds. They are clearly not made for me! #hashimotos #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #healing #ndt #hypothyroidism #determination #motivation #healthy #health #functionalmedicine #realfood #natural #blastocystishominis #candida #lifestyle #healthiswealth #fitfam #fitchick #autoimmunedisease #thyroid #guthealth #fermentedfoods

Portion size. Do you need to worry about one? Do I worry about portion size? 100% no. Haha. I can't imagine having to consider how much I eat in terms of calories/fat etc. I do however consider how much food in total I need to consume and most importantly, I really try to make eating an experience. That means slowing down, smelling the food and savouring the moments before you actually eat. This has only happened through practice! With SIBO, slowly down while eating and chewing well is such a big deal, as many of us seem to eat to quickly, not chew long enough, and overeat because of it. In this sense, portion size naturally falls into place. You end up feeling full quicker....generally, my "balance" comes from my love of greens. I have greens with nearly every meal and feel better when I do. Greens have enzymes that assist in digestion, help you feel full and give you energy as a result of these things together. Greens have also helped in cutting down on grains. But the secret to cutting out or down on grains will be in another post 🤓🤷‍♀️

Pau D’Arco #paudarco Tea... by itself? 😝
But Pau D’Arco Passion Latte ... muuuch better! Recipe:
1 tea bag
8 ounces boiling water
2 ounces unsweetened coconut milk, warmed
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Dash of nutmeg
1 tablespoon coconut oil
Make the tea according to instructions on the box (my brand says allow to steep 7-12 minutes for medicinal tea, as opposed to “pleasure/quick brew”)
A couple of minutes before tea is finished, warm coconut milk and add with other ingredients in blender. Add the tea when it’s finished steeping. Blend until frothy.

Original recipe I found at kitchenlovestories.com which uses coconut butter or coconut cream but I didn’t have either. It also uses a sweetener but I try not to use sweetener when possible!

Benefits of this tea:
Reduces pain
Fights #Candida
Reduces inflammation
Heals ulcers
Fights #cancer
Antiviral and antifungal properties
Detoxification (DrAxe.com)

What if you stopped being afraid to fail? What if you turned that fear on its head and made the decision to embrace New Faith for who you are becoming? Does that make each step a little easier? Knowing that he is with you even as you wrestle now within yourself and have yet to make the first physical step, he is gifted you freely the perfect measure of Faith to step out and do. Since he is the author and the finisher, the stress is not on you finishing... rather he needs only for you to trust the very next step in front of you.

Remember when mama used to tell you something and you listened whether you liked it or not? Remember when you sang that song in Sunday school "this little light of mine" and swore to never hide it under a bush?? .
Where's that conviction go once we grew up ? Why do we hide what we really want out of life? Fear we will fail and people will see us? What's the worse that would happen, you think?
Ya got to put yourself out there !! And give someone permission to speak into your life!! Give someone permission to pull you out of a slump and you actually listen when they speak to you. You don't give them a polite but hollowed out excuse. You give them a full bodied response by getting up and doing it just as if your mama or even your grandmama was the one telling you "you better or else". It's a whole lot easier to fail and get nowhere with your goals and dreams of you keep them in the dark and to yourself.

So stop hiding. #LIVELIFEFIT

Y'all!!! Oh em geeee... this mama was soooooo grateful for and early start to #memorialday weekend!! After such a power packed week (MONTH) of events and plays and concerts and projects... this cup, with a dose of my daily devotional, in my bed, in the quiet, was just what the soul needed !! So grateful for the flexibility of my job to keep my toes under the covers and my warm coffee between my hands with my cat cozied up and my kids happy to be home in jammies, too.
Did you have the option to sleep in or work from home today? How will you spend your #memorialdayweekend?

📌📌#2TipsTuesday (on a Friday) for Healthier Salads & Wraps 🥗🥙at Home!

Do you do these? Or something thing else even better? Share below👭 1. 📌Make your own #homemade salad dressing to avoid added sugars and/or fake sugars/sweeteners that are common in most store brand dressings. 2. 📌Make more than enough for your salad and store the rest in the fridge for the week! 🍊🥗🥙🍊🥗🥙🍊🥗🥙🍊🥗🥙 Here is my quick go-to (because it's my fave and we always have this stuff on hand): ~4 TBSP yellow or dijon mustard ~4 TBSP apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar ~4 TBSP extra virgin olive oil ~Splash of orange juice or raw honey (optional) ~Whisk with fork and spoon over fresh greens and top with fresh veggies!!! 🍊🥗🥙🍊🥗🥙🍊🥗🥙🍊🥗🥙

I remember VERY CLEARLY almost 4 years ago the FEAR of always being bigger! The fear of losing my body and never getting it back. I remember how it felt to look in the mirror with absolute sadness at the person staring back at me. It was truly the worst feeling in the world to HATE getting dressed into anything without elastic!
I had NO clothes to wear because EVERYTHING squeezed my midsection.
My shirts were too tight or too short and God forbid I have to buy one size up from gaining MORE weight - again!

My hair was dry, my skin was dull, I always felt bloated, my digestion was messed up, and I had NO ENERGY AT ALL by 3pm!
I needed an intervention yesterday! So, thankfully my coach at the time reached out to me because I was complaining about it all and had posted mentioned about failing at all my efforts to lose weight and keep it off. She invited me to complete my first program start to finish, connect to her team challenge group, commit to a nutrition plan, and the rest is history!
That was the first step of the BEST decision I could have made for myself and skin the past 4 years of my life I have completely changed in my mindset and habits where my eating & health and fitness are concerned!! I took a leap of faith, I trusted the process and while results didn't happen over night, they HAPPENED.

I went from stressed, tired, and feeling like a walking squishy balloon through my belly and hips, to shiny hair, smoother skin, no more IBS probs, 10x the energy (no joke) and 5 dress sizes smaller! I've kept it OFF... and YOU can do it too!

So starting next week in my new MADE FOR MORE challenge group, I am going to be helping YOU to: -Overcome your fears.
-Set realistic and achievable goals.
-Find a fitness program that meets your needs and ability level.
-Help you to learn how to fuel your body for energy, for health and for weight loss.
-How to make this a lifestyle change vs a crash diet.
-Ditch the excuses because everyone has time for the things that they place priority on!
Does this sound like something you need in your life?? Check out my blog for the entire details and to apply for my personal mentoring every step of the way!

These savory Turkey and Sage Breakfast Patties, flavored with fresh herbs and spices, are a great way to add healthy protein to any breakfast. Quick & easy!
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My husband and I are planting our garden. So exciting! What are you planting ? 🌱🍅🍓😀. ___.
This year we are growing spinach, cucumber, green beans, radishes, acorn squash, lettuce, zucchini, peppers, kale, tomtato, strawberries, lemon balm, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, thyme, chives, oregano, and basil. Herbs do not take up a lot of space and have so many healing benefits for our bodies.
If you don't have a lot of room just do what you can. Use some planter boxes, pots or even a little area along a fence.
Also, we are praying to the Angel of Abundance. This is the angel to call on when you grow your own food. This angel will help your crops to be abundant. For more information on the 12 Life Changing Angels read Life Changing Foods by Anthony William. 🙏💗 _____.
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