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Welcome to Mystic Falls 1/?
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— dt kirill and mia {@voidgold}[#aquilarc2#omgpage#omgtvd#euphonygrp#kairosgrp#ivorygrp]

— Wescola or Steroline? 💛

Fc: 12,430 {1x13}
Wow, thanks for 12.4K already! Yesterday I had 12.3K! I must have gained over 100 followers in a day, that's amazing. 💓
I posted this scene back when I had like 700 followers so I thought it was about time I posted it again.
I really loved 1864 flashbacks with Katherine! 😍
Q: Favourite time period on tvd?
A: 1864, 1920 and present day.

sorry i didn't post yesterday, i had a pretty busy day❤️
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#qotp: do you ship klaroline?
#aotp: yes!

[ 1x03 | ic. katsklaus ]
— if you could date any tvd character who would it be?

just another edit of my happiness bc i found this audio and thought of her :)
cc 2words12letters
i forgot my wm again omg pls don't steal + IG MADE IT LAGGY AGAIN istg its legit on beat in my camera roll canidie

[ 6x04 ]
Loved Bamon in the prison world..🙌🏼

qotd: Damon, Kai or Bonnie?
aotd: Damon.

Candice or Nina?❤️
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Liz 💔

Which tvd death was the saddest?


Nina Dobrev #icon
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So, my brother is heading to college today around 9am. The tears are already in my eyes, I am going to miss him. It's the worst day I have ever lived. •

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Ahhh the real struggle of us steferine shippers
Okay so I'm back and I had to make at least five edits before getting the size of the font right because my phone is new and I have no idea what was the right size, so okay. But tbh editing on this is so easy so I'll be active again woho. Also I haven't posted in so long because I was away on vacation but I'm so glad my number of followers hasn't gone down. So proud to call you guys my followers. Love ya🍩🎈

My 20 favorite tvd/to girls friendships❤️👭📷 5/ Kat Graham and Candice Accola #candiceaccola #katgraham #tvdcast

hello guys,
I stαrted α new tv series cαlled "Shαmeless" αnd I reαlly LOVE it!
#candiceaccola #candiceking 🌼💕
— federicα

Fc: 12,551 {1x11}
Omg, you gotta love Damon's humour. He cracks me up. 😂
Q: What is your name?
A: Emma

[ 2x17 ]
aw they're so cute bdksbsjhs
— q: vampires or werewolves?

cr: @hybridqueens
i hope this post has good quality
i am in love with tv show ships
here's a funny/adorable edit | -a ♡

I am officially back on this acc❤️❤️❤️
Tysm for not unfollowing me 😂😂😂

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