Scan Days at MD Anderson. This is a swallow study they do to monitor how well I’m able to swallow after radiation with the damage done to my saliva glands not allowing me to produce as much saliva. The dark circle you see is a penny they tape on me for reference bc this scan is also part of one of several research studies I chose to participate in at the beginning of treatment that allows them to follow my progress for the next 5 years to help evaluate side effects related to treatment and improving practice for those patients after me.
MD Anderson is an incredible place that works miracles everyday but it is also a hospital building that takes up several blocks of real estate in downtown Houston for ONE single disease process. Think on that for a minute..... ONE! Take care of your body folks and if you’re a praying person, take the time to pray for those walking these halls who are fighting for their lives or to the medical staff that come here everyday dealing with this disease who try to take the fear out of days like today for their patients and help save your life. And yes, by the grace of God I’m still NED. For my non-medical peeps that’s no evidence of disease 😬😉@mdandersoncancercenter #mdandersoncancercenter #cancersucks #keepmovingforward

Sadly we’ve all known someone affected by cancer. My prayer is for continued strength for the survivors, healing for warriors still battling, and peace for the ones no longer here...🙏🏽💙

Pourquoi cette photo? Ah..
Simone Veil
J'aurais pu choisir une image d'elle, juste Elle. Son regard. Ça aurait peut être suffit. Mais j'aime cette photo.
J'aime que Jacques lui allume une cigarette.
Simone, Madame Veil. Elle est une des femmes que j'admire le plus au monde. Je l'aime. Elle me secoue. Elle me bouge. Elle me renverse.
Marceline Loridan...Son amie..En voilà une autre qui m'a fascinée. Cette lionne à la chevelure de feu. Quelle Femme... Je me suis toujours demandée en les regardant: "comment?" Il suffit peut être de plonger dans leur regard pour comprendre. Rebelles. Elles étaient Rebelles. Ces femmes ont refusé, ont dit non, elles ont trouvé les ressources nécessaires. Elles se sont relevées. Et grâce à elles le monde était un peu moins con. Je pense à Simone Veil quand je suis à 2 doigts de baisser les bras. Et je me remets en équilibre.
Alors je voudrais qu'on arrête d'utiliser à tort et à travers le mot "résilience"! Je voudrais qu'on arrête de se bombarder "resiliente" quand on a vaincu un cancer! Oui c'est dur, oui c'est un sacré combat, et oui c'est compliqué de se relever. Mais NON nous ne sommes pas Resilientes! Nous sommes de sacrées combattantes mais non nous n'avons pas été violées, déportées, écrasées. Nous n'avons pas été battues, enfermées dans un placard, privées de nourriture et torturées.
Voilà...aïe aïe aïe ma chérie...comme je vais me faire haïr...Sorry la Kommunauté... 😜
#merci #inspiring #womensrights #droitsdesfemmes #femmesexceptionnelles
#icones #shoah #résilience #admiration #neverforget #nejamaisoublier #femmes #nevergiveup #cancerdusein #kfighter #breastcancer #cancersucks #icanwecan
Incredible Amazing Woman
Thank you Madame Simone Veil
Thank you Madame Marceline Loridan
You faced hell.
You are inspiration. You were so inspiring for me.

Fck Cancer.... plain and simple!

#effcancer #hatecancer #cancersucks. #cancerawareness cancerneedstodie #cancersupport

I had my second three-month cystoscopy since my surgery to remove the tumor from my bladder. All clear! No cancer again today! I go again in December. ❤️ #cancerfree #cancersucks #bladdercancer #happy #agreatday #instahappy #cancersurvivor #cancer

ARM had an amazing time at the Bestwick Foundation / @Coachesvscancer Reverse Car Drawing last night! The event auctioned off a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited as part of the 13th annual Reverse Car drawing at Lubrano Park at Penn State. Attendees enjoyed food, entertainment and, of course, the chance to win a new SUV. Each year, the event supports families and individuals struggling to fight cancer, and all the money raised stays local to the Central PA Region.

#StandUpToCancer #coachesvscancer #cancersucks #Cancercure #hope #Cancerresearch #cancersupport #cancerawareness

This mini-series on #nutrition continues throughout this week on my #IGTV channel. Today is all about #fasting

He’s done it! Today is the last day of Hubby’s Radiotherapy and Chemo treatment, so proud of how well he has done everyday he’s been going to the hospital. We can now relax for a couple of weeks before another scan and then his Op. #endofcancertreatment #bowelcanceruk #cancerpatient #proudwifey #cancersucks

Hoy me uno a la campaña @run2killcancer liderada por Leo y por un grupo de seres humanos que motivados por la Esperanza de luchar contra diferentes tipos de cáncer, entrenaremos diferentes semanas en homenaje a quienes enfrentan ésta prueba de VIDA y nos unimos para apoyar a las fundaciones Funicancer, Proyecto Unión, Fundación Sanar y Fundación Reto en su misión de brindar a los niños, adolescentes y sus familias diagnosticados con cáncer, una atención integral en su tratamiento y mejorar su calidad de VIDA.
Si te quieres unir a este grupo de deportistas en donde somos más de 601 y hacer una donación para estas fundaciones, entra al perfil de @run2killcancer y sigue las instrucción. #R2KC #run2killcancer .
@Run2KillCancer ¡Hope & Motivation to fight!
Entra al link de perfil y apoya a los niños de Funicancer, Fundación Sanar, Fundación Proyecto Unión y Fundación Reto en la semana del Cáncer de Hueso.
“Hope & Motivation to fight” .
#Medellin #Bogota #Barranquilla #Bucaramanga #donation #Donations #donaciones #fit #health #healthy #happy #Cancer #love #like #photooftheday #picoftheday #beatcancer #cancer #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #cancerprevention #soyR2KC #cancerawareness

Want to make a difference in the #MultipleMyeloma community? We are currently seeking patients who have been diagnosed to donate their plasma for research. To qualify, click the link in our bio.

Participants are paid $200 for their donation.

#myeloma #cancersucks #philadelphia #plasmaservicesgroup #myelomaawareness #mmrf #multiplemyelomaresearchfoundation #mmrf5k #philly #igers #phillyigers #cancer #milesformyeloma

Short hair alert! Chopped it all! Chemo starts in 3 weeks, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts! #pixie #cancersucks #sarcoma #adenosarcoma

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Only a sign.
But with deeper meaning.

September is childhood cancer awareness month!
Each year more than 15,000 children are diagnosed with various forms of cancer. The average age of children diagnosed is just six years old and 12% of all children with cancer do not survive. 😢

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children under 15 years of age in the United States.
This is devastating and needs to change. Keep your children safe by avoiding cancer-causing toxins. Simple changes could make a world of difference! ♥️. #cancersucks #kidsdeservebetter #findacure #toxinfreeliving #notoxinshere #cleanliving #organic #letsdosomething #wellness

Its that time of year again!! These wont be coming home with me this year they are staying on the memory board. Im so proud of the 3 amazing girls who have kicked cancers asssssss. And my wonderful mother in law god i miss her. I had to write the kids one cos charlie broke down nearly 4 years and shes such a miss. This is for you christine... and guess what guys i said last year i wanted to be 4 stone down for this years race im 2lb off if so im proud!! Last years top and this years! Chuffed! Roll on tomorrow!! #cancersucks #raceforlife #prettymuddy2018 #cancerknowsnoage #imdoingitforyou #mygirlsgotmyback